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Page 10 • Thursday, May 17, 2018 Excelsior • Shorewood Honoring Veterans May Issue Discovering The Mature Lifestyle May 17, 2018 The perk vets cherish most America has fought lots of wars. We’re still fi ghting them. Consequently, we have lots of veterans. As a nation, we need to remember, honor and celebrate all these warriors who have defended our country. This includes all those veterans who never had the opportunity to be a hero. Many have served far removed from harm’s way. I have a friend who spent his entire service time playing baseball in Key West. (Good duty, if you can get it.) You and I know many others who served in safe spots here and abroad without re- ally risking their lives in actual combat. Not all veterans were ever in danger; but all vets deserve the praise and grati- tude of their countrymen. Every man and woman who ever served in our mili- tary was a hero-in-waiting and made sig- nifi cant sacrifi ces to serve our country. All gave up some e Guest of the best years s column of their lives, delayed per- - sonal and career r ... by Bob g 2'6VFV@@&6WFV6VfW2g&ЦЦg&VG2BfЦǒBf&fVFVBV7W&RbFV" W'6g&VVFf"vRF&FV7@BFVfVBFR&W7BbW2FN( 2vfWBЦW&2W&B&V6vFFN( 26vvR&W7Fr6W'FW&2W"fWFW&2f"WRfR66W72Fg&VR"&VGV6VB67@VF6BFVF6&RBfP&V6VfVBg&VRVGV6F2vV'WBFP7B'FBW&b2Bv0WFVFVBFF6RvFW6W'fRBWfVFVvBFW6( B&WV&R7V6VrЦ6F"67B6VBगN( 26VB( &W7V7B( ФW7B6fWFЧfWB&V6W6RFV'2v0VV"v"FP6FW'2vfVvBগBFF( B&WGW&PF66WF6RB2Ц6FW2FWvW&RbЧFVWBvFFW&6B66&FW76W"WFVBfWFW&0&WGW&rg&W"7W'&VB&G&7FV@fvBv7BFW'&&6F( Bv2&