Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 25

a wide range of solid colors in super matte to fulfill any need in terms of fashion and design. Originally only produced in PVC, SERICA 2D foils are now available also in PET. The new PET surfaces, like those made in PVC, are robust. “The main advantage of the PET surface is in fact the possibility of widening the span of thicknesses, together with the added advan- tage of matching edgebanding material,” Cerizza said. “In addition, PET industrial wastes are easy to recover, thus reducing the overall environmental impact of its production.” SERICA 3D foils are most often used to produce kitchen doors and drawer fronts, bathroom furniture, bedroom doors, living room furniture and—thanks to new technological developments—passage doors. Because of the thermoformability of its polymeric foils, SERICA offers greater freedom of design, both in terms of surfaces (color and printed decoration) and in a three-dimensional sense. SERICA 3D foils present a wide range of new wood grain emboss- ing colors and designs, made possible by exclusive and innovative EIR (embossed-in-register) technology, which enhances the wood effect. A pioneer of this technological breakthrough, Alfatherm boasts more than five years of experience in developing exclusive décors that led one major printing company to declare: “This is the most realistic thermoplastic foil we have ever seen.” “Thanks to the recent formation of Alfatherm North America,” added Dustin Smith, commercial manager of Alfatherm North America, “Alfatherm will now be directly present in the North American market, responding to the growing interest for its industry- leading in-register synchronized embossing technology (EIR), cur- rently available in 40 different décors, and for SERICA.” s & p surface & panel Q4 2017 25