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Page 26 • Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017 Excelsior CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 opposed to less density,” Gaylord said to Maher. “Since we have a responsi- bility of selling that prop- erty it would be similar if you’re selling your prop- erty and you’d want to maximize your property and we’re trying to do that for the whole town and balance the needs of that part of the city. If we have a builder that can do that it would be great.” Councilmember Greg Miller interjected and said, “What we have now is a low to medium resi- dential development with approximately four to 12 units per acre that would A ö e Œ z Ý Ï  nÝ nónÏö¨£n —£¨ô 0ŒAÏn ö¨æÏ ƒÏnAÝ £nôÓ £ ö¨æÏ ˜¨[A˜ ·A·nÏz <¨æÏ A££¨æ£[nžn£Ý ô˜˜ ·Ï£Ý £ ݌n ·A·nÏ A£e Qn ·¨ÓÝne ¨£˜£nz -˜A[n ¨£˜£n äÙ× AÝ ŒÝÝ·aÙÙA££¨æ£[nžn£ÝÓ½n[ž·æQ˜ÓŒnÏÓ½[¨ž be compatible with the single family units to the east, the entertainment district to the west and would enhance the small town visual image of Ex- celsior.” Ultimately, the council set the 810 Excelsior Blvd. request for proposal den- sity as low- to medium- density at four to 12 units per acre. East side small area study Last year, the council di- rected staff to do a small area study for the east side of the city. This was proposed after the city received request for proposals for the 810 Excelsior Blvd. site. To allow time for the study and halt develop- ment, a nine-month mor- atorium was issued. Three open houses were March 23, April 27 and June 1 to get public input on the vision for the east side. “The east side small area plan really provides a vision and sets expec- tations for developers for policy makers, residents and staff,” said Smith. “It’s not a redevelopment plan. The city has no ex- pectations to go out and purchase properties to re- develop it, or to move the plan along.” Smith added that the proposed plan is concep- tual in nature and is meant to be a “fl uid” document that can be further devel- oped and refi ned. Smith estimated that if the plan was used, it would take more than 15 years to see it come to frui- tion. On July 17, the city council referred the study back to the planning com- mission that met June 26, (SUBMITTED PHOTO) 810 Excelsior Blvd. property in Excelsior. July 24 and July 31. The commission recommend- ed approval with some modifi cations. On Sept. 18, the city council referred the plan back to the planning com- mission that discussed it again at a special meeting Oct. 5 and at regular meet- ings Oct. 23 and Nov. 27. Here are some general comments that the city council agreed with: -Street trees and green space are important to retain. -Evergreen trees and shrubs are encouraged to provide year-round inter- est. -Views of Lake Min- netonka should be main- tained. -Suffi cient parking is important to provide for each new development. -Buildings should have an increased setback along the Lake Minneton- ka LRT Regional Trail. -Densities and new de- velopment should not be increased without consid- eration of traffi c or park- ing. Additional traffi c and parking studies mat be needed to understand impact of proposed rede- velopment. -The pedestrian scale and experience are impor- tant. Include appropriate sidewalk setbacks. Many of the sugges- tions that were made were also in correlation with the comprehensive plan. The city council asked to change the wording about increased setbacks and have the maximum height be set as it is in the comprehensive plan. Follow Paige Kieffer on Facebook at