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Page 20 • Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018 5000 SERVICES Excelsior • Shorewood 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 30+ Years Experience Asphalt Paving & Sealcoat Quality Work W/Warranty LSC Construction Svc, Inc 952-890-2403 / 612-363-2218 Mbr: Better Business Bureau 5110 Building & Remodeling Baths * Kitchs * Bsmts Crptry, Cer tile, walls. Lic# 4614. I Do My Own Work. 612-968-2311 Holmlund & Sons 3rd Gen Remodeling/ Additions/Deck/Kitchs/ Bath/Windows Lic # 8454 612-386-6393 Time to remodel? We Do- All Exteriors: roofs, win- dows & siding, brick, stone, concrete drives, aprons & sidewalks, gutters, decks, additions. Interiors: base- ments, kitchens & baths, add bedroom or remove a wall. We work with your insurance company to fix storm damage! Tim: 952-239-8833 “As owner, I’m always on site!” 9Driveways 9Sidewalks 9Patios 9Steps 9Floors 9Stamped 612-756-3060 30+yrs exp RWO Concrete 5190 Decks ALL-WAYS DECKS Decks, Porches - Free Est. SUMMER IS HERE! Enjoy the outdoors! Lic BC003805 Jeff 651-636-6051 Mike 763-786-5475 DECK CLEANING & STAINING 30 yrs. exp. BC637105 Professional and Prompt Guaranteed Results. 5140 Carpet, Floor & Tile ◆651-699-3504 ◆952-352-9986 SANDING-REFINISHING 952-888-9070 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing Affordable Concrete & Chimney Work Free Est. Bonded & Insured Joe 612-245-4439 (Hopkins) Concrete/Chimneys, Foundation Repair, Drain Tile, Brick Repair Christian Brothers  Construction & Concrete Minn Lic BC --  ™ Kali Concrete ™ Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors and More Free Est! 30+ yrs. exp. 612 247-2565 or Searching for a Faith Community? 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 5340 Landscaping 5380 Plumbing Excel Drywall, LLC #1 All Types Handyperson Lg or small, we do most Yrd & Home 612-545-6672 Model Landscaping Inc. 40+ Yrs Exp. Sod Delivered & Installed 20% off Dwane 763-413-1350 #1 Home Repair Lawn/Landscape Renovations Master Plumber. Semi-re- tired. Remodeler, tile, pip- ing, etc. CC accepted., Lic# 058689PM, 651-983-6300 or 612-710-7869 5390 Roofing, Siding & Gutters 5220 Electrical FRONTIER ELECTRIC Electric Service Upgrades Trenching ◆ Free Ests. Robinson Moving Comm/Resid 952-474-3201 Credit Cards Accepted Superior Electric Inc 34 yrs Resid/Com 952-239-1189 QUALITY DECKS TWO TEACHER CONST. Professionals Who Design & Build Quality. 