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Sailor Voters’ guide Abrupt end Get to know the candidates for Minnetonka mayor and city council before casting a vote on Nov. 7. Hopkins boys’ soccer season put to an end after Richfield makes last-minute goals. Page 21 Page 11 HOPKINS / MINNETONKA Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 Minnetonka, Hopkins host open houses for Fire Prevention Week (PHOTO COURTESY OF CITY OF MINNETONKA) A Minnetonka fi refi ghter showed a young boy how to use the hose at the Minnetonka city and fi re department open house Oct. 10. ing m o c s b s i t e r s d ay ! e w Ne w h i s T h u e sure to t b asier t. 19, (SUN SAILOR STAFF PHOTO BY SABINA BADOLA) Hopkins fi refi ghter Paul Burgett waved goodbye to Krzysztof Devore, 5, as he rode away on a free fi re truck ride around the block at the Hopkins Fire Department open house Oct. 14. c new, e ing O Start k out our website. chec navigate om to n.c u s n r.m o l i sa Hopkins school board candidates answer public’s questions Five new candidates for running three open seats By SABINA BADOLA The local chapter of the League of Women Voters hosted a forum Oct. 12 for community members to get to know the candi- dates for Hopkins School Board. Audience members sub- mitted written questions to moderator Deb Brink- man, who asked the most prominent questions. Topics ranged from de- tachment requests to open enrollment to the achieve- ment gap and more issues. All fi ve of the candi- dates would be new to the board if elected. There are three open seats on the board. Current board members Betsy Ander- son, Doobie Kurus and Warren Goodroad are not seeking re-election. The full forum can be viewed at The voters’ guide on these candidates can be found on or in the Oct. 5 paper. Hopkins schools has a high minority population. What approaches do you support to increase equity and student achievement for these children? Chris LaTondresse: As our district grows more diverse, we need to grow ODNHV GHUPDWRORJ\ t t t t #PBSE $FSUJmFE %FSNBUPMPHJTUT &WBMVBUJPO BOE 5SFBUNFOU PG 4LJO $BODFS BOE $PNQMFY 4LJO $POEJUJPOT &YQFSU $BSF JO B $PNQBTTJPOBUF 4FUUJOH "QQPJOUNFOUT 8JUIJO 0OF 8FFL ¯üü¯ /eƒneA˜n Ϗón 0æÝn ßüü½ !££nݨ£—Ab !" ~~ßü~ ôôô½˜A—nÓenϞ½[¨ž Price $1.00 Volume 47, No. 43 Index Opinion-Page 4-6 Public Safety-Page 7 History-Page 13 Calendar-Page 18 Arts scene-Page 19 Sports-Pages 20-23 Classifieds-Pages 28-32 Business-Pages 33-36 Sun Newspapers | 10917 Valley View Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 @MNSunSailor PUBLIC NOTICES: See pages 26-27 ×Øߎ߯؎ü× with it. My full-time job is working with an orga- nization called the Expec- tations Project where we work to narrow opportu- nity and achievement gaps in U.S. public schools. There are stubborn and persistent inequalities within our public educa- tion system. It’s one of the most appalling features of our public education, and unfortunately, some of those features of our sys- tem are even refl ected in student achievement and student performance in Hopkins. But I think that there are ways to address that. Number one: we need to start very early, so See Forum , Page 14