Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 31

ARAUCO'S PRISM NOCE COMO recent recession, so there is an abundance of raw material. The state of Michigan was actively looking to build that business back up again,” he said. “The Michigan DNR was actively looking for a business like us to come into this area.” The wood for ARAUCO is not the same as that used for pulp or OSB, he added, so competition won’t be an issue. The mill will use a mix of hardwood and softwood, with the exact percentage deter- mined after production begins. The wood will be 85 to 90 percent chips, either chipped by ARAUCO at the mill or in the forest. Most important, it will be consistent. “We can do precise measuring of our refining process, and we are not subjected to raw material variances, which we experience at other mills. This is going to be a very consistent material, and I think that consistency is going to be one of the mill’s major benefits,” Shotbolt said. The benefits for ARAUCO’s Midwest customers to have a top- producing, state-of-the-art panel facility in the region will be many. “Our customers are going to love it,” Shotbolt said. “They are going to have a long-term sustainable supply of particleboard and melamine for decades to come.” Because of Grayling’s proximity to those customers, ARAUCO will become more of a just-in-time supplier of materials, delivered by short-haul truckers. “We will be able to provide a service model in all regions of North America that doesn’t exist from any company,” he said. “Our CONTINUED ON PAGE 32 � HIPE Additives for paper impregnation and boards HIPE MF ESIN Melamine powder resins Innovation through experience ADD surface & panel Q4 2017 31