Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 32

ARAUCO'S PRISM GILBRATER America. The new mill has created a buzz internationally among com- panies that are exporting to the U.S. and reaching a “critical mass” where locating in the States makes sense, Shotbolt said. “Michigan is getting lots of attention because of the size of our plant, the flexibility and its central location,” he said. While a benefit to many, the new mill and its high-volume produc- tion of raw boards and TFL is sure to affect the Midwest market. “When any new capacity comes online, there is going to be a period of settling in. We’re going to have a similar impact to our own mills, let alone our competition,” Shotbolt said, noting that products now shipped from the Pacific Northwest and Southeast will be “pushed back” to those regions. “Everybody probably is going to settle back into being closer to home where their plants are. T ]8&\H[[]\XYH[۞KB[\][]\K[[X\\[&]\[ݙ\\\X\˜\H\H[[ܝ[Y\XK^H[\][[Bܘ\X[Y[ۜ]ܝ Z][X[[\ Z[][YH[]\K'BXۛYY]H\XX\X\]\۸&]\œ؝\\[TUP\Y[[[ܘ^[[ˈ\Y[Bܝ[Y\X[\[Y\]H\[X[HY[]܈H]YX\][Yۜ[\[ۈ8'\[XYH\ 'H[\ܝH][Y\XK\XX[H^[ ]H[YH\ [][H[\X܈[HZ[]ۘHܘ^[[\\][˂TUP[\H[X\YH[Z\X[]Y\H]\Hو Y\ܘ^[[[TUP[[XBHӕSQQHQH B\Y\۸&]\]Z\HX]H[[ܚY\][\Z\ܚ[\][ 'Bܘ^[[[[HXوۜX[H\Y\B][X\H[ TUP\XXY]\[Y\[YH]H۝XYTUPZY HZ[[ZH\X] MXܙ\ۈH L XXܙH]K\H\[\HKYHوH\[Y\[YHH]YHܝӕSQQӈQH ;BSQHTԓPSBHӑSQKTQT˂ܝ^\Y\\[\Hݙ[ۜ\[HۈB؋[]\[  H[Y\[ܙHYH[[\\\[ۂ[Y]H]Y[[Z[K\XX\[QX]\X[˂\]\X]H܈\Y\YYXۈ˜X[ۈ[YXH۝[YH[\Kx&\HHۙH[[x&[YܙYH8%܈[\[ۙ^HX˂ܝ^\[\؛[H\8%۝X\^B܈HXH][HۈHH[\YY˂ LMKM8(ܝ^ B[Y\X[ۙY[\]YSTŒ̂\XX[[[ BTHSŸPTԒQTŸTSS