Surface & Panel Q4 2017 - Page 23

No Matter The Material or Application, Daubond PUR Sticks It To It ® Structural Strength, Versatility And Ease Of Use In Just One Step How would you defi ne the “right adhesive” for your manufactured product? You expect it to perform. We formulated Daubond ® PUR to work with practically any substrate, porous or non-porous, to deliver the highest structural strength available for most any assembly or repair task. Even lamination of intricate profi les and details will stay put. You expect it to apply well. As a single-component reactive polyurethane adhesive available in hot melt and liquid formulations, Daubond ® PUR goes on easily in just one step, so you’ll save time over traditional two-step adhesives. What’s more, you’ll enjoy an open time that is long enough to position the pieces you’re adhering, but short enough to avoid production delays. We offer standard and custom formulations. You expect ongoing support. If the adhesive fails, you’re in for trouble. If it’s not cost-effective to apply or is diffi cult to clean up, you’ve got headaches that cut into profi ts. Just as Daubond ® PUR has redefi ned what “the right adhesive” means for countless manufactured products, Daubert Chemical as a company is setting the standard in PUR support. We’ll be there at start up and stick with you every step of the way. • Windows, doors and laminate boards • Bonding of thin edges and intricate patterns • Postforming •Wrapping •Applied molding • Surface bonding and lamination • Laminate fl oors •Assembly bonding Stick with the proven leader. Contact Daubert to learn more. 4700 S. Central Avenue • Chicago, IL 60638 • 866-368-3983 or 708-496-7350 • Fax: 708-496-7367 Visit our web site at Our email is