25+ yrs BBB. Visit us for photos@ Twoteacherconstruction. com Lic #BC073200 952-472-5670 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating "#""               5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating Pavers: Patios, Walks & Drives. Retaining Walls: Boulders, Flagstone & Concrete Block. Tree & Shrub Plant- ing, Decorative Rock, Sod, Grading, Mulch & Black Dirt. Fencing. Sprinkler Systems. 25+ Yrs. Exp. FREE Estimates Licenced & Insured ##1 GUTTER CLEANING Ins, Refs, Senior Discounts 763-501-8076 Visit us at 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing 2Žo $ؑ…‘¥Aš rr Quality Residential Painting & Drywall Ceiling & Wall Textures H20 Damage-Plaster Repair Wallpaper Removal INTERIOR  EXTERIOR *A and K PAINTING* Book Summer Painting Now! Stain/Texturing. Free Est. 952-474-6258 Ins/Lic 763-441-7575 A Family trade since 1936. Gustafson Paint- ing. Call Mike for a free est. Interior/ Exterior. 612-220-6610 Yard Clean Ups & Gutter Cleaning, Sod Replacment, Lawn & Landscaping, Brush Removal 15% off new customers Mendoza 612-990-0945 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing .42< 0/9  0£[n ¯¤¤ ¨£[ÏnÝn I :AÝnϷϨ¨|£ƒb £[½ :n 0·n[A˜ún £a Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 3 Interior Rooms/$275 Wallpaper Removal. Drywall Repair. Cabinet Enameling and Staining. 30 yrs exp. Steve 763-545-0506 Major Credit Cards Accepted HAPPY YARD 5270 Gutter Cleaning AÏAƒn ˜¨[— /n·AÏ æ[—˜£ƒ :A˜˜Ó ¨æ£eAݏ¨£ /n·AÏ 0enôA˜—Ó Z ·Ï¨£Ó 0Ýn·Ó Z -Aݏ¨Ó :A˜˜ /nÓæÏ|A[£ƒ :nÝ AÓnžn£Ý /n·AÏ ¹!"§ ä¯~ßØغ Z A German Craftsman ■Paint, Plaster, Papering,■ ■30 yrs quality work, Refs,■ ■Seasonal Rates. Reliable.■ ■■ ■Int/Ext, 952-484-4867■ Allen’s Perfect Painting Ceiling & Drywall Repair BBB Member. Call anytime. Lic/Ins. Free Est. 612-388-2884 Bell Professional Painting 24 yrs serving SW, Ext Ptg. Best Prices 952-949-0444 DAVE’S Painting Int/Ext 3 Rooms $175. Paper rem. Enamel. Refs avail. 