SUN Sailor Editions Excelsior/Shorewood - Page 12

Page 12 • Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 Excelsior • Shorewood Hungry, hungry goats eat buckthorn in Freeman Park (SUN SAILOR STAFF PHOTOS BY PAIGE KIEFFER) During the past two weeks, goats from Goat Dispatch have been munching on buckthorn at Freeman Park in Shorewood. The city brought in the goats to help control the invasive plant. Goats remove buck- thorn by eating the leaves, berries, branches and bark. Their digestive enzymes also help kill the seeds in the berries, which helps reduce regrowth. 0æ£ !neA Ó ·æQ˜ÓŒ£ƒ Ó·n[A˜ 9nÝnÏA£ÌÓ Aö ·AƒnÓ £[˜æe£ƒ A ·æ˜˜Ž¨æÝ ·¨ÓÝnÏ |¨Ï ÏnAenÏÓ ô£e¨ôÓ Ý¨ Óæ··¨ÏÝ Œ¨£¨Ï£ƒ ónÝÓ½ :n n£[¨æÏAƒn Qæӏ£nÓÓnÓ Ý¨ ÓA˜æÝn ˜¨[A˜ ónÝnÏA£Ó A£e ӌAÏn eÓ[¨æ£ÝÓ ¨Ï nón£ÝÓ ôÝŒ ¨æÏ ÏnAenÏÓ |¨Ï ݌Ó ž·¨ÏÝA£Ý Œ¨˜eAö½ -æQ˜ÓŒne 2ŒæÏÓeAöb "¨ónžQnÏ s݌ eónÏݏӏ£ƒ nAe˜£n 2ŒæÏÓeAöb "¨ónžQnÏ ¯ÓÝ  ¾®Ö攮¨ ® æ‘p ¾Ö®[ppfÚ f®¨Aæpf æ® ÚpÖþp ®[A 9pæpÖA¨Ú A¨f æ‘p”Ö A£””pÚ A˜˜ ö¨æÏ !æ˜ÝŽ!neA 0A˜nÓ /n· ݨeAöz ǃŸȰǮȨǃȰǮșŞʲʲ