Sure Travel Journey Vol 5.2 Autumn 2019 - Page 10

DEPARTURE LOUNGE // AUTUMN 2019 © ADOBESTOCK.COM DID YOU KNOW? WHERE IN THE WORLD? VANCOUVER! Canada’s third largest city is a breath of fresh air – literally. Flanked by mountains, this coastal seaport city is an outdoor-lover’s dream: ski, golf, bike, yoga, sail and kayak – all on the same day. A temperate rainforest with an average of 163 days of rain per year, Vancouver retains its label as one of the world’s greenest cities for good reason – it is, for example, home to Stanley Park, which is 10% larger than New York’s Central Park. Plenty of snow falls on Vancouver’s easily accessible ski hills, which are all a short drive from the downtown business district and tourist sites like Gastown, Granville Island market and the Capilano suspension bridge. Whistler, the world-renowned ski resort popular with the super rich and famous, is also nearby. Culturally diverse – immigrants make up as much as 40% of the city’s 2.1 million residents – Vancouver has a thriving art, theatre, music and culinary scene. FUN FACT: Chef Hidekazu Tojo invented the California roll in Vancouver (despite the sushi’s geographically misleading name). GO TO CANADA WITH SURE! Keen to visit Vancouver? We can tailor-make any itinerary to Canada, or try Busabout’s 7-day Canada Rockies Adventurer package. Contact one of our friendly Sure Travel consultants to enquire or book: visit 10 // MAKE MEMORIES FOR LIFE INSTAMUNCH @sarkababicka Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, Šárka Babická is a London-based travel and food photographer who’s spent the past 14 months on the road, driving from the UK to India by car and motorcycle with her boyfriend. We caught up with Šárka as she prepared for her next adventure, to Indonesia, and learned how food and travel are inextricably linked for her. Where does your passion for food and travel come from? My real passion for food was born when I moved to London. It was the plethora of amazing, authentic ingredients from all around the world that sparked my interest in cooking and led to a new obsession with taste – everything new and unknown. I have always loved travelling – I’m the only one in my family who can’t stay put for too long. Discovering new cuisines added another dimension to travelling. Food is closely connected to culture, and one can learn so much about a country through its food. Extreme travel addiction has been considered a psychiatric condition since 1886, when a French gas-fitter named Jean-Albert Dadas wandered into a hospital in Bordeaux to ask doctors to cure him of his “pathological travelling”. Following an unrelenting urge to travel, Dadas had deserted the French army and crisscrossed Europe on foot for five years. Sadly, he had no memory of his travels. After treating Dadas for several weeks, psychiatrists sought to explain his extreme version of the travel bug with a diagnosable condition: “dromomania”. Sometimes called “vagabond neurosis”, the term was officially added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an “impulse-control disorder” and “psychiatric problem” in 2000. Fave foods from around the world? You can’t beat fresh pasta and burrata in Italy, or bun cha from a street vendor in Vietnam. Most memorable dish you’ve had while travelling? We were invited by complete strangers in the mountains of Pakistan to stay overnight and join them for dinner. They cooked humble – but incredibly delicious – food on a tiny wood-burning stove in the middle of a kitchen with no electricity. It was an unforgettable experience, showing us the most generous hospitality and kindness. How do you stay healthy while travelling? I always eat local food when I travel. I love discovering new cuisines and flavours, so I’m not afraid to experiment, but I do try to make healthy choices – I don’t eat too much fried food and avoid processed food completely. I also like local markets that offer fresh fruit and vegetables. They are very cheap and available in abundance, especially in Asia. It’s all about balance.