Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 24

WOW Factor Alfatherm’s SERICA Offers New Standard For Super Matte Finish S ERICA is an innovative, silky matte surface finish launched by Alfatherm at interzum 2017 in Cologne. Incorporating anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology, SERICA is designed to cover all types of furnishings in homes, offices and stores and is an excellent choice for exhibition contractors and spe- cialized projects. “We have come a long way from the time when foils used in the furniture industry looked and felt like inferior imitations,” said Barry Berman, Alfatherm’s marketing manager. “One of the major developments has been in the area of surface textures and lacquering in order to make this new generation of foils appear so authentic and true to life with the added benefits of dura- bility and modern demands,” Berman said. Haptic feel and sensory perceptions affect what people like and buy today. Alfatherm has always paid attention to these elements, providing its customers with a wide range of choices of surfaces and textures. SERICA represents another step forward. "Matte surfaces have been gaining in popularity for some time now," Berman said. “But we were looking for something more. We wanted to impress the mass market with a kind of ‘Wow’ factor, and that is what SERICA does. It encourages customers to feel and touch the surface while providing a premium product at a realistic and commercial price and setting a new industry standard for matte foils.” SERICA’s development was possible thanks to a substantial investment by Alfatherm in its lacquering line after a review of the market by Giuseppe Cerizza, general manager of Alfatherm’s furni- ture division. SERICA is a leap forward in super matte technology, which until now has been focused purely on solid colors. “SERICA is the best pe əɵȁєѡɭгtͅ) ɱ ѽͤɽՍЁȁ0$ H%ѕɹѥq])Սѕȁݸѕɹѕѥݡ́Ѽѡ́ͥ)ɕձаЁ́ѼȁѽٔȁɽՌ)ѥݥѠMI% ѡɽ՝ɽՍѥɽ͕́ݥѡ)ѡɽѕѥٔͭɅѥɕՍȁٕɅ)͍ɅɅєt)0$ H%ѕɹѥ́Ё%1 4ɽ͕%х䁅)́ѡɽՙɕ́ɹɔɽх̸) ͥ́مͽ̰MI% ə́ɔ)ɕمɥ䁽ݽͅݽѽ̰ݥչ)ѕѥ̸Q́啅Ȱ́ݕɔٕɕͱ)ȁMI% ٕɥݥɅɽ݅ɴɅ́Ѽɕ)͠ɽݹ̸+q=ȁЁѡɴ́ѼѥՔѼȁȁѽ́ѡ)չѼمѼѡյȁɕѕȁ)ѡȁѡѼɕєѡȁݸ٥Յ屔Ѽɕ)ѡȁͽѥ̳t ɥ鄁ͅqQӊéͼݡݔхѕѼ͕)፱ͥٔɅѥ́ݥѠɥ䁉ɐɵ́Ʌѥٔ)ɥѥ́Ս́ ɤȰ1ɅQ̈́)UɐɅՍ%ѕɥЁMёȰݡɕձѕ)չՔ饹̻t)MI% =%1LIY%1 1%89)䁑ٕȁЁљɵѥ̰ݥѠ)ЁɕͥхMI% ͕́͠ɔɽՍ()ə