SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 21 Excelsior • Shorewood 5420 Tree Care & Stump Removal Shorewood Tree Service Commercial Land Clearing Tree Trimming & Removals Custom Hauling. Free Ests. Full Service Saw Mill & Lumber Sales 952-955-3018 Will Beat Anybody’s Price! NEW HORIZONS TREE & LANDSCAPING BIG TREES & STUMPS CHEAP!! Fully Licensed & Insured “We take pride in our work” 612-203-4309 5420 Tree Care & Stump Removal >!Q ‚v!! {!v—>! Ė Q[{q>[3Ĺ >[Ǯ  Ó[¨æ£Ý ‚ȄŖŖ vŖƹNjʠ©ƮĹ ‚ȄŖŖ ‚ȄƘƹƹƘƾƃ ŖȄƘ©Ʈ QƘűȡ {ȡȴƹǤ 3ȄƘƾŃƘƾƃ ©ƾŃ {ȡNjȄƹ ƮŖ©ƾ ‰Ǥ ǦǃŸȰǩ ŞŞǙƕȰǙȰȰ ǦȔșȨǩ ȨŞǙƕǙȰșǃ ƘŃŖ©ƮȡȄŖŖƹƾǮīNjƹ 5510 Full-time Seasonal Fulfillment Specialist - $16/hour and $500 Stay Bonus! Don’t want to sit in one place all day? Like to be active and moving in your job? Come work in our warehouse - help us fill our customer orders & prepare them for ship- ping. You’ll be working with a team that prides itself on exceeding our customer’s expectations. We are seeking a detail oriented individual to work in our fulfillment department. This posi- tion will pick products utilizing handheld scan- ners, pack orders, print shipping labels for box- es, and load trucks safely and efficiently. Qualifications: 6ility to lift up to 50lbs 6+..!...%)/$.'%((. 6+-' +* 4+0- "!!/ "+- long periods of time 6%(%/4 /+ .,!' -!  and write English 6-%+- !3, 2+-'%*# %*  warehouse preferred 6-%+- !3, 0.%*# $* - held scanners preferred Job Details: 616.00 per hour 6% 2!!'(4 6%   $+0-(0*$ Seasonal position is for October 15th through !!)!- /$ 2,+.- sibility of moving to a FT regular position. Come work for Ïnn ÓÝÓ [Ìe I £ÓÌe 5510 Full-time 5500 EMPLOYMENT a winning team! To apply go to: www.bulkreefsupply. com/careers 5510 Full-time Field Service Technicians Lube-Tech in Buffalo, MN. Must have electrical exp, working w/ volt meters, standard wiring. Company vehicle w/great benefits. 