Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 30

“One of the biggest attributes of ARAUCO is their willingness to invest. They are continually looking at providing capital to their facilities. They consistently want to update and become more efficient, and the new facility in Grayling is a shining example of this.” KEVIN SHOTBOLT � CONTINUED FROM PAGE 28 North America’s largest single continuous particleboard press and initially have an annual capacity of 465 million square feet, along with full lamination capabilities. ARAUCO’s initial goal is to have the plant’s production be about two-thirds raw board for the open market and one-third decorative TFL panels. The big press will come from Dieffenbacher and be 172 feet long and 10 feet wide. Wemhöner will supply the 5-by-20-foot TFL lines. While the facility will be one of the world’s largest the day it opens, it is being built with growth in mind, Shotbolt said. Capacity is expected to steadily increase to 565 million square feet, and a third melamine line will be added to the initial two once the plant is running efficiently, he said. “We have oversized most of the equipment,” Shotbolt said. “Over a couple of years as we streamline and gain efficiencies and econo- mies of scale, we can get this plant up to a million cubic meters (565 million square feet) without any additional investment.” As for wood to supply chips and fiber, all will come from “a fairly small concentric circle” around the mill, Shotbolt said. “Michigan used to be a major region of supply to the lumber indus- try. A lot of that business was significantly reduced due to the most 5-PIECE DOORS IN TEXTURED 3D LAMINATE EXPERTLY CRAFTED, IMPECCABLY COLOR MATCHED. 866-344-8132 | 30