SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 19 Hockey CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 Jouppi to cut Tonka’s lead to 3-2. The key play of the eve- ning was a goal by Mole- naar at 2:27 of the third period. Docter had the puck at the blue line and found Molenaar open on the left side of the net. The pass was perfect and the puck went into the net off either Molenaar’s stick or his skate. The play was reviewed for four and a half minutes before the offi cials decided it was a good goal. Late in the third pe- riod, with Minnetonka leading 4-2, Duluth East coach Mike Randolph had no choice but to pull his goalie in favor of an extra attacker, but Doct- er was ready to take ad- vantage. His long saucer pass to Koethe found the forward’s glove a few feet outside of Duluth East’s blue line. With a defender chasing, Koethe skated in on the empty net and fi n- ished the play. On the defensive side of the ledger, Glockner played one of his best games on the biggest night of the year. “Duluth East is a great team,” said Glockner. “They’re fast and physi- cal. I can’t thank my teammates enough for having my back.” One of the keys to Tonka’s victory was its penalty kill. Duluth East had three power plays Skippers CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 injury,” said Brattland. “A lot of people doubted us, but we made it work. I loved playing with Kayla and Zoe. Whenever I’d miss a shot, they were there to get the rebound, and when they were dou- ble-teamed they threw the ball back outside.” As a personal highlight, Brattland surpassed the 1,500-point mark in ca- reer scoring this winter. That is a great achieve- ment, but it doesn’t of- fi cially go in the books as a Minnetonka school record since Brattland scored some of those points at her two previous high schools, Internation- al School (seventh grade) and St. Paul Academy (eighth and ninth grades). “I had a good experi- Thursday, March 15, 2018 • Page 19 in the third period and came up empty on all of them. Glockner fi nished with 29 saves and made several spectacular stops, including a pad save that he made while lying on his side. “We take a lot of pride in our penalty kill,” said Luedtke. “From the be- ginning of season to now, we spent a lot of time on it in practice.” “We have penalty kill meetings before every game,” said Docter. “And we trust the system.” Coach Goldsworthy gave assistant coach Jack Hillen kudos for coor- dinating the penalty kill all season and added that Steve Aronson has done an excellent job of co- ordinating the Skippers’ power play. “Our penalty kill and power play carried us, al- though we also do pretty well fi ve-on-fi ve,” said Goldsworthy. The championship Minnetonka won on Sat- urday night has special meaning for Goldsworthy for several reasons, one of which is that he never won a state title when he played for Minnetonka two decades ago. “In the semifi nals my se- nior year [1990], we lost to Roseau,” said Goldswor- thy. “It has been a blessing to win this championship. I am really happy for our seniors.” Follow the Sun sports writers on Twitter at MNSunSports and on Facebook at SunSportsStaff. ence at Minnetonka,” said Brattland. “[Coach] Leah Dasovich welcomed me when I transferred. She includes everyone on the team and she really wants to win.” While the Skippers are not going to state this year, Brattland at least has the memory of going last year as a junior. It has been a good run for the Tonka seniors. Now it’s up to the new leaders to carry the pro- gram forward. There is a good crop of returnees ready to accept the challenge, including