SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 24

Page 24 • Thursday, March 15, 2018 Photo of the week: Snowy snack (PHOTO COURTESY OF SUZANNE POHLE) A squirrel eats an acorn on a snowman in Wayzata. Do you have images that show the beauty of Lake Minnetonka? Send your photo submissions to Hanna CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23 was getting worse every- day,” Melinda Kohlmyer said. “Hanna though was the toughest out of all of us.” Melinda said her daugh- ter was unable to digest milk properly and wasn’t gaining any weight because her liver and spleen were enlarged, causing her stom- ach to become smaller. She also never absorbed any vi- tamins until she received a transplant because her liver was so badly damaged. “She was a tiny, ittie bit- tie little thing and she just wasn’t gaining any weight,” Melinda Kohlmyer said. The baby required a feed- ing tube from which she was fed milk incrementally throughout the day and night. “It was really scary think- ing that her health would always be declining,” Me- ȩíƥíďÝ <³ȨƐÇÇÇ X³ ȩ³úƐíěƇƠRèěƇ³Ȩěě¤ Rƹď RqíúěƇ íƐ ďěȨ ¤³úíȧ³Ƈ³¤ íď ƥè³ ĉqíúÇ ’»ǴǓǟ ǖĺĪĵǴé ʡŨȈǖ Ė»ʞŨǖĺǴþ Ŝþʟǟƶ»ƶþǖ ĺǟ ŜŨʟ ÐþĺŜĪ ïþŇĺʞþǖþï ǖĺĪĵǴ ǴŨ ʡŨȈǖ Ŗ»ĺŇÐŨʠ ĖŨǖ #N ³qè Ȩ³³øÇ » <$4 " 2$ 0" 4- 2$ / 9 2 ":0--/z ěďƄƥ ĉíƐƐ qď íƐƐƹ³ž 0" 4- 2$ Ũ ŨŜŇĺŜþ ǴŨ DŨŖþǴŨʟŜǟŨȈǖÛþǀÛŨŖ »Ŝï ÛŨŖƶŇþǴþ Ǵĵþ ĖŨǖŖ Ǵĵþǖþǀ