SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 19 Excelsior • Shorewood 5000 SERVICES 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing 5030 Financial Services 30+ Years Experience Asphalt Paving & Sealcoat Quality Work W/Warranty LSC Construction Svc, Inc Over $10K in debt? Be debt free in 24-48 months. Pay a fraction of what you owe. A+ BBB rated. Call National Debt Relief 1-866-782-1127 952-890-2403 / 612-363-2218 Mbr: Better Business Bureau 5110 Building & Remodeling Baths * Kitchs * Bsmts Crptry, Cer tile, walls. Lic# 4614. I Do My Own Work. 612-968-2311 Holmlund & Sons 3rd Gen Remodeling/ Additions/Deck/Kitchs/ Bath/Windows Lic # 8454 612-386-6393 PROBLEM CREDIT REPORT? 5140 Carpet, Floor & Tile Lexington Law helps works to challenge inaccurate negative items including: iden- tity theft, collections, late payments, liens and more from your credit report. Call for a free credit repair consultation: 1-888-653-4605. John C. Heath, Attor- ney at Law, PLLC, dba Lexington Law Firm. Escobar Hardwood Floors, LLC We offer professional services for your wood floors! Installs/Repair Sand/Refinish Free Ests Ins’d Mbr: BBB Professional w/15 yrs exp. 952-292-2349 SANDING-REFINISHING Roy’s Sanding Service Since 1951 5040 Health & Wellness FREE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT QUOTES! Top providers. Excellent coverage. Call for a no obliga- tion quote to see how much you can save. Toll free: 877-886-8156 OXYGEN - Anytime! Anywhere! No tanks to refill. No deliveries. The All-New Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 pounds! FAA approved! FREE info kit: 1-844-615-6312 952-888-9070 5170 Concrete/Mason- ry/Waterproofing A Block/Cement Specialist Steps, Walks, Drives, Patio, Footings, Room Additions Tom - 763-425-4534 **A CONCRETE** PRESSURE LIFTING “THE MUDJACKERS” Don’t Replace It Raise It! Save $$$ Walks- Steps- Patios- Drives- Garage Floors- Aprons- Bsmnts- Caulking Ins/Bond 952-898-2987 LOOK for a new pet in Sun Classifieds 5060 Professional Services 5190 Decks 5220 Electrical Affordable Concrete & Chimney Work Free Est. Bonded & Insured Joe 612-245-4439 (Hopkins) DECK CLEANING & STAINING FRONTIER ELECTRIC Electric Service Upgrades Trenching ◆ Free Ests. Professional and Prompt Guaranteed Results. Credit Cards Accepted Concrete/Chimneys, Foundation Repair, Drain Tile, Brick Repair Christian Brothers  Construction & Concrete ◆651-699-3504 ◆952-352-9986 Minn Lic BC Decks 3 & 4 Season Porches Pool/Hot Tub Surrounds --  Choose a place to Worship Code #78 Deck Creations & Home Remodeling Inc LicBC 680948 612-418-3677 ™ Kali Concrete ™ Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors and More Free Est! 30+ yrs. exp. 612 247-2565 or Kelly O’Malley “As owner, I’m always on site!” 9Driveways 9Sidewalks 9Patios 9Steps 9Floors 9Stamped 612-756-3060 30+yrs exp ◆RWO Concrete Reas.-Fast Friendly BBB Tear-out -Replacements- Retain walls- Steps-Walks, Drives- Drain tile- Bsmnt floors - Stamped & Colored 763-229-4508 Tuckpointing/Brick Rpr Free Estimates. Insured Tim Arlt.... 952-937-6961 5190 Decks ALL-WAYS DECKS Decks, Porches - Free Est. SUMMER IS HERE! Enjoy the outdoors! Lic BC003805 Jeff 651-636-6051 Mike 763-786-5475 **Decks,Decks, Decks** New Image Deck 24yrs. Deck & Porches Do It Yourselves Framing and Footings. Footings - install, repair, & removal. **NOW Installing Helical Piers!, 4 Footings** Lic. 20219985 & Insured 952-442-1308 QUALITY DECKS TWO TEACHER CONST. Professionals Who Design & Build Quality. 25+ yrs BBB. Visit us for photos@ Twoteacherconstruction. com Lic #BC073200 952-472-5670 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating           "#""  !! 5090 Asphalt/Black- topping/Seal Coating     I0  2$--" " ½ /0 "2 I $!!/  -9" 0- 02 0/9" 2 "2/ !2/$ I 04//$4" " /0 $/ $9/ ~ü </0½ / 02!20 ×ØߎäsŽäää~ د L(9:G<(9(;L;L;L+ռ(95))|9*+|+|(*<(<+ռ*)8b" 8!bB#""B#R'2We$TRW7FFW0Ɩ6V6VBb7W&V@sc2CCsSsPS#SgW&GW&R&W bW7FW'fW&'&G66W26Х$U%2DPRFVG66r2C'2W6BFVƗfW&VBb7FV@3R'2WW&V6RvBB&V6ƖW"&W""wV"&RvVrg&VRW7B6WbFVƗfW'֗F6VS"ӃrC3vG66R&VfF0w&Frb&WFrv0&G66W2F2vƷ0&VFW'>( 66Pv&BvW sc2C#CC"c"#"c3f6BW2@wwr7V6Х$UDrt0vFW"fVGW&W2bfW'03V'2bWW&V6Psc2C#33`S"#CSS30q!7!A!qQ`VƗG&W6FVFFrbG'v6VƖrbvFWGW&W0#FvR7FW"&W vW"&VfDU$"2UDU$ BDr&7VW"Frr7FFWGW&rg&VRW7B࣓S"CsBc#S2Ɩ0"7&VFB6&G266WFV@f֖ǒG&FR66P3bwW7Fg6BЦr6֖Rf"g&VPW7BFW&"WFW&"c"##ccvW&7&gG6)jB7FW"W&r)j)j3'2VƗGv&&Vg2)j)j6V6&FW2&VƖ&R)j)j&7FW'Fr6)j)jBWBS"CBCc~)j23uUEDU"4TrW6G66V7&VF66f"W"G'vVVG2g&VRW7B F63'2Wख2c"3"Ӄsc2SӃsbS3c֗66VVW2S3sFr`FV6&Fp4RE%trFRFWGW&P6BVƗGwV"ख2c"cCBsS##VV7G&6sc2S3rCs366VV7G&0Ss67&WFR6Ч'vFW'&p@#󑀠 (*5 **L(*@d8(6)*)r+t(8:e)|)(*<(2))90\*:l*6T9(**2+t(8 (V;D))|92+|8**<90 9+|929(*90))9<:l8(*<(0996)*<9+t(8+,*r:L*999+2&Vg26V"F66VG0uUEDU"4TptDr4Tp$U55U$Rt4psc2SCbs#c07W&VB66RR6УS#GW'63R&W "F6VƗGv&6WFFfP&6W2vRFB**6VR*<9<:l8P;L;L;L+(48\*68**589+*69Х5DdU%pd"U $U45$D24dR6W"Ɩ6V6VB6FBFW&F&76&P&6W2BvWBC#Rf`W"f'7B&W67&F6cSBS`CB󑀠 @B4eDTdT$rEe4D$$TBe2%DrDd$B$RrET$tDe@BTdDtDr$Td$D`C"@Ǡ9*:L(((:L((;;;&c"#sspS"ӓBC32vV&vPVƗFR&W"bFP&Vw&WBFRFrWF267&VVbvFr&W S3CG66pp6fW"R! 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