Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 43

to think our offerings disrupt a fairly stale industry, that we make a difference through design.” It’s a subtle but powerful distinction. Aspiring to design cred is not new. Many of B+N’s manufacturing methods are familiar. In fact, the company can and will bang out traditional panel products as necessary to complement their signature lines (and as capacity allows; no sense in downtime). The difference lies in B+N’s approach. “Designing creatively by no means to us is just related to a product. It is related to being creative in all of our processes and at every desk within the company—from engaging clients, to project management, to accounting, to distribution,” Somberg said. “We’re not just a com- modity house. We differentiate by having wonderful design and mak- ing it available. When clients like it, price is secondary.” Looking forward, B+N’s latest initiatives combine great product design with UXD (user experience design) to take panel processing to another level of customized, customer-centric production. Initially developed for retail, the product lines run the gamut of necessary branding bling: magnetic graphics, plug and play LED sys- tems, glass, metal and more. Some, such as the 1224 System, are hardware solutions designed to allow easy change-out of different sized panels in different configurations. This modular system serves as a vehicle for stunning panels products. The Iconic panel series features large-scale designs routed into MDF panels and then membrane-pressed with 3D laminate films. DESIGNING PRODUCTS B+N offers 13 distinctive systems supported by an 80,000-square- foot manufacturing facility and 90,000 square feet of distribution space in Northern California. Production is centered around three Heian CNC machining centers and a Wemhöner variable press Eagle 3D, running in conjunction with a West Coast Spray Systems spray booth. Showrooms in New York (inc Ց́ͥͅ)!ѽ9ѡɸ ɹQ弁͕ٔ́ѽՍ́Ѽ)ѽȁ͔) =9Q%9U=8AЃ)9܁YȽY封1ѥMѕ)=䁙ɽUQ) ЁɽՍѥ٥䁅ɽՍЁՅݥѠѡ)UեЁMѕх́)U!Ё5ЁIȁ ѕȰUAݕɕ)1 ٕȁUIх1ѽ)Ѽє͕ٕɅɕЁɔѕɥ́Ѽ)مɥ䁽ɕЁٕ́٥封ѕɥ̸+AɽՍݥѠ᥵մͥ)|ݥ|᥵մ)ѡ́Ѽ|+Iչ́ɔѕɥ̰Ս)ݽմͥ䁙ɉɐ)ͽх́յմ+Y封ɽѽȁݥѠѕͥɽ)ѕ́ɥ́ѡѥѡ)٥封Ѽѡѕɔѕɥ) չЁUQȁȁ)͡Ёȁѕ) ȁ٥ͥЁȁݕͥєѽѼɸɔ)UQéєѽѕ̄)QUQ Ʌѥ(дܴ)ͅչѽ)ܹչѽ($)ə)DЀ(