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Page 16 • Thursday, July 19, 2018 Excelsior • Shorewood Excelsior CRAZY DAYS Presented by the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce THURSDAY, JULY 19TH - 22ND 10:00AM - 6:00PM Go crazy for Crazy Days July 19-22 in Excelsior (SUN SAILOR STAFF FILE PHOTO BY PAIGE KIEFFER) People shop at Cherie’s during last year’s Excelsior Crazy Days. A number of businesses in Excelsior will host sales during the festival July 19-22. The Excelsior-Lake Min- netonka Chamber of Com- merce Crazy Days event be- gins Thursday, July 19, and runs through Sunday, July 22, in downtown Excelsior. Stores will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Special sales include DB & Company’s closing sale at 310 Water St., Brightwater’s annual clearance sale in the big tent behind the store at 256 Water St., and bargains from many of the stores in downtown Excelsior. Food vendors will line Water Street 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, July 19, and ¨ É ÏAúöÊ $ónÏ $æÏ -ϏóAÝn ŒAÏÝnÏÓ A£e -æQ˜[ ÏæÓn 2¨æÏÓz Friday, July 20. Vendors in- clude Lagos’s Tacos, Free- masons cooking brats and burgers, Nautical Bowls and Med Box Grill that will sell Turkish food July 19. Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry will host a kids corner fi lled with activities and games Saturday, July 21, at Gary’s First Class Car Care, 301 Water St. The Excelsior Streetcar will run daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (SUN SAILOR STAFF FILE PHOTO BY PAIGE KIEFFER) For more information, visit excelsior-lakemin- Monica, left, and Vivian Henkemeyer play a carnival game at last year’s Excelsior Crazy Days. This year, the town festival will be July 19-22 on Water Street in Excelsior. zy-days.          >3 {—>[3{ ä $ A£ö -æQ˜[ ÏæÓnz k 4Ón [¨æ·¨£ [¨en É00äÊ $£˜£nz 020" Ž --< $4/ Ž /4" z 5XJO$JUJFT$SVJTFTDPN t           & & & #&  %#  $!!                             Œn[— ¨æÝ ¨æÏ 0enôA˜— 0A˜n I £e¨¨Ï 0·n[A˜ ȨžŸ ˜©ȡŖȄ {ȡȄŖŖȡĹ !ʦīŖƮȌƘNjȄ X[ ǃŸȰƕžȔžƕŸʲʲʲ ʡʡʡǮ©ȄȡʡNjȄƪȌŖʦīŖƮȌƘNjȄǮīNjƹ I ¨ž·A£ö -8/<  7+  1' ò ñ ö÷ñ Ý ÝŒn õ[n˜Ó¨Ï !˜˜ Ž ¨ô£Ý¨ô£ õ[n˜Ó¨Ï /nݏϏ£ƒ Ž ÏAúö 0A˜n :$.(%2$5'6 Ò :$7(56.,6 Ò :(768,76 Ò :$7(5 &$53(76 Ò 9(676 67$1' 83 3$''/( %2$5'6 Ò 5(() 6$1'$/6 Ò 78%(6 29(5  :$.(685) %2$5'6 72 &+226( )520 ßü¼ $ 02$/:  !æ[Œ AÝ ~ü¼ ¨|| 02$/ $0" ¹£e ¨| æƒæÓݺ I ¨ž·A£ö Ž £ ݌n õ[n˜Ó¨Ï !˜˜ ߯ü :AÝnÏ 0ÝÏnnÝ õ[n˜Ó¨Ïb !" ß߯ ¨˜˜¨ô æÓ ¨£ A[nQ¨¨—