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Sailor Plymouth Thursday, May 25, 2017 News Update $ 1 Vol. 47, No. 22 TwinWest honors exceptional business leaders Plymouth’s Bauer Design Build named Entrepreneur of the Year BY KRISTEN MILLER SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS Wayzata track team wins again Wayzata High’s string of consecutive state Class AAA True Team track and fi eld titles reached fi ve Friday, May 19, at Stillwater High School. Sports on page 10 The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce recognized three business leaders during the 2017 Business Awards luncheon May 18 at Marriot Minneapolis West. The chamber presented three awards, including the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year, the Young Pro- fessional of the Year, and Community Builder of the Year. The entrepreneur award “gives much deserved credit to those who take the risk of starting and running business enter- prises.” Candidates are judged on business strate- gies, business acumen and community involvement. The fi nalists includ- ed Susan Michaletz of PoppedCorn in Minneton- ka, Carol Wickoren of My House Fitness in Hopkins, and Mike Bauer of Bauer Design Build in Plymouth, who was named the award winner. Patty Sagert, TwinWest board and awards task force chair, shared how Bauer “exemplifi es the en- trepreneurial spirit” with- Mike Bauer of Bauer Design Build in Plymouth speaks after winning the TwinWest Entrepreneur of the Year award during the awards luncheon May 18. (Sun Sailor staff photo by Kristen Miller) in the TwinWest Chamber. “Through the application and interview process it became clear to our committee that Mike is genuinely committed to to Bauer Design Build’s delivering on his promises values of client focus, to his employees and his integrity, relationships, customers. His longevity and growth are a tribute AWARDS - TO PAGE 8 CLASS OF 2017 Wayzata High School commencement is Friday, June 2 Phillips to run in 3rd District Deephaven resident and businessman Dean Phil- lips offi cially launched his campaign May 16 as a DFL candidate for Minnesota’s Third Con- gressional District. To page 3 NW Greenway ribbon cutting This year, Plymouth will mark a milestone in the construction of the Northwest Greenway. To celebrate, the city will host a ribbon cut- ting ceremony and tree planting 12:30 p.m. Sun- day, June 4. To page 6 Remembering those who sacrifi ced This year, Memorial Day is observed Monday, May 29. The day was fi rst observed in May 1868 as a way to commemorate the sacrifi ces of the Civil War. However, after World War I, Memo- rial Day became a celebration of honor for those who died in all America’s wars, as well as veterans and current members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The City of Plymouth honors veterans on its Veterans Memorial Wall, dedicated June 2015 and located on the southwestern corner of the Hilde Performance Center at 3400 Plymouth Blvd. Currently, there are 223 names en- graved, and the city seeks additional names to be included in the next group of engravings. Veterans do not need to be Plymouth residents to be included on the wall, though other eligibil- ity requirements apply. Visit for guidelines and an application, or contact Plymouth Parks and Recreation at 763-509-5200 or (Sun Sailor staff fi le photo by Kristen Miller) Wayzata High’s class of 2017 will fi nish their high school careers Friday, y y, , June 2, at Mariucci Arena, Aren en n a, a , 1901 4th St. SE, Minneap- Min n n ne e ap p - olis. The graduation gradua a ti t i on tio o n cer- c e er r - emony will begin beg eg g in i n a at t 6:30 p.m. with doors op opening p ening 5:30 p.m. Tickets wi will w i ll not be issued and seatin seating n g is on a fi rst-come basis. Families are respon- r e s pon- sible for getting students stu st u d ents to the ceremony y to t o c check heck in. Students sho should o u ul ld ar a arrive r rive to the Mariucci Mariuccc i Arena A r ena backstage area no later than 5:30 p.m. and enter on the Fifth Street S.E. side through the loading West Lutheran High School commencement is Saturday, May 27 West Lutheran High School commencement cer- emony will take place 2 p.m. Saturday, May 27 at the high school, 3350 Harbor Lane North in Plymouth. There are 29 students in the 2017 graduating class. Families enjoy a 25th helping of Empty Bowls at Wayzata High School Event is longest-running fundraiser of its kind in Minnesota BY JASON JENKINS SUN SAILOR NEWSPAPERS Armstrong tops Cooper For the second con- secutive season, the Armstrong softball team was able to defeat crosstown rival Cooper in the annual Arm- strong-Cooper Classic. To page 11 Public notices Read the latest an- nouncements from your city, school district and other public agencies. To page 12 Sun-Sailor 33 Second St. N.E. Osseo, MN 55369 763-425-3323 dock k a area r e a to o line l in i n e up. ine up . Staff Staf St aff f af will be e av available direct wi i ll l b w avai aila la a ble b l e to bl od ir rec et students. s t ud stud d en e n ts ents t . For family F o r fa Fo fami mily mi ly a and n d f friends nd rien ri ends en ds of o f g graduates, radu ra duat du at tes es, , th the h e best b e st t be entrance e n trr an entr en a ce t to o use us e is i s on o n the th h e Oak which O a k Street Oa Stre St r et s side, re ide, id e w e, h ch hi h i is s the main t h e ma th m a in i e entrance ntra nt r raa n ncc e t to o t the h e he arena. Parking a r en ar e n a. a . 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