SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 23 College CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 to Oak Street for a cost of $140,000. -Install sediment removal devices for a cost of $20,000. -Plant large trees along Water Street to block light pollution for a cost of $20,000. -Install signs on College Avenue and Water Street that warn vehicles of area wildlife for a cost of $500. -Complete a traffi c study for a cost of $30,000. -Enhance safety at the Academy Avenue and Water Street intersection by mov- ing the stop sign, installing pavement markings and en- hancing lighting for a cost of $50,000. The total cost of all the staff-recommended projects would be $260,500 for a re- maining approximate tax in- crement fi nancing estimate of less than $73,900. City Manager Kristi Luger noted that no road improvement projects were added to the suggestions because the city believes that those projects should be funded by the general tax levy and not the tax- increment fi nancing, which is supposed to be utilized for neighborhood projects that are infl uenced by The Waters development. “Overall, this is a really good comprehensive study and that was the goal of this starting out back in May and I’m happy to see that it worked,” said Mayor Mark Gaylord. “I think it was a good outcome.” The Waters had no repre- sentation at the Sept. 4 meet- ing, and did not provide any input. The city council did open the meeting up to anyone who wanted to speak and dozens of resi- dents voiced their continued concerns and opinions on the solution and the overall development. Some of the biggest concerns were light- ing, sidewalk placement and parking. College Lake resident Matt Ratliff brought to the city council’s attention that The Waters recently installed very tall and bright lights around the building that violate the original lighting agreement the developers made with the city. “The lights that they added are very disturbing,” he said. “I hope that we will now go back to The Waters and ask them to replace those fi xtures with lights that are more in keeping with the scale that we’ve always traditionally approved in Excelsior,” said Excelsior • Shorewood Councilmember Jennifer Caron. “Bottom line is that we need to correct that issue,” Gaylord added. Ratliff also added that currently, The Waters is not planning on adding trees along Water Street in its en- tirety on College Lake, just from the front of the Rid- geview building continuing west. This will and has been causing light pollution into the neighborhood. He also mentioned that there are no plans for a sidewalk along the entirety of Water Street and their sidewalk ends by FV"7G&VWB&r6&vfFVBv7@FR&V7B6B6R2fW'g'W7G&FVBFBFRvFW'02BƗfrWFG26FR`FRFWfVVBw&VVVB( vR6GFVBFfFw0'WBvR6VF( B&RF06F( 6R6B&W6FVB6fV7FV6W&W76VB66W&0&WBbFW&R2VVv&rBFRvFW'2FWfVЦVB( ĒfRGvG2( 6P6B( FRf'7B2&Vv&Fp&r66&FrFFPvFW'26V"ƗfrvV"Ч6FRFWfVGW&RR6V Ɨfr'FVG2FR&Ч62f"&WB"VFW"Цw&VB&r76W2W0Bf6F"76W2BPFW'VF7V"76W0FBvW&R&VfW&V6VBVЦFW'7FFrFB&&&ǐBV6W72bbFP&W6FVG2vfR6'2vPwVW7FFRFBFR&pVFW&w&VBv&R7VffЦ6VBf"FR&W6FVG2rЦWfW"F2FW6( BFRF2Ц6VBFRVBb&pFBvVB&R&WV&VBf FR7Ffb&rFN( 2vpF&Rv&rF6W'fRF6P&W6FVG2BFB2vW&PbW"66W&26Pg&FR6V6BFr( @6ƖRFvƖvB2W7@FRV&W"bW"6VvP7G&VWBVv&'2v&PW&RBvRW&vRFR6G6V6F6FVRFRFЦwVR&Fv26FBvP66FVRFfRWB&Rv&RBfRG&7"ЦV7F&VvF2&V7B( ФVvW"FBFR6G6V6B&W6FVG2FBFWv&WfWrbFR66W&0FBvW&R'&VvBWBFP6WBBVWFrBF67W72@vFFRvFW'>( FWfVW'2( ĒFvRfRF@bBBvfRBf"6@B6VRbvR66Ɨ6FW6Rv2( 6B6V6ЦV&W"w&Vr֖W"FR6G6V6v6ЧFVRF67W76rFR6VvPRVv&&B&fRЦVG2BFW"VWFrfrFR7V6"f6V&Bf6V&67V6"FW'6F6WB2#( "vR#0 !RBǠb"B"@Ǡ,8Ǣ,8R砡,8Ǡ*)+|)9 9(*8))*;B*6R )() (9)w(B(;6 9<9)+r;b 9)|(*<(2 +|(9:l8 * 9(*)+|)9R 9<((<*6R*8)*6R()() (9 9* 968;<(*<98)((*5+ռ*)(B(l* **<)(*69|*)9*;L*<9<*:l8+ռ*)*6R*)+|)9 9(*8) 9(8+С@@Rr @ @qB`BA0 @p`A 0pp`BpPP@BA@@ @@@$)()(*<(2V\89<96(9;l9 99(+v(**6)()() :e958(88;<(90(;*G***2+|(\92);6\+"***2+|(\96""(99)() +|(*9* **)+|)9R*8) 9* 968;<(*<98)((*5+ռ*)\8V)(;68;b;4()) 9* )*) 89<(V*<992 **<);l+)) (*7*8)9(**2 )v+|9**7V*<9()+У%deETBD$Ѳ q@!0AaQR"ԤaeUEe4D`E