SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 24

Page 24 • Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017                       Chanhassen fl orist decorates for the holidays at White House             1   . ,* '1 (, (' ' 1 ,&' ! (,!! '*  ,*1  ,' (  !' .      (.( /* ,( *  * (    ,'  ,*($   --------------------------------------------------------- '(( ------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------    -------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------   *   ,* ---------------------------------------------- '*  '  $ ------------------------------------------------ '*  ' 0!' * --------%    "+ *(     '# -----  *,' ------------------------------------------------------        !        !         !     ! "                 !                                                     , (' ' '.(   2   !( .$   !(  ++        (PHOTOS COURTESY OF DEBBIE TURNER) Debbie Turner, a Chanhassen fl orist and resident, helped design the offi cial White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room at the White House, above. Turner was one of 120 volunteers who decorated the presidential residence for the holidays. The theme of the holiday decorations this year is “Time-Honored Traditions.” “The entire experience from beginning to end was great,” Turner said. “Certainly not an easy thing to do...I mean it was hard work. There was a group of about 8-10 of us women from all over the country. All of us had really no specifi c idea how we got there. Some of us were designers by trade, like me, others had connections through friends or family or relatives that had a connection to the White House or the military. But it was so satisfying. We spent three days in a warehouse doing all the prep work. Then everything has to be sorted and boxed to be brought over by truck to the White House and placed in the correct rooms. Then the designing begins. Each person is assigned to a certain group, and each group is assigned to a certain room. Our group was assigned to the Blue Room, and when I saw the tree and how majestic and tall it was, I got excited because I knew just where I was going to work. Front and center and the top of the tree. The women and men were a delight to work as well as the White House staff. All in all, it was an amazing experience.” For more information on Debbie Turner Orginals, visit