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Sports Sun Sailor Newspapers welcomes your sports news and story ideas. Send to sports editor John Sherman at; mail to: Sun Sailor,10917 Valley View Rd., Eden Prairie MN 55344. Follow the Sun Newspapers sports editors on Twitter: @MNSunSports and on Facebook: Sun Newspapers Sports Guys, STARS Of the Week Amaya Battle Hopkins High’s eighth- grade basketball guard con- tinued to take steps forward in the State Class AAAA Tournament last week at Target Center. She had eight rebounds in the fi rst half of the Royals’ 61-34 victory over Roseville Area High. Bobby Brink The Minnetonka High boys hockey team won the 2018 state Class AA cham- pionship with Brink as the leading scorer. He fi nished with 56 points on 21 goals and 35 assists. This is his sec- ond season with the varsity. The Skippers fi nished 27-2- 2 overall in Sean Goldswor- thy’s fi rst season as head coach. Paige Bueckers The 6-foot sophomore guard went 8-for-12 from the fi eld and scored 21 points as the Hopkins High girls bas- ketball team beat Roseville Arena High School 61-34 in the state Class AAAA semifi nals March 15 at Tar- get Center. Lisa Hoffer The senior guard for the West Lutheran High girls basketball team recently fi nished her four-year var- sity career as the school’s all-time scoring leader with 1,399 points. She led the Warriors to a 14-13 record this season. Luke Loheit The Minnetonka High boys hockey captain was honored as one of 10 fi nal- ists for the 2018 Mr. Hockey of Minnesota Award. Sam Walker, the senior captain from Edina, was presented with the Mr. Hockey title in a banquet last week at St. Paul RiverCentre. Joe Molenaar Molenaar, who led the state-champion Min- netonka High boys hock- ey team with 31 goals this season, is the 2018 Herb Brooks Award winner. The award is presented annually to a Minnesota hockey senior who dis- plays character, leadership and sportsmanship. Thursday, March 22, 2018 • Page 21 Tonka Herb Brooks winner fi nds inspiration in memories of father Looking Ahead Molenaar earns award By JOHN SHERMAN Steve Molenaar was ev- erything to his son Joe - a great dad, who shared his son’s passion for hockey and did all that he could to teach Joe how to play the game the right way. Joe, a senior at Minneton- ka High School, was 11 years old when Steve passed away, but Joe never forgot the lessons his dad taught him. The two proudest mo- ments of Joe’s life occurred the same night, March 10, 2018 at Xcel Energy Center. First, he and his Min- netonka teammates wo FR7FFR672FFPvFR"f7F'fW"GRЦWFV7BFRf2ЦVG2FW"V6RЦVBv2FRFBPBvFRW&"'&0v&B7FFRvFR FB&V6v旦W26&7FW"VFW'6B7'G6Ч666'&2pFV6V6VBVBFVU4Ff7F'vFFR( ֗&6P6^( FRvFW ǖ72BR6BWr&&V6Vfrv&Bg&Bb7&vBb7@vVB&RVЦ&ƖrWW&V6Rf"琦v66&BPv2fW'vVVB'FPW6RR&V6VfVB( ėBvVBfR&VVЦ7&VF&RFfRגF@vFRFvB( 6@R( ĆRvBRffV@6WgFW"vRfV@W&Rg&vFW'FvvVऒv2R66RR76V@vג6F0&VVג&vvW7B7W'FW"6RVVBRW'7VRא6WG&V2( Ф֖WFFVFPVRVBv6W'fV@2FV6FrvFV"BG&Wp62&V6VBrFR70b^( 2FB7FVB@ǒR'WB62FVЦFW2( ĦRBfR&VV&W7@g&VG266RFRFRvPvW&RR"b( 6BVB( Ğ( 67&VF&ǒ&VB`vr7FFRvFPB&Vr6FvFP5T4"5DdbD%4U$␤RV"FVB֖WFv( 2v66&W'2vF326V"6V6'WBvVFP6GVF62f"BR66F6WBFR&rG2F6R&RFw2( WfW f&vWBFRW&"'&0v&B22RfW B( ФVBFƶVB&WBFP72b7FWfRV"@FR7BBBR( ĆW7FǒBv2&VǐFVvFRf"FRvP6Ww&W( 6BVB( גFBB^( 2FBvW&P66RBFRFRBv0fW''FBFBvR&RFW&Rf"RRWBW0F2ƖfRBv2&V@bFRvRFVBFP6GVF^( 2FRB`BvW6W2GfW'6G0FfFRFF( BW@2FN( 2FVFVWЦFv( ФV"fVBBvVআRV&BRvVB&R6BЦr6V"ƖRvFVBBGBWFPF26V62FR66&W"FBƖRRЦ"f6VBvF3v2( גvv2f"RF"WvFVR( 6@֖WFVB666VvG7v'F( FW&VǒvVFvWFW"( Ю( ėBv2W"7B6B06V'2( 6BV"( VRBGBFR@V7f"RB2FVЦFW2vRBvbƖgBЦrV6FW"W( W"6V"V"6VF( @fRGW&VBWB&WGFW"खגWW2Bv2W&fV7@6V6W"&VWB7@vVV7FVB7BffR@bW'2&V6W6RЦ&GvFVBFVfR( ФV"6B`֖WF( 26V'2F'BFRVFW'6F06V6( ff6ǒvRBF&VP6F2'WBvR6VBfPB( R6VFVBV"FFVBFBЦ&G6&VBv66&VBFPv22r2FRFVЦFBआR6VBf"VBFFWfW'R6V7FV@vFFRFV( 27FFR6Ч66V6( FR6VGv0&VBW2V"r( P6B( vR6VF( BfRvFR66vFW@FVbFR&VG2&P7&VF&RBFR7GVFVG07W'FVBW2FRFgFW"FR7FFRFW&V@v27V6FBFRv66( ФV"2BWBFRЦ6FVBbRvV'0"fRF&V7FǒF6RЦvFR6WWB6V6( גv2FVW&fr2W"( P6BGFW"vW&RFPW&WFW22FN( 0V'v7&R&2$"'&6WG0FR'&6WG2f"FP7FFR672&0&6WF&FW&V@vW&R&VV6VB7VF&6'FR֖ЦW6F7FFRv66VwVRf'7B&V@vW0vW&R&w&W72vVFW6F&6#gFW"F2VFFvVBF&W72FW6RvW&RFRf'7BЧ&VBF6W3vЧFg27&WFFW&ФVFV&&Rg22Ч6Vf&W7BRg2ЧRfWBWfP'Fg2Rw&fRआ2W&2FP7FF^( 2&W7BFV2PF2vVVgFW"vFW6WBFR&2c2cFR6V7Fdf27BvVVvFf6VBЦFW"6VVB7&WFФFW&#b"vVFW6F&rVFV&&R2FP7FFRFW&VBgFW Frf"Bs`f7F'fW"VFFP6V7F$f07BvVV6&W0G&PF&'2W7FG&Ww0BV'VBFPVvW2rvF6V wV&BW"VvRFPVFV&&R76VvPv2FRBg2RF6WRfW#RB&V6VfVBFR6V6B6VV@f"7FFRBWfP'F#RBFVBFPF&B6VVB6V֖fvW2&P6WBf"bBFW'6F&6#"BF&vWB6VFW"FP666FW7@v&RVBB6GW&F&6#B6BF&vWB6VFW"&W6WWfV@ǖWF6R6VFW 2FR6FRbFRU46WFv66660&6#"#bFV2g&fW FR6VG'vfRf FFW2&2Ff6BBFRWrv&0Ff6vF( 2V"v@FV2FRFf6&2'&6WB