Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 27

HPL sanded pa cut-to-size panels turnkey distribution plywood particleboard rigid vinyl polypropylene supply chain paper solutions imported mat high-gloss particleboard polypropylene stainless steel KEVIN SHOTBOLT PUR adhe Choose your surface. sanded panels veneer core Choose your substrate. acrylic Choose Genesis. vinyl veneer PUR adhesives supply chain this region. Composite panel sourcing supply is coming in from worldwide long polypropylene lumber core distances, so the logistical challenges and costs are sig- nificant. veneer core “We’ve been evaluating paper this region for a long time, polypropylene and given the opportunity, we PVA adhesives knew we needed to be there,” high-gloss stainless steel Shotbolt said. “A significant number of our downstream customers in the various industry segments are there, whether it’s kitchen cabinets, RTA furniture, lumber core rigid vinyl office furniture or store fixtures. It’s an incredible and dynamic imported materials marketplace.” Coincidentally, the state of Michigan with its abundant forests and an economy still trying to recover from the recession and other setbacks was in the mar WBf""6vƖrFfW7@BFRGfFvRbG2&W6W&6W26N( 2'F6V&&B'BЦW'6vFVvR&VVfG2f"FR7FFR$T4BFR6Ч( 2֖GvW7B7W7FW'2&vBfǗv@7Wǒ6V&W"6&R6WF07'Ɩ0V֖VЧfVVW"6&P6WF0dFW6fW0&vBfFW6fW0d6WF0'FVBFW&0GW&WF7G&'WFv&GvFR6W&6p6FVBV04DTTBtR#Чv&@Ǘ&VPU"FW6fW0Ǘv@W 7W7F֗VB֖FVB&GV7G2f VVR&V7G2V&&R@vVW65&GV7G426֖FV@VWW'G4vVW67&GV7G626Р7W&f6RbVB#p#