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Sailor 2040 vision Upset avoided The Wayzata City Council has accepted the visioning report for the city’s 2040 comprehensive plan update. Both Hopkins and Wayzata had enough resolve to avoid upsets in Section 6AAAA semifinal games. Page 3 Page 15 WAYZATA Thursday, March 15, 2018 City council approves contract for Lake Effect project design Construction is slated to begin in 2019 Wayzata Police Offi cer Bill Mathews with his wife, Shawn, and 7-year-old son, Wyatt. (SUBMITTED PHOTO) (SUN SAILOR STAFF PHOTO BY JASON JENKINS) The Minnesota Senate Transportation Committee listens to testimony March 7 regarding a bill that would rename the Wayzata section of U.S. Highway 12 as the “Offi cer Bill Mathews Memorial Highway” in honor of the Wayzata police offi cer who was struck and killed by a vehicle. Bills honoring fallen Wayzata police offi cer pass Senate, House committees Legislation would rename section of Highway 12 for Bill Mathews By JASON JENKINS Legislation honoring fallen Wayzata Police Offi cer William “Bill” Mathews was approved March 7 by committees in the Minnesota House and Senate. The bills, authored in the House by Reps. Jerry Hertaus and Cindy Pugh and in the Senate by Sens. Paul Anderson and Dave Osmek, would rename the Wayzata section of U.S. Highway 12 as the “Offi - cer Bill Mathews Memo- rial Highway.” The Senate bill passed the Transpor- tation Finance and Policy Committee and will now go to the fl oor. The House bill passed the Transpor- tation and Regional Gov- ernance Policy Commit- tee and is headed to the House Transportation Finance Committee. Mathews was working to clear debris from the highway in September when he was struck and killed by a vehicle. The driver, Beth Ilene Free- man, 54, of Mound, was charged with two counts of criminal vehicular ho- micide and one count of driving after cancellation of her driver’s license. Her See Mathews , Page 13 By JASON JENKINS The Wayzata City Coun- cil has approved a con- tract, with urban design and landscape architec- ture fi rm Civitas, to move forward with the design of implementation plans and construction documents for the Lake Effect project. The council’s decision, which came during the March 6 regular meeting, kicks off a year dedicated to the design and develop- ment of work to create and connect public park space and amenities along the city’s downtown lakefront. The Lake Effect project includes ecological resto- ration of the lake edge and an eco park with a fi shing pier and an environmental education center within the historic Section Fore- man House. The work also includes a meandering, äü¯s A—n !££nݨ£—A :nÝ 0˜·Ób ¨AÝ ˜æQ I Ïö 0ÝA[— 0ݨÏAƒn ¤~䎁ׯŽ¤~¯~ ¨õ ßß~b üØs 0æ£ÓnÝ Ïón 0·Ï£ƒ -Aϗb !" ~~ßs >ƾȝaȴȡ {ŖȄʠƘīŖ a‚ Q‰ XŖƹĠŖȄȌƑƘǤȌ ʠ©ƘƮ©ĠƮŖ :nÓÝ ϞvA—n !££nݨ£—A /¨[—óAž ¨AÝ