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kind of environment. The kind of environment that isn’t possible without the right kind of surfaces. “Aesthetics play a big role in the feel of a hair salon,” Sarah said, “and having a space that is current, comforting and easy to maintain allows our stylists to be more productive and our guests to feel like they are receiving the quality of service they expect.” To create a space that matched Sarah’s vision, she hand-selected and tested many of the materials infused into the design. She also partnered with experienced Forbair Group, the general contractor for the remodel of the original ECCO Salon, and Angus-Young Associates, which remained her go-to architectural and interior design firm for both the Fitchburg and Waunakee locations. From the moment clients enter ECCO Salon, they get a sense that the space was tailored for them. Defining features and surfaces throughout each space serve a functional purpose but also make the salons feel sophisticated, “which allows our guests to feel pam- pered,” Sarah said. Jeff Davis, vice president and principal architect of Angus-Young, knew the importance of selecting materials and finishes that would provide guests with the experience that Sarah envisioned for ECCO Salon. “As designers, we consider ourselves the link between an owner’s undocumented vision and the opportunity to make it a real- ity. Specific to each location, we wanted to make sure that there was a unique style while also tying in common elements, like light and airy countertops paired with dramatic and refined accents, which would fit seamlessly within the overall brand,” he said. As with most small business owners, success can also be attrib- uted to selecting the right suppliers that offer cost-effective, quality products paired with reliable service. Wilsonart, the multi-product CONTINUED ON PAGE 20 � TAKE CHARGE AND TAME THE CLUTTER Assigning a drawer especially for device power with Docking Drawer ensures countertops remain clutter-free—in kitchens, baths and closets or even hair salons and retail stores. Available in standard outlet confi gurations with both AC outlets and USB ports or GFCI varieties. LET OUR EXPERTS HELP GET YOUR NEXT PROJECT STARTED! Online & Livechat: Phone: 800.325.6202 Email: surface & panel Q4 2017 19