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� CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 profiles on TFL panels, an upgrade offered on conference tables and other worksurfaces. “A knife edge is something that is typically hand-crafted,” Aubrey said. “We modified the infeed of the edgebander and also adapted other components including the glue pot to do more than just 90-degree angles and to accept different edge sizes.” Another example of Groupe Lacasse’s ingenuity is the metal in- serts it developed for assembling its reconfigurable modular furniture. “The metal insert we designed and engineered especially has the advantage of passing the BIFMA leg strength test where you simulate someone dragging a desk across the floor and hitting an obstacle. Our inserts are so strong that it prevents the leg from ripping apart. This is the kind of benefit that the customer receives with our furniture.” BOUGHT AND BOUGHT BACK Groupe Lacasse’s story began in the classic tradition of 20th cen- tury woodworking enterprises: in the Lacasse family garage in 1956. By 1976, Groupe Lacasse had become Canada’s “most significant” maker of sewing cabinets. The company launched its first laminate casework products in 1990 then sold its holdings to Haworth in 2000. Twelve years later, the company regained its independence, buying itself back through a 50-50 partnership of the Lacasse family and Sylvain Garneau, president and CEO. One of the most significant moves the then-newly independent company made was cracking into the healthcare market. That crack was substantially widened in 2014 via the strategic acquisition of Neocase, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of modular health- care furniture. Groupe Lacasse reinforced its place in the healthcare SUMMERTIME BLUES M2013 (Y) DESERT ROSE L502 (I) EVENING STAR FROST FLOWER L823 (I) niche with the introduction of Haromonia, a collection of modular healthcare furniture solutions for nursing stations, patient rooms and waiting areas. “Healthcare furniture was a natural fit for us in terms of manufac- turing,” Aubrey said. “There are some key differences, like using solid surface countertops for lab furnitu &RBFFrFW6v2F֖Ц֗R6V2BG2'WBFW&R&RWfV&R6֖&FW2( FR&6266Wv&6&R'VBWBbFW&ǒgW6VB֖FPW6rFR6R67G'V7FFV6VW2B6R&Gv&RF02vvRffW"w&VB'&bf6W2BF2vRrF@vFvfVf6ƗGFW&Rv&RFffW&VBVRvF琦FffW&VBVVG2BvRVVBF&R&RF7vW"bFV( 2bWpFW6v0FƗfRFRƖvBƗfRFRV@ss5Tt 4P#B4TdrԔDt@sc5TscRFf666VRWrFW&26W'0B6W2gW6RF7&VFP&V&&ǒ6W6fRvR&旦rFRVVVG20W7BvBFP@6V7F2vFf"R