Sunday Freak e-Magazine by Goa-Freaks.Com Special Goa Freaks Community - Page 8

That was the main positions that pushed Amaury Daydreamer to start to explore and to become an expert in all hi-tech graphic and visual software possible, to create his own virtual hallucinations that are transferable to other people's viewing. It was 2008, when Daydreamer felt himself able to succeed in his mission and projected his first work on the screens. Since then he became one of the lead VJs on World's Goa scene. His style and technics are very different from the rest colleagues and extremely psychedelic.

A marvelous conceptual mix of computer graphics, animation, documentary and films in 3d Live visuals, Nano mapping, Graphic Masking and other futuristic alien technologies makes Daydreamer one of the lead VJs on World's Goa scene nowadays.

" 21st Century is the era of advanced technologies and innovations. Static decorations attraction have no more deeper enter into the human brain. They need to move. Computers are in the base of the future of entertainment. "