763-350-5001, michaelbur CAREER BAKING OPPORTUNITY Scratch Baker w/benefits! Highest quality products, great baking facility! Call 763-560-4947. Apply in person: 50’s Grill - 5524 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Ctr Maintenance Technician Wanted Join the team at The Glenn Minnetonka, a beautiful senior housing commu- nity! Fun, dynamic per- sonality with a passion for working with the elderly required! Job responsibilities: 83**2'+# 5 %0#2 #,#- 921 &-30 8',2',%  !0.#2 !*#,- ing, assisting with other maintenance needs 8312 #  *# 2- +-4# .31& .3** ,"-0 *'$2 - - jects weighing up to 75 pounds. 86.#0'#,!#5'2&+#!&,- ical, electrical, plumbing, appliances will be helpful. Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 • Page 21 5510 Full-time 5510 Full-time 5510 Full-time $ / 2Œn :nA˜ÓŒÏn ¨| ˜¨¨ž£ƒÝ¨£b A ·ÏnžnÏ ˜úŒnžnÏÌÓ A£e enžn£ÝA [AÏn [¨žžæ£Ýö Ó Œ¨˜e£ƒ A ŒÏ£ƒ nón£Ýz :n AÏn ˜¨¨—£ƒ |¨Ï ÝA˜n£Ýne A£e ·AÓӏ¨£AÝn ÝnAž žnžQnÏÓ Ý¨ –¨£ ݌n :nA˜ÓŒÏn |Až˜ö½ !æ˜Ý·˜n ¨··¨ÏÝ棏ݏnÓ AóA˜AQ˜nb ÓÝAÏݏ£ƒ ÏAÝnÓ Qn˜¨ôa /"Ó kß~ÙŒÏ -"Ó kä~ÙŒÏ "/Ó k¯×ÙŒÏ |n £Ï[Œžn£ÝÙ[ݏóÝnÓ k¯ÙŒÏ ÏnAÝ -Aö A£e n£n}ÝÓz $£ŽÓÝn £ÝnÏónôÓ A£e –¨Q ¨||nÏÓz :Œ¨a :nA˜ÓŒÏn ¨| ˜¨¨ž£ƒÝ¨£ :ŒAÝa ¨Q AÏ :ŒnÏna ¯üØü¯ ö£eA˜n ón 0b ˜¨¨ž£ƒÝ¨£b !" ~~äü :Œn£a !¨£eAöb $[ݨQnÏ ¯~b ¯üAžŽ~·ž .ænÓݏ¨£ÓÅ -˜nAÓn [¨£ÝA[Ý /A[Œn˜ AÝ ¤~ä½ß~½¯¤üü *#1# 1#," 0#13+# 2- 3*#22#02&2pretterath or apply online at https:// careers-greatlakesmc. maintenance- technician-glmc/job The Glenn Minnetonka  --"&'**-" Minnetonka, MN 55345      $Ϩ£¨ 0[Œ¨¨˜Ó :¨Ï— ôÝŒ —eÓ £ A£ n£ƒAƒ£ƒ I 4" n£óÏ¨£žn£Ýz 昘ŽÝžn æÓݨeA£½ !£žæž ÓÝAÏݏ£ƒ k¯×½s¤ÙŒ¨æϽ -AÏݎݏžn æÓݨeA£½ !£žæž ÓÝAÏݏ£ƒ k¯Ø½~ٌ¨æϽ -AÏݎݏžn Ý[Œn£ en½ !£žæž ÓÝAÏݏ£ƒ k¯Ø½ßsٌ¨æϽ 0nn -¨Óݏ£ƒÓ I ··˜ö ¨£˜£n AÝa ŒÝÝ·aÙÙQÝ½˜ö٨Ϩ£¨–¨QÓ źȋ 7źȂźƣśĻ (2( _ $$ _ 0 _ ) _ 9(7 _ ',6$%/(' aƾȌƘȡŖ LNjĠ 2©ƘȄȌ Ė ˜©Ʈƪƕ>ƾ >ƾȡŖȄʠƘŖʡȌ {©ȡȴȄŃ©ʨȌĹ aīȡNjĠŖȄ ǙȨȡƑ Ė ȰȔȡƑĹ Ǚʲ©ƹ ƕ žǤƹ XŖŃƘ©īNjƹ 2©īƘƮƘȡʨ Ƙƾ Ƒ©ƾƑ©ȌȌŖƾ ƕ ǙșȔʲ Q©ƪŖ ȄƘʠŖ ˜ŖȌȡ XȴƮȡƘǤƮŖ qNjȌƘȡƘNjƾȌů    ȄNj©ŃĠ©ƾŃ >ƾȌȡ©ƮƮŖȄȌ NjƹƹŖȄīƘ©Ʈ {©ƮŖȌ vŖǤ ƘȄŖīȡ {©ƮŖȌ vŖǤ ȴȌȡNjƹŖȄ {ŖȄʠƘīŖ vŖǤ              XȴȌȡ Ƒ©ʠŖ :ƘƃƑ {īƑNjNjƮ ƘǤƮNjƹ© NjȄ !ǹȴƘʠ©ƮŖƾȡ Ī Ǚʲʲǭ Ǥ©ƘŃ ȡȄ©ƘƾƘƾƃ Ī —©ƮƘŃ ȄƘʠŖȄȁȌ ƮƘīŖƾȌŖ ©ƾŃ Ȍ©ȡƘȌű©īȡNjȄʨ ŃȄƘʠƘƾƃ ȄŖīNjȄŃ ȄŖǹȴƘȄŖŃǮ Ī :Ŗ©ƮȡƑĹ Ŗƾȡ©ƮĹ —ƘȌƘNjƾĹ žʲǙN ʡȝīNjƹǤ©ƾʨ ƹ©ȡīƑĹ Ǥ©ƘŃ *J*ixk̉ixjiX<*zࠀ1QrBр021Т"BP1p2BС"rrqr`1`aB12a1RrТqr1q@ТqBpq2qaqBqb21СrR`ѱ211rqar0@qq0rpp1QrAAСBzLzLj쪂 kx xk xLB,*LYlYlL )YlJ iYlK zkYlX