starters Blake Greer and Natalie Erhard and key reserves Hannah Fran- sen, Katie Leisen and Erin Shoemaker. Follow the Sun sports writers on Twitter at MNSunSports and on Facebook at SunSportsStaff. L EGAL N OTICES MINNESOTA SECRETARY OF STATE CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME Minnesota Statutes, 333 The filing of an assumed name does not provide a user with exclu- sive rights to that name. The filing is required for consumer protection in order to enable customers to be able to identify the true owner of a business. ASSUMED NAME: Excelsior Marina PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS: 687 Excelsior Boulevard Excelsior, MN 55331 NAMEHOLDER(S): 500NNL, LLC 261 School Avenue #4 Excelsior, MN 55331 I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document 2FPW'6v6R6vGW&R2&WV&VB"2vVBbFRW'62v6P6vGW&RvVB&R&WV&VBv2WF&VBRF6vF0F7VVB2W"&Vb"&F66FW2gW'FW"6W'FgFBfR6WFVB&WV&V@fVG2BFBFRf&FF2F7VVB2G'VRB6'&V7@B6Ɩ6RvFFRƒЦ6&R6FW"b֖W6F7FBЧWFW2VFW'7FBFB'6vpF2F7VVB7V&V7BFFPVFW2bW&W'26WBf'F6V7FcC2bB6vV@F2F7VVBVFW"FDDRdTC&6"#4tTB%6ǒ7v6V&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#"#s#`4Eb4$Ut@4TEbTU5DDRbԔU4Ddd4T$Ĕ4D␤$D4RSS@5T%T$Ĕ4D␤$D4RTDp4DU"CbDP4$UtB4E4DRU%DrDĕT"$TuTD04T5DCV6ƗV"7F&P&Ɨ6V@C"7FFR7FGWFW2FFV@C2FVfF0CBƖ6V6R&WV&V@CR676f6FbƖ6V2ЦW0CbƖ6V6RBfW7FvЧFfVW0CrƖ6V6W2V&W"`CW'62VƖv&Rf"ƒЦ6V6W0CƖ6Ff"Ɩ6V6PCƖ6V6r&6VGW&W0C&VWvƖ6F0C"G&6fW"bƖ6V6PC2&W7G&7F2Ɩ6V6PCBFW&bƖ6V6PCR&BB7W&6R&RЧV&VVG0Cb6FF2bƖ6V6PCrW'2bW&FC&&FVB7G2@6FF0C7W7V6"&Wf6ЧFbƖ6V6PC#Vf&6VV@C#fFC#"Ɩ6V6RfFBЦ֖7G&FfRVFW04T5D#&F6R&RЦ6W2VffV7FfRWV&Ɩ6FFRVFVG2FV"VF&WG&Rf&Rf"&WfWrFR6G6W&( 2ff6RFFVB'FP6&WvB6G6V6fV"Ч'V'#b#226FRFP6G6W&V&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#sSS@4EbD$TUDrD4PDtB44U$㠥V6RFRF6RFBFRFЦ&6G6V6vVWBGVW6F&6#r#FPF&6G6V66&W'0Bsf"V&rFV@FR#fVR66VGVRFFBfVW0BfW2&VFVBF6'BFW&&VBЦƖ6V6W22'BbFR&VwV&ǐ66VGVVB6G6V6VWFrƖG7&vf&@6G6W&F֖7G&F V&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#ss04EbU4T4 T$Ĕ2T$r$4TB$D4RDTBTDPbDR4E4DPU%DrDt$tP4UD$42T5U$p%TDrTtBDUD2$dPET4TDU"t$tU0FRr6֗76vBV&Ɩ2V&rGVW2ЦF&2#BsFR6V66&W'233F&@7G&VWBW6V6"&6V@&F6RFVBVFR`FR6G6FRVFrFRp&F6RW'FrFv&vR6WBЦ&62V7W&r'VFrVvBFWF2&fRGV6VFW"v&vW26bFR&6VB&F6P2f&Rf"&WfWrBFR6GbW6V6"F֖7G&FfRff6W0GW&r&VwV"'W6W72W'2&g66G6W&W6V6"֖W6FV&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#s#S4EbU4T4 T$Ĕ2T$pd"4DDU4RU$ԕ@FRF6RW''B6֗F"2FRƖ6Ff"6FЧFW6RW&֗BFW6RFRV&r7BfVRW"'F6R6V7FӒbVFR6GbW6V6"6FRb&F6W2FVWBFR&WV&VB&rf"&6VB&W7FW&B6FVBB#pvFW"7B7VFRB23BУr#23BFRr6֗76vBV&Ɩ2V&rGVW6F&2#BsFPW6V6"6G6V66&W'26FVBB33F&B7G&VWB@v6FRBvFRV&Ɩ26ЦVG2FR&6VBf&6P&WVW7G26W&6&g66G6W&W6V6"֖W6FV&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#s#s4EbU4T4 T$Ĕ2T$r$4TB$D4RDTBTDPbDR4E4DPU%DrD5U$ 5UE2tDU"5E$TU@FRr6֗76vBV&Ɩ2V&rGVW2ЦF&2#BsFR6V66&W'233F&@7G&VWBW6V6"&6V@&F6RFVBVFR`FR6G6FRVFrFRЦr&F6RW'FrF7W& 7WG2vFW"7G&VWB6bFP&6VB&F6R2f&Rf &WfWrBFR6GbW6V6"BЦ֖7G&FfRff6W2GW&r&VwV 'W6W72W'2&g66G6W&W6V6"֖W6FV&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#s#S04EbU4T4 T$Ĕ2T$rE$eB4$TT4dP#FRr6֗76vBV&Ɩ2V&rGVW2ЦF&2#BsFR6V66&W'233F&@7G&VWBW6V6"FRG&gB6Ч&VV6fR#6`FRG&gB6&VV6fR0f&Rf"&WfWrBFR6G`W6V6"F֖7G&FfRff6W0GW&r&VwV"'W6W72W'2&g66G6W&W6V6"֖W6FV&Ɨ6VBFPW6V6"6&WvB7V6 &6R#s#CV&Ɩ2F6W2VW6S)xg&VBvfW&VB)xF6W7B'W6W76W2)xVf"6WFFfR&7F6W2fBWB&WBFW6PBV6&RW"6Ww7W"'F6FRFV7&7&VBW"V&Ɩ2F6W24EbU4T4 TU4TEԔU4DEdU%D4TTBd"$E054BtDU"5E$TUBDU%4T5Dऔ$dTTE2$T5@D4R2U$T%tdTFB6VVB&G2v&R&V6VfVB'FP6GbW6V6"BFRff6RbFR6GvW"VFЦ6FRvVFW6F&6##BFRW6V6"6G6BЦVBB33F&B7G&VWBW6V6"SS33Bv&RV&Ɩ6ǐVVBB&VBB6BFRB6R'&W&W6VFFfW2bFR6GbW6V6"6B&62f"FRgW&6rb&"BFW&0f"FR67G'V7F6WFR6RbFRfvr&FPVFFW3sCĔe@&VfR7W&"BwWGFW c@5@&VfR&GV֖W2fVV@#C 5e@&VfR67&WFRvư#5R@W6fF 5R@V&V@# 5R@vw&VvFR&6R4P#pDGR5"RvV&r6W'6R֗B