SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 23 Excelsior • Shorewood 4520 Townhomes/Dbls/ Duplexes For Rent Plymouth, Mission Oaks Townhomes 2 and 3br waiting list is now open through 11/6/18. Section 8 property provides de- cent, safe, and affordable housing to all families who meet the eligibility and screening requirements. Call 763-559-5770 for an application. Equal Hous- ing Opportunity EHO 4650 Vacation Proper- ties/Travel Getaways GET OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE! Our timeshare exit strategy has helped thousands of people leave their timeshares. It’s time to leave yours too. Let us help you exit your Timeshare today! 1-866-427-9554 5000 SERVICES 5030 Financial Services Over $10K in debt? Be debt free in 24-48 months. Pay a fraction of what you owe. A+ BBB rated. Call National Debt Relief 1-866-782-1127 5080 Child & Adult Care 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing The nation’s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts today! Our service is FREE. No obligation. CALL 1-866-372-5478 Affordable Concrete & Chimney Work Free Est. Bonded & Insured Joe 612-245-4439 (Hopkins) 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 30+ Years Experience Asphalt Paving & Sealcoat Quality Work W/Warranty LSC Construction Svc, Inc 952-890-2403 / 612-363-2218 Mbr: Better Business Bureau 5110 Building & Remodeling Baths * Kitchs * Bsmts Crptry, Cer tile, walls. Lic# 4614. I Do My Own Work. 612-968-2311 Holmlund & Sons Lexington Law helps works to challenge in- accurate negative items including: identity theft, collections, late pay- ments, liens and more from your credit report. Call for a free credit re- pair consultation: 888- 653-4605. John C. Heath, Attorney at Law, PLLC, dba Lexington Law Firm. 5040 Health & Wellness 612-386-6393 Time to remodel? We Do- All Exteriors: roofs, win- dows & siding, brick, stone, concrete drives, aprons & sidewalks, gutters, decks Interiors: kitchens & baths, add bedroom or remove a wall. Tim: 952-239-8833 30 yrs. exp. BC637105 5140 Carpet, Floor & Tile We offer professional services for your wood floors! Installs/Repair Sand/Refinish Free Ests Ins’d Mbr: BBB Professional w/15 yrs exp. 952-292-2349 SANDING-REFINISHING Roy’s Sanding Service Since 1951 952-888-9070 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing A Block/Cement Specialist Steps, Walks, Drives, Patio, Footings, Room Additions Tom - 763-425-4534 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating       "#""  !! OXYGEN - Anytime! Anywhere! No tanks to refill. No deliveries. The All-New Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 pounds! FAA approved! FREE info kit: 1-844-615-6312 **A CONCRETE** PRESSURE LIFTING “THE MUDJACKERS” Don’t Replace It Raise It! Save $$$ Walks- Steps- Patios- Drives- Garage Floors- Aprons- Bsmnts- Caulking Ins/Bond 952-898-2987      I0  2$--" " ½ /0 "2 I $!!/  -9" 0- 02 0/9" 2 "2/ !2/$ I 04//$4" " /0 $/ $9/ ~ü </0½ / 02!20 ×ØߎäsŽäää~ دäŽßäsŽ~~߁ ôôô½[ŽÓQ˜A[—ݨ··£ƒ½[¨ž  ™ Kali Concrete ™ Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors and More Free Est! 30+ yrs. exp. É /" Ê - 9" $"2/ 2$/ 5190 Decks 5210 Drywall ALL-WAYS DECKS Decks, Porches - Free Est. SUMMER IS HERE! Enjoy the outdoors! Lic BC003805 Jeff 651-636-6051 Mike 763-786-5475 PINNACLE DRYWALL *Hang *Tape *Texture *Sand Quality Guar. Ins., 612-644-1879 763-537-4731 Schoo Electric DECK CLEANING & STAINING Small Jobs - Service Changes Prompt Service & Free Ests. Licensed - Bonded - Insured Professional and Prompt Guaranteed Results. FRONTIER ELECTRIC Electric Service Upgrades Trenching ◆ Free Ests. Code #78 Having a Garage Sale? Decks 3 & 4 Season Porches Pool/Hot Tub Surrounds Advertise your sale with us Deck Creations & Home Remodeling Inc LicBC 680948 952-392-6888 612-418-3677 Kelly O’Malley “As owner, I’m always on site!” 9Driveways 9Sidewalks 9Patios 9Steps 9Floors 9Stamped 612-756-3060 30+yrs exp Need Concrete Repair ? Steps, Aprons, Walks, Retain Walls, Pavers, Brick & Stone Repair ÌÌ41 Years Exp ÌÌ **Decks,Decks, Decks** New Image Deck 24yrs. Deck & Porches Do It Yourselves Framing and Footings. Footings - install, repair, & removal. **NOW Installing Helical Piers!, 4 Footings** Lic. 20219985 & Insured 952-442-1308 QUALITY DECKS TWO TEACHER CONST. Professionals Who Design & Build Quality. 25+ yrs BBB. Visit us for photos@ Twoteacherconstruction. com Lic #BC073200 952-472-5670 Duane 612-701-9211 Comm/Resid 952-474-3201 Credit Cards Accepted Master Electrician Superior Electric Inc 34 yrs Resid/Com 952-239-1189 5210 Drywall Excel Drywall, LLC Tuckpointing/Brick Rpr Free Estimates. Insured Tim Arlt.... 952-937-6961 For All Your Drywall Needs. Free Est. No Job Too Small 30 yrs exp. Ins. 612-382-8980 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing .42< 0/9  0£[n ¯¤¤ 5340 Landscaping #1 in Customer Service & Professional Design Complete Landscaping Services: Pavers: Patios, Walks & Drives. Retaining Walls: Boulders, Flagstone & Concrete Block. Tree & Shrub Plant- ing, Decorative Rock, Sod, Grading, Mulch & Black Dirt. Fencing. Sprinkler Systems. 25+ Yrs. Exp. FREE Estimates Licenced & Insured 763-441-7575 5240 Fencing *Built-Rite Fence Company* Chain Link, Color Vinyl, All Styles of Wood, Iron Since 1969. Proven &VƖ&ƗGg&VRW7BS"ӓ3BC&VFW.( 266RvW"$U%2DPP3R'2WW&V6RvBB&V6ƖW"&W""wV"&RvVrg&VRW7B6WbFVƗfW'֗F6VS"ӃrC3uUEDU"4TptDr4Tp$U55U$Rt4psc2SCbs#c07W&VB66RR6УS#GW'63GW2GW'6r"6vRF7@&BbRc"SCRccs 3R&W "F6S3c֗66VVW05DdU%pd"U $U45$D24dR6W"Ɩ6V6V@6F@FW&F&76&P&6W2BvWBC#Rf`W"f'7B&W67&F6cSBS`S3sFr`FV6&Fp2FW&"&2C#sPvW"&VfG'v&W"6&WBVVƖr@7Fr3'2W7FWfRsc2SCRS`$UDrt0vFW"fVGW&W2bfW'03V'2bWW&V6Psc2C#33`S"#CSS30ffW&r6WFPG66R6W'f6W0W6G66V7&VF66Сq!7!A!qQ`VƗG&W6FVFFrbG'v6VƖrbvFWGW&W0#FvR7FW"&W vW"&VfS#SgW&GW&R&W bW7FW'S#swWGFW"6Vp)xe%t67&WFP&V2f7Bg&VFǒ$$ FV"WB&W6VVG2Х&WFv27FW2vƷ2G&fW2G&FR'6@f'27FVBb6&V@sc2##CS,(L9)(\)*T)S##VV7G&6v6FV64667BW@)xccSc3S@)xcS"3S"ӓ`c"#Cr#ScR Ɩ67&WFR6У7&BvV&VFVƖrFFF2FV6F62&FvFw2Ɩ22CS@W66&"&Gv@f'20$$TФ5$TDB$U%C)4c"3srCS))xb%$4b4U)x`GV6Fr'&6&W "F&r"6FW'6FVR##( "vR#0DU$"BUDU$ BDrS3c֗66VVW2&7VW"Frr$D$Х$TdD0T5RDWFFW2vR7V6ƗR6fR&FЦrw&"&'26Ɨf&rb6VFVB6vW'26f"g&VRֆR6Ч7VFFsrSccCB"7&VFB6&G266WFV@VFr6'BP&fFW"ff@6'BR2ffW"W7Bf"R6ӃCBӃBӃ3S FvWB&fW76Цǒ7FVBP6V7W&G77FVvFC7FfFS3CG66p7FFWGW&rg&VRW7B࣓S"CsBc#S2Ɩ0S3sFr`FV6&FpCB󑀠 @B4eDTdT$rEe4D$$TBe2%DrDd$B$RrET$tDe@BTdDtDr$Td$D`C"@Ǡ9*:L(((:L((;;;S3CG66pC""@#VƗGv&6WFFfP&6W2vRFB**58998+|8**(*<(6"*5+С&c"#sspp +v()(;*6S"ӓBC32vV&vPVƗFR&W"bFPd8(6)*)r+t(8:e)|)(*<(2))90\*:l*6T9(**2+t(8 (V;D))|92+|8**<90 9+|929(*90))9<:l8(*<(0996)*<9+t(8(*<96P+,*r:L*999+&Vw&WBFRFrWF267&VVbvFr&W **6VR*<9<:l8P9*:L(<:L((:L9|9*B *G:L(*L:L*L(9:L:L(;L;L;L+(48\*68**589+*69РPqQbB1QAQpУS#VƖr`fp6fW &&6fpW6VBbff6RfW'0&V6&R&FW042S#33@3R'2W7"F62sc2ScbӃSPS3CG66p$@&B6VW2`wWGFW"6Vr6@&W6VBvbG66r''W6&VfRRfbWr7W7FW'0VFc"ӓCPFVG66r2C'2W6BFVƗfW&VBb7FV@vG66R&VfF0w&Frb&WFrv0&G66W2F2vƷ0&VFW'>( 66Pv&BvW sc2C#CC"c"#"c3R! ;L())9*<;`;L8(99*29<9()99*:L(:L9|:L(99**@9*:L(9<9|((<(*@;L;L;L+U89(;6)*6\95+|(*<(<+ռ*)S3sFr`FV6&Fp9(*<(*<(2))96":l9<9*) 9+|96 \(8(996";6R9(*92))|;D;l96 L:l9\**8(;<(*<(2892 (*5):f\(*<(0892 (99(*<(2890AS#:l)("*)v"\(<(*<(6" *V )*<9(*<(<9288((49(**28;<(90S3sFr`FV6&Fp((<(9;b#!!`:L; ;f892;\+|+(<8R (*+r&(8;\98(*89*<98(*8(*<9(*<(2)|90*;F8;D9<((*<(2)r*6\(*<(2V*590**R+|))*<9"d8(6\)**8+|*;\;`:B8*8 9 *;8(*<988*<9;`9*:L+<9*L+:L:L9*@;L;L;L+8((<(9;D;l)*<+ռ*)\89<(**)v"*5+Т(*<9(*<(2 (*<98(*8;\98(*8**6VP**2*<9<:l8P*<9<:l8u4dbeEPBDd2TDEdU@(+ *p9:L99|;;E4dTRD%4UB$DDeTdP9*:L(<:G(9|9*99*G:L(*L9(((*:G0;L;L;L+89<()**)|(*5+ռ*)