952-201-1577 ¨£ene Z £ÓæÏne دäŽs䁎ä×ؤ Z ¤~䎤䤎ßää  ! ! Lic./Ins. 612-670-3740 5380 Plumbing *A One Man Company* 30 yrs exp. Call Steve 612- CS#Ɩ22CCW7BV&W 2&BƖ22cCsS FS"CcR##`S3sFr`FV6&Fp0 p0`PBP1@0@B @  b@ @ bpB@BA@0b@P @Q0@bP@B@@`p@0@ pP@@ 0!PAс1q`B00bP`B"p` p66֖GBG&VR6W'f6P6ǒvV@vW7B&FW2&W7B6W'f6R7W&VBg&VRW7G23V'0c"s2sR'#$$ G&֖r&Vfb7GVw&Fr6&WvBG&VR6W'f6P6W&6B6V&pG&VRG&֖rb&Vf07W7FVƖrg&VRW7G2gV6W'f6R6r֖`V&W"6W2S"ӓSR37W&6R62FV"Цfg2$$"vW2Ɨ7@6W'Fn( Btb7FW S"v'&G7W&VBƖ22$3sc@S"ӃӃS`22$$dU"fV0f7B&W'2wWGFW'2wV&G22C'2r&FW2sc2SS0uUEDU"4TptDr4Tp$U55U$Rt4psc2SCbs#c07W&VB66RR6Х&R&frb&`&W'23'2W7W&VBƖ23##cW3&fW"26S"ӓ#RcS`SC#G&VR6&R`7GV&VfCf"W7FFRF&W&ƖPG&VRbG66R7&rF66VB#RRf`G&VRG&֖rG&VP&Vf7GVw&Fpc"cCBӃ3R&VfR&vPG&VW2b7GV24TRR7VW"F66V@G&VRG&֖rb&VfB6V&rgV&@v&V@&G( 2&6RUr$0E$TR`E44p$pE$TU0b5ET04TgVǒƖ6V6VBb7W&V@( vRFR&FRW"v&( Уc"#2C3SSTT@SSgVFPdd4P545DBgVFRFg&FC3Х6bЦf6R6FVBǖWFVVBbW'6F767@vFvVW&ff6RF62GWFW26VFR"FFVG'&FW"&Ц6W76rBf&WGb֗2Ц6VVW2G66rgVǒ7W&VB6c"3#0G֖2G&VRbG66pS3CG66pS3CG66pC""@#pR! ;L())9*<;`;L8(99*29<9()99*:L(:L9|:L(99**@9*:L(9<9|((<(*@;L;L;L+U89(;6)*6\95+|(*<(<+ռ*)9(*<(*<(2))96":l9<9*) 9+|96 \(8(996";6R9(*92))|;D;l96 L:l9\**8(;<(*<(2892 (*5):f\(*<(0892 (99(*<(2890AS#:l)("*)v"\(<(*<(6" *V )*<9(*<(<9288((49(**28;<(9044dTN( 2DT4$DpBWBFrW&p;L;L;L+(48\*68**589+*69РPqQbB17V&6G&7F'2W6V@ffW&r6WFPG66R6W'f6W0S3sFr`FV6&FpS3CG66pf֖ǐW&FVB'W6W70sc2C#33`S"#CSS30W6VBbff6RfW'0&V6&R&FW042S#33@3R'2W7"F62sc2ScbӃSP37W7FW"6W'f6R`&fW76FW6v6WFRG66p6W'f6W3S#SgW&GW&R&W bW7FW'vFW"fVGW&W2bfW'03V'2bWW&V6PW6G66V7&VF66УS#CfV6p'VB&FRfV6P6璠6Ɩ6"f7GW2bvB&66Rc&fV&VƖ&ƗGg&VRW7BS"ӓ3BC&VFW.( 266RvW"sc2C#CC"c"#"c36fW 7FW"VV7G&6(*<96P`PPQBaХ&Vw&WBFRFrWF267&VVbvFr&W S#VƖr`fpFV622bB6V6&6W0BGV"7W'&VG0FV62FV62FV62WrvRFV6#G'2FV6b&6W2F@W'6VfW2g&֖r@fFw2fFw2Ц7F&W"b&Vfࢢr7FƖrVƖ6W'2BfFw2wwrWvvVFV626ФƖ2##R`7W&VBS"CC"3$UDrt06'26W'f6R6vW0&B6W'f6Rbg&VRW7G2Ɩ6V6VB&FVB7W&VB3R'2WW&V6RvBB&V6ƖW"&W""wV"&RvVrg&VRW7B6WbFVƗfW'֗F6VS"ӃrC3c"C3cspwwrFFV67&VF26УS"ӓBC32vV&vPVƗFR&W"bFPsc2S3rCs366VV7G&0$U%2DPPFV67&VF2bP&VFVƖr2Ɩ4$2cC&c"#ssrw&Frb&WFrv0&G66W2F2vƷ0&VFW'>( 66Pv&BvW "F6VƗGv&6WFFfP&6W2vRFB4RE%trFRFWGW&P6BVƗGwV"ख2c"cCBswwr&gFFV66Ф6FR3s&( 26Fr6W'f6P66RSS#GW'6শVǔW67&WFR6Х&V2f7Bg&VFǒ$$ FV"WB&W6VVG2Х&WFv27FW2vƷ2G&fW2G&FR'6@f'27FVB`6&VBsc2##CSSC#G&VR6&R`7GV&VfS#G'vf"W"G'vVVG2g&VRW7B F63'2Wख2c"3"ӃVǒ( W6"7V6УS3sFr`FV6&FpS3sFr`FV6&Fp((<(9;b#!!`:L; ;f892;\+|+(<8R (*+r&(8;\98(*89*<98(*8(*<9(*<(2)|90*;F8;D9<((*<(2)r*6\(*<(2V*590**R+|))*<9"d8(6\)**8+|*;\;`:B8*8 9 *;8(*<988*<9;`9*:L+<9*L+:L:L9*@;L;L;L+8((<(9;D;l)*<+ռ*)\89<(**)v"*5+ТCB󑀠 @B4eDTdT$rEe4D$$TBe2%DrDd$B$RrET$tDe@BTdDtDr$Td$D`(*<9(*<(2 (*<98(*8;\98(*8**6VP**2*<9<:l8P*<9<:l8u4dbeEPBDd2TDEdU@(+ *p9:L99|;;E4dTRD%4UB$DDeTdPC"@Ǡ9*:L(((:L((;;;9*:L(<:G(9|9*99*G:L(*L9(((*:G0;L;L;L+89<()**)|(*5+ռ*)