SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 13 House CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 Cindy Pugh Address: 260 Mountain View Ct., Chanhassen, MN 55317 Family: Married to Jack; two adult children, John and Megan, who are both Minnetonka graduates Education: Undergradu- ate: University of Wiscon- sin-Madison, Bachelor’s of Science; Post-Graduate: University of St. Thomas Center for Entrepreneur- ship, FASTRAC I Program Occupation: State legisla- tor currently serving House District 33B. Former busi- nesswoman with a 17-year career in management at Dayton’s including seven years as general manager of Excelsior • Shorewood its downtown St. Paul store. Years you have lived in the district: 31 years Community/Civic Or- ganization Involvement: Chanhassen Evening Rota- ry, Eagles Healing Nest and Operation Christmas Child Have You run for any oth- er offi ce in the past?: First run for elected offi ce was for the Minnesota House in 2012, was re-elected in 2014 and 2016. Contact information: cin- and 952-474-1436. What are the top issues in Minnesota District 33B and how will you address them if elected? It’s clear that families in our district are concerned about issues like rising health care costs, tax relief and education, although I would say health care is the top issue. During the last legislative session, we were able to pass important, na- tionally-recognized reforms that have helped lower costs in the individual market. Our legislation increased competition, put an end to double-digit premium in- creases and “surprise bill- ing” so families are now pro- tected from sticker-shock when they receive their bill in the mail. We must have transparency in health care Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 • Page 13 pricing and give patients, After several years of ma- not the government, control jor premium spikes, shrink- of their health care choices. ing networks and providers pulling out of the individual Where should our state market, it will be critical tax dollars be spent (infra- that Minnesota reclaim its structure, roads, transit, once “best-in-the-nation” education, health care, etc.) status in the health care while maintaining fi scal re- arena. We took good, fi rst sponsibility? steps last session toward Our state budget should more affordable health care ensure school districts have by providing premium relief the resources each needs to helping those impacted by provide kids a safe environ- major price increases. Our ment in which to receive a reforms not only helped put great education, health care an end to the double-digit programs that provide for premium increases in the in- Minnesota’s most vulner- dividual market but resulted able citizens and suffi cient in premiums that were basi- funding with a focus safe, cally fl at for 2018. As a di- well-maintained roads and rect result of our reforms, bridges to ensure people can the Commerce Department get from their “point A” to recently announced that “point B” in a time-effective premiums are projected to manner. We should contin- drop in 2019. We expanded ue taking steps to reduce the number of health care wasteful spending and fraud options in the state and within the many public pro- strengthened network ac- grams offered through the cess so people – especially in state making sure taxpayers rural areas where there are know their dollars are being fewer choices – can see the wisely spent. A top priority doctors of their choosing. of mine next session will be There is more work to be to identify and eliminate the done but I’m hopeful we’ll fraud we know exists in sev- look at what other states are eral of our publicly-funded doing, or have already done, health care and child care to create a more competi- programs. tive, free-market environ- ment in which consumers at What should the state do, all income levels (including if anything, to ensure afford- those on public assistance) able health care coverage for are offered more, affordable all? health care choices. ELECTION BRIEFS Meet candidates Excelsior at open house candidate Tuesday, Oct. 16 forums will be Candidates from an ar- Oct. 22 and 29 ray of races have been in- vited to meet with poten- tial constituents at a public open house 5-8 p.m., Tues- day, Oct. 16, at the Shore- wood Community and Event Center, 5735 Coun- try Club Rd., Shorewood. Candidates from House Districts 33A, 33B, 48A and 48B; mayoral candi- dates in Excelsior, Deep- haven and Tonka Bay; city council candidates in Deephaven, Greenwood, Tonka Bay, Shorewood and Excelsior; as well as candidates for Hennepin County Sheriff have been invited. The event is sponsored by the League of Women Voters South Tonka, Ex- celsior-Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce and Trinity Episcopal Church in Excelsior. This event is free and open to the public. For more infor- mation, contact lwvsouth- or visit The Excelsior Brewing Co. will host two town hall meetings with the candidates for Excelsior City Council at 7 p.m. Mondays, Oct. 22 and 29, at 421 Third St., Ex- celsior. Councilmembers John Beattie and Jenni- fer Caron and newcom- ers Krista Barnes, Nicki Craig, Ann Hersman, Dale Kurschner and Joan Maher are running for two council seats an Bv&RfVGW&VBBFR7B# WfVB"&v&@2'Vrf"&RVV7F@6V6V&W FFB6&6BЦG&WrV6&R6'VЦrf"FR.( 26VBFR&VWFrv&R7B#FV&&R&W@FRWfVBf6BW6V6"Ц'&Wr6FV&&P&WBFRVV7Ff6@6W6V6"W2ࢅ5T$ԕEDTBtRVW6VG2rF66RvF&VWf&BFF&VvG&n2&WGvVVvbFRG&BvF&VWf&BvW7B&VvrF7BR67W&RvF&VWf&BF&Vv7BPVW6VG0rF66RvF&VWf&B6VG&@"FF&VvG&ff2&RЧGvVVvbFRG&BvF&VWf&@vW7B&VvrF7BRFW&Rv&R66W72f 6G&ff2'WBFR&@v&R6WFVǒ66V@&FVǒ#fVWBV7@BvW7BbFRV6RƖPG&fW'72&FW"F&W6RWFƗG7&76w2Ц6FVBVFW&VFFR&@BF&V67G'V7BFP&B*FRV6RƖRG&v&VVGW&pF2v&FR6VGWV7G2FPv&FFRWF"F0F6WFRBFR&@F&VVFG&ff2g&F7B#bGVRFFRGW&PbFRv&BFRvVFЦW"FR66VGVR27V&V7@F6vRF22FR7B66VGVV@gV67W&Rf"F26PbvF&VWf&B&RЦ67G'V7FGW&rFR67W&R6v2vwVFRVRFFRFWFW"W6rvv"GVRFFRGW&R`FRv&FRvVw&bFR&VBFRWfV0bG&ff267G&VWG2&PFW6vVBf"F"fRЦ6RG&ff2vVVBFW6PFRff6FWFW"f"&RfFP&V7Bf6BVWW26VG&C"`@P`p0p@ @@@P` p00 b11`10 1b20B0P1bq1p1`a11qqb P0p0`0@r1b0P1`q1`P1b@0p1A1!1AA1a ѐЁp1 r0Bp1`P11r2B1 01bP1`aP