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Page 16 • Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 Excelsior • Shorewood Tonka soccer defender fi nds her scoring groove Johnson nets two goals against Hopkins Royals By JOHN SHERMAN Junior Emilia Johnson of the Minnetonka High girls soccer team is one of the most respected de- fenders in the Lake Con- ference. But on Thursday, Oct. 4, at Hopkins, Johnson proved she can also score. She converted a corner kick from captain Grace Weisman and found the back of the net on a long shot from 35 yards out as the Skippers notched a 2-0 victory. Earlier in the week, the Skippers had lost a 2-0 decision to Lake Conference champion Wayzata, and thus they fi nished the Lake season 3-4-1 and in fourth place. Overall, Minnetonka en- tered this week’s Section 2AA Tournament with a 10-4-1 record. “We have two losses to Wayzata and two to Eden Prairie,” said Skip- per head coach Jeff Hop- kins. “I would have liked to have had at least a split with both of those teams. As far as the playoffs are concerned, Eden Prairie, Edina and us are in the same boat. We won and tied against Edina during the season. There’s not much difference between any of the three teams.” Chances are one of those three teams will represent Section 2AA in the State Class AA Tour- nament. Last year it was Edina, two years ago it was Minnetonka. Wayzata goes to the Section 6AA Tournament as the favorite, so at least the Skippers won’t see the Lake champs for a while. The Minnetonka-Way- zata game was interesting. “I thought we played right with Wayzata,” coach Hopkins said. “We had a couple really good chances. Our games from now on will be about fi n- ishing.” When Minnetonka played Wayzata, it was a battle between cap- tains in the midfi eld with Tonka’s Weisman play- ing Wayzata’s Ms. Soccer candidate Lily Gilbert- son to a standoff. “Grace has been re- sponsible for the other team’s top player, in the midfi eld or elsewhere,” said coach Hopkins, who was not surprised she had success against Gil- bertson, who is a taller, stronger player. One of the highlights of the match came in the fi rst half when Weisman timed a header perfectly, won the ball and landed on Gilbertson’s back. For Wayzata, the other key players in the match were goalkeeper Madi- son Lo and Eva Bruer, (SUN SAILOR STAFF PHOTO BY JOHN SHERMAN) Minnetonka soccer captain Grace Weisman (16) times a header perfectly to win the ball again 7BvF( 2Ɩǒv&W'G6GW&rvF( 0"f7F'7B"BVW"FW'67FFVƗfVV&W&r2bFR6W'2fW2g&FRVgBFvWBffVBFRv&V6VFǒfVB&6g&֖FfVBFFVfV6RFRvv7B֖ЦWFvfRvFfR6fW&V6P&V6&BbR"'WBFPG&2BFvBf FW'6FvN( 2&W7VG0F6FRFFRFWvBBvVVFvFV66BVFV&&RfrFR7V7'G2w&FW'2GvGFW"B7V7'G2Bf6V&Bf6V&67V7'G57FfbBff&VB7FFvW&W2( 2FN( 2F&240'4U$দ6W&V6֖26ХvVR6fW&V6P'VW'2ƖRWf"FR7F'@bFR&2VWBBCFW'6F7B@vRvG2f&֖ЦWG&7F֖WFvB&RRbFRff&FW2FBFW6( BfR֖ЦWFVB66Vf`&VVBR&Bf7B^( 26f'F&RVЦFW&F~( 2&R( W"6fW&V6R2&VǐvB2WfW'Rw2( Х&VVB6BgFW"&2ЧF6RBFRv667@vVV( ffRbFRFV0&R&VBrFRFFR7FFR( ХFR&涖w26rVFЦFR7BfТ5T4"5DdbD%4U$vVB'"vFFW6R'VW'2v&R֖WFv( 2&27&726VG'ƖWWf"FRR6fW&V6RVWBbVFV&&RBCFW'6F7BBvRvG2f&֖WG&7FFW&Rg&VgBg&B&s&VW6R2B֖ХF6''WVF46"BVW&&6&sfW7F6rV֖RWF&VR7&vf&BFRW6"F2R6V6B6VV( vRvW6RFR6fW"ЦV6RVWB2GVRWf FR6V7FdVWB( Ч6B&VVB( FR&w&VWBBFRPVWB&RFRGv&6W2vPW6RFvWBW'6VfW2&VGf"FR6V7F( Х&VW6RF6@VW&fP7FWVBW2֖WFЦ( 2FGv'VW'2F6v2FRFFVBFRf7F&Ɩ0VWB667BvVVvRVW&v27F BFRw&vF'FЧ6Rf6FV@fVB( &VW6RBfRvB66RFRFP6fW&V6RFV@F46"26ЦrFRF"( 6B&VЦVBBFR6fW&V6RVW@FV2&RvVB"VЧG&W2&VVB22F6VV7FVBBvFV6FPFRFW"Gv7G2( VFBvF&PFRff&FW2( 6B&VЦVB( 'WBvFW"FVbvRWBBFvWFW"vfVFFr6আVFRR6ЦfW&V6RbFRFV0fR&V6Ff FRFW"FV2vRpFRv&FBvW2FF0BFR&6RWfW'R0FFvWBFW&R( Х&VVBƖW2FR6Ч&FW&R7&726VG'FW"7'G2FW&R&Rf"ЦG6W2vFЦW'2frF&VvƖW2ख7&726VG''F6ЧG26w&GVFRRЦFW"FfGVǒ6RЧFW2vFG6W2BgFVvFVw2( Ė7&726VG'FN( 0WFF2( 6B&VVBfrFR7V7'G2w&FW'2GvGFW"B7V7'G2Bf6V&Bf6V&67V7'G57Ffb