Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 42

Multi-Dimensional Design B&N Requires Creativity at Every Desk While Making Impactful, Artistic Panels B Y S U Z A N N E V A N G I L D E R H eadquartered on the San Francisco Peninsula, close to Silicon Valley, B+N Industries manufactures and distributes panel systems that carry a local sensibility to a global customer base. The collections are funky, eclectic and unique. The underlying processes boldly wield existing and emerging software, equipment and material technologies. B+N’s guiding principle of being “design-driven” comes through in both object and method. ABOVE: "CHRYSANTHEMUM" IS A COLLABORATION WITH JAMIE DURIE, AN AUSTRALIAN DESIGNER FAMOUS FOR BRINGING THE OUTDOORS IN. IT IS PART OF THE ICONIC PANEL SERIES, WHICH FEATURES LARGE- SCALE DESIGNS ROUTED INTO MDF PANELS AND THEN MEMBRANE- PRESSED WITH 3D LAMINATE FILMS. FACING PAGE: B+N'S PRODUCT LINES WERE INITIALLY DEVELOPED FOR RETAIL. SOME ARE HARDWARE SOLUTIONS DESIGNED TO ALLOW EASY CHANGE-OUT OF DIFFERENT SIZED PANELS IN DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS. THIS MODULAR SYSTEM SERVES AS A VEHICLE FOR STUNNING PANELS PRODUCTS. 42 A LITTLE BACKGROUND. Now known as a manufacturer and distributor of eye-candy panel systems for retail, hos- pitality, healthcare and commercial environments, B+N Industries got its start in the early 1980s as a supplier of consumable retail goods: labels, tags and hangers. When B+N Industries President and CEO Brad Somberg brought his executive branding experience to the family business in the mid-1980s, two things were clear to him: 1. Retail buyers were frustrated with the selection of uninspiring fixtures available in the segment. And 2. He did not want to do what the company was doing. “I spent the next 10 years evolving B+N,” Somberg said. “We started importing product, but the existing lines were boring. We wanted our customers to be able to brand intelli- gently and create a wonderful experience for their clients. “So we built an in-house creative team and in 1995 purchased a facility that was manufacturing slatwall. We looked at those basic capabilities in creative ways to blow up scale and imagery, to make impactful products that can be standalone pieces of art. I like