Sunday Freak e-Magazine by Goa-Freaks.Com Special Goa 90s - Page 18

DownTempo World by VooDooDoll

to dance and to be charged with an amazing energy.

The best chill-stage in Russia and Foreign for you mind?

As for this year the best chill stage was on Tortuga island – on the shore, with almost a sea behind the scene and lot of wonderful live and dj gigs. The best foreign one for me was the main stage of Klusa Daba.

What around us- Nature, Space or... you can associate with chill out vibrations?

Chillout vibrations are everywhere, it is life. It can be associated with nature, space, emotions and everything else.

Can you please predict a future of Psychedelic Downtempo genre?

New genres appear constantly. One of the interesting modern styles is a mix of Dub with Glitch, which is more close to PsyDub. We are trying to discover this genre in series of Ethneomystica compilations on Mystic Sound Records.

The future  of the genre in Russia ?

As I've mentioned we have a lot of talented musicians here in Russia and we can make our stage bigger by supporting each other.

Please name few artists you can recommend.

Naturelement – an amazing musician from Greece, Lyquid Crystal – a wonderful project from Russia.

Globular, Radiactive Sandwich, Slackbaba, Chronos, Yechidah and a lot of talented artists – I can continue endlessly.

What is your favorite place on Earth?

I love my summer house where I live from April till October, with my nice home studio on the second floor with a view over the tops of forest trees.

Your favorite Food?

I love fruit and berries.

Your favorite hobby?

The musicmaking) As I have an everyday work for Microsoft – music is my hobby. Hobby taking all my free time)

Some words with you energy for Sunday Freak readers:

I believe that music can make this world better. I wish all people could live in peace and be happy. Support each other and enjoy your kind deeds. Thank you, Sunday Freak magazine, Malishka Yuu and Timur X.P. Voodoo for your support, I’m honored)