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Page 2 • Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 Excelsior • Shorewood Vote CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 To learn more about the candidates, view the Sun Sailor’s voters guide at sail- Election results will be posted on election night to the Secretary of State’s results page: mnvotesinfo. results. Results will also be posted online at sailor. as soon as they are available and updated throughout the evening as they are reported. South Lake Minnetonka elections In Deephaven, the seats held by Mayor Paul A. Skrede and Councilmem- bers Darel Gustafson and Tony Jewett are up for elec- tion. Skrede and Jewett are running for reelection. Tom Burton and Melissa McNeill have also running for city council. Jim Sul- ciner, who ran in the 2016 election, is running for the mayor seat. In Excelsior, the seats held by Mayor Mark Gay- lord and Councilmembers John Beattie and Jennifer Caron are up for election. Beattie and Caron are running for reelection to the council. Krista Barnes and Dale Kurschner are also running for a council seat. Gaylord, current Council- member Todd Carlson and Andrew Punch are running for mayor. In Greenwood, the seats held by Councilmembers Worship Directory Share your weekly worship schedule or other activities with the community. Call 952-392-6875 for rates and information. (SUN SAILOR FILE PHOTO BY PAIGE KIEFFER) Deephaven voters cast their ballots during the 2016 election at Deephaven City Hall. Voting for the 2018 election will be 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 6, across the South Lake Minnetonka area. Tom Fletcher and Bob Quam are up for election. Fletcher is running for re- election and former Coun- cilmember Rob Roy will be taking Quam’s council seat in the uncontested race. In Shorewood, the seats held by Councilmembers Jennifer Labadie and Deb- bie Siakel are up for elec- tion. Labadie and Siakel are both running for reelection, along with Avi Mulhern. In Tonka Bay, the seats held by Mayor Gerry De La Vega and Councilmembers Jeff Anderson and Bill La- Belle are up for election. De La Vega and Dennis Rich- ards are running for mayor and LaBelle and Anderson /02 !!$/ 42/" 4/ b   ¯ß~ü¯ 0æ£ÓnÝ 2ÏA˜ -˜öž¨æ݌b !" ~~¯ ßف ž˜n " ¨| ߤ ¨£ -˜öž¨æ݌ /e½ ×Øߎ~ŽßØßä ôôô½[ž˜[ŽÝ˜[½¨Ïƒ Aóe ÏA£Ýb £ÝnϏž -AÓÝ¨Ï :¨Ïӌ· I 0æ£eAö 0[Œ¨¨˜ ¤aßü Až 2" / /"" "2/ /02" < / "<  / 2 ×Øߎ~Žßßüß Z :::½ ! Ž2 ½$/ Incumbent Congress- are running for reelection, along with Adam Lampar- man Erik Paulsen (R- Eden Prairie) and Dean ske, for a council seat. Phillips (DFL-Deephav- House District 33B en) are running to repre- Rep. Cindy Pugh (R- sent the 3rd Congressional Chanhassen) and Dr. Kelly District. Paulsen is seeking Morrison (DFL-Deephav- a sixth term in the U.S. en) are running for the seat. House. The district includes the cities of Chanhassen, U.S. Senate Deephaven, Excelsior, Sen. Amy Klobuchar Greenwood, Minnetonka (DFL) is running against Beach, Mound, Shore- Jim Newberger (R). Sen. wood, Spring Park and Tina Smith (DFL) and Tonka Bay. Karin Housley (R) are running in the special U.S. Representative election caused by Sen. Al for District 3 Franken’s resignation.         #     #            # !"   "!   ##    2Œn 0žA˜˜ ŒæÏ[Œ ôÝŒ A ƒ nAÏÝ         3UNDAY 3ERVICE $  # "       "       +IX E +VMT 1MRHMRK =SYV 1MRH MR 8IIR 0MXIVEXYVI 7YRHE] 2SZIQFIV  EX  TQ ([SORUH ZD\V WR GHDO ZLWK GLYRUFH EUHDNXSV ODFN RI VOHHS DQ[LHW\ GHSUHVVLRQ DQG VXEVWDQFH DEXVH ZLWK VL[ DZDUGZLQQLQJ \RXQJ DGXOW DXWKRUV   ! $!!$$     7ULQLW\ (SLVFRSDO 0AST ,IVES s $REAMS s 3OUL 4RAVEL  7IGSRH 7XVIIX )\GIPWMSV ` XVMRMX]I\GIPWMSVSVK  0OWERS "LVD #HANHASSEN Statewide races DFLer Tim Walz, with running mate Peggy Fla- nagan, and Republican Jeff Johnson, with running mate Donna Bergstrom, are the major party can- didates for governor and lieutenant governor. The major party candi- dates for attorney general are Keith Ellison (DFL) and Doug Wardlow (R). The major party can- didates for secretary of state are incumbent Steve Simon (DFL) and John Howe (R). The major party candi- dates for state auditor are Pam Myhra (R) and Julie Blaha (DFL). Hennepin County Sheriff Sheriff Rich Stanek is running for reelection against Dave Hutchinson. Hennepin County Attorney Hennepin County At- torney Mike Freeman is being challenged by Mark Haase. Three Rivers Park Commissioner District 4 John Gunyou is running uncontested for reelec- tion. Follow the Sun Sailor on Facebook at