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Sports Sun Sailor Newspapers welcomes your sports news and story ideas. Send to sports editor John Sherman at; mail to: Sun Sailor,10917 Valley View Rd., Eden Prairie MN 55344. Follow the Sun Newspapers sports editors on Twitter: @MNSunSports and on Facebook: Sun Newspapers Sports Guys, STARS Of the Week Hopkins Combo There weren’t many highlights during Hop- kins’ 45-12 prep football loss Oct. 5 at St. Thomas Academy. However, senior quarterback James Kleck- er hooked up with junior wide receiver Ty Bennett on a 49-yard touchdown pass play in the fourth quarter. Emilia Johnson The Minnetonka girls soccer defender had a big offensive night, scoring both goals in a 2-0 victory Oct. 4 at Hopkins. Dresden Pass The Minnetonka High girls volleyball team beat Wayzata 25-12, 26-24, 25- 18 Oct. 1 with Pass supply- ing 40 assists and 16 digs. Sergio Rivas Minnetonka’s clever boys soccer midfi elder and captain scored two goals in the Skippers’ 3-1 victory Oct. 4 at Hopkins. Erin Shoemaker Minnetonka’s senior girls volleyball co-captain had 15 kills in the Skippers’ 25-12, 26-24, 25-18 Oct. 2 victory over the visiting Wayzata Trojans at Min- netonka’s West Gym. Aaron Syverson Syverson scored the Minnetonka High football team’s lone touchdown on a 26-yard run in a 21-7 loss at Edina. Jadon Washington Washington scored on a 7-yard run for the Hop- kins football team Friday night, but the Royals lost to undefeated St. Thomas Academy 45-12 in a game played at St. Thomas. Grace Weisman Minnetonka senior mid- fi elder and captain Weis- man assisted on Skipper goals by Ally Dittrich and Riley Brackin in a 4-0 win over Hopkins Oct. 1. The next night against Wayza- ta, she went head-to-head with Ms. Soccer candidate Lily Gilbertson, the Tro- jans’ captain. Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 • Page 14 Rivas magic makes Tonka optimistic for playoffs Crafty midfi elder has eye on 2AA soccer honors Looking Ahead Football Weeks 7-8 This is the time of year when high school foot- ball teams have to be concerned with a quick turnaround time between games in Weeks 7 and 8. Week 7 games will be played at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 12, and Week 8 games will follow at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 17, due to the MEA (Minnesota Education Association convention. Games for Week 7 in- clude Eden Prairie at Minnetonka, Farmington at Wayzata, Maple Grove at Edina, Hopkins at For- est Lake and Armstrong at Coon Rapids. MEA week games on the 17th include Coon Rapids at Hopkins, Wayzata at Maple Grove, Chaska at Armstrong, Eden Prairie at Edina and Minnetonka at Burnsville. By JOHN SHERMAN Sergio Rivas, Min- netonka’s fourth-year var- sity midfi elder, made it look easy during a 3-1 victory over Hopkins in the Lake Conference fi nale Oct. 4 at Hopkins High Stadium. He scored two goals in the fi rst half, both on assists from Nate Vogel, but more than that Rivas created just about all of the Skippers’ scoring chances with his passing and dribbling. “Sergio is a special play- er,” said Minnetonka head coach Mike Rogers, who has watch Rivas grow from a freshman starter on a Lake Conference champi- onship team to a Mr. Soccer Award candidate. “We just wanted to get through this one,” said Rogers, whose club fi nished the regular season 10-2-4, while allowing only seven goals total. “We took the pedal off the gas a little in the second half. The only goal Hopkins scored came on a penalty kick [by Zach Caouette] after we had a handball in the box.” Hopkins defended well, but had trouble stopping Rivas. On his fi rst goal of the game, Rivas found a seam in the defense after taking a pass from Vogel. “I just had to keep my composure and get the shot,” said Rivas. On his second goal, Ri- vas took advantage of good work by two teammates on a set piece. Grant Alt- man sent a corner kick to the front of the net, which Vogel fl icked to Rivas. Hop- kins goalkeeper Jonas Swan made a good attempt on a save, but was a split second too late. After Caouette’s penalty kick cut the Skippers mar- gin to 2-1 in the 6V6@b֖WF66&V@FW"6WBV6R斶&Ʀ26VB6&W"6FFRg&BbFRWBBFP&6WGFVBFRfB`斶66V&v&vV@B7B7vf"7W"Ц6Rv&"FFRvfW Rv&240f26WV7B6ЧWFFfR&GFRvV'VЦW'2ƖRWf"FRP6fW&V6Rv&27&706VG'VWBB3CFW'6F7B@vRvG2f&vЧF2FRff&FR&6V@G27FFR&涖r'WBVFVFV&&PB֖WF&RFR֗VF6g&vF2ff&VBFvFRFfGV7&vVF27G&rV6RЧW2vF&v&6FW"7W"B&&6VFV&&P2RbFR^( 2&W7BƖW6V6Vࢅ5T4"5DdbD%4U$␥G&6F6W&v&f2bFR֖WFv&2666W"FVV2FvVFW"FR6W'>( 2f7F'fW"27BBB2v7FFVआ2FW'6F֖ЦWF7BFvFF6f"FRR6ЦfW&V6R66FVfVFW"&RWW 66&VBf"FRG&2vF#b&VrFR6V6@b֖WFFF( BvW@6BgFW"FB( vRVVFVBFf6W 66W2( 6B66&rЦW'2( vRB6BfbFP7&76&"B6WR&0FB7&76VBg&BbFPWB( ФrFFRfg2&f22熖W2F6WFPf"FR6V7F$6Ч6( v^( &Rrw&VB6G&ƖrFRvR( P6B( ėB2&BF&VBFVFBFW6( BvfRWBbv2BFN( 2W FV( Х&f26BR2w&FVgVf"FR'GVFW2P2BFR֖WF666W"&w&BW2ЧV6ǒvFVBFF氥&vW'2( 66&vW'20VVBRFWfVBǐ2W"'WB62W'6( R6B( ĆR0v2rFVP&fR( ФfrFR7V7'G2w&FW'2GvGFW"B7V7'G2Bf6V&Bf6V&67V7'G57FfbR&240FRR6fW&V6P&27&726VG'VW@BCFW'6F7BBvRvG02ƖR&6R&WGvVVVFBvFVF26fW&V6PFfGVff&FRWvFv&গG2FWFGFVBFFVfVBG2RFFRFG&2G&Wr'&G@Bw&B&6Rआ22VB'VƐVgBB֖WF( 0WG7FFrV'26V@&RFR֗