Sun Sailor Plymouth-RCA-2018 - Page 7 Thursday, January 25, 2018 – Readers’ Choice Award Winners List 2018 Quality • Service • Detail • Care • Attention • Leader • Unrivaled • Finest • Outstanding Readers’ Choice Award winners are selected during a six-week voting period by print and online readers Health & Beauty Continued Manicure/Pedicure Solar Nails Massage Therapy Hand & Stone Massage & Spa Personal Trainer Rhonda Garvis - Life Time Plymouth Spa Aveda - New Reflections Stylist Name Nichole Kirt - Hair Proz Salon Weight Control Center MediFast Yoga Studio Life Time Fitness HOME & GARDEN Air Duct Cleaning Mountain Duct Cleaning Antique Store Twisted Root Appliance Store Warners’ Stellian Art Gallery Minneapolis Institute Of Art - MIA Arts & Crafts Store Michael’s Cabinet/Countertop Company PJ’s Home Improvement Carpet Cleaning Zerorez Concrete Company ADB Construction 322/ 63$ Deck Company Jon Dimich - Deck Creations Electrician Electric City Fence Company Northwest Fence Flooring Store Floors of Distinction Furniture Store Schneiderman’s Furniture Garage Door Company Aspen Garage Door 2ŒA£— <¨æz 9¨Ýne §¯ nÓÝ ¨Ý 2æQ 0ݨÏn A£e -¨¨˜ 0ݨÏn Ϗ£ƒ ݌Ó Ae £ ݨ Ïn[nón k¯ü ¨|| [Œnž[A˜Ó eæϏ£ƒ ¨æÏ 0·Ï£ƒ 0A˜n Ùäߎ~ÙØ Gutter Company West Metro Remodeling ôôô½e¨˜·Œ£·¨¨˜ŽÓ·A½[¨ž Handyman JB’s Handy Services Hardware Store Lowe’s Heating & Air Company High Road Heating & Cooling Home Improvement Store Home Depot Hot Tub Store Dolphin Pool & Spa Interior Design Jayne Morrison Interiors Landscaping & Garden Center Dundee Landscaping Services Fertilawn Lawn Care Service bioLawn Category Continues ;1@ <15- ?166-: 2ŒA£—Ó -˜öž¨æ݌ /nAenÏÓ |¨Ï ó¨Ý£ƒ Q¨Aô£ §¯ Aô£ AÏn 0nÏó[n½ 2ŒÓ Ó ¨æÏ Ø݌ /nAenÏÓÌ Œ¨[n ôAÏezz 4/"2 ; "2 :"  29< 0 : 0 -02 $"2/$0 !n£Ý¨£ ݌Ó Ae ôŒn£ ö¨æ [¨£ÝA[Ý æÓ A£e Ïn[nón k ~ü $ ¨| "AÝæÏA˜ nÏݏ˜únÏ -ϨƒÏAž "nô æÓݨžnÏÓ $£˜ö½ "¨Ý óA˜e ôÝŒ A£ö ¨ÝŒnÏ ¨||nϽ õ·ÏnÓ ~Žß¯½ ¨ena Øد 0A|nÏ |¨Ï eÓb -nÝÓ I ݌n £óÏ¨£žn£Ý 4£ónÏӏÝö 2ÏA£ne 0ÝA||b ¨[A˜ ¨žžæ£Ýö £ÝnÏA[ݏ¨£b -nÏÓ¨£A˜ æÓݨžnÏ 0nÏó[n Ø~¯½¤Ø×½×~¤ä ¹¨Ï sss½ $½:"º Q¨˜Aô£¨ÏƒA£[Ó½[¨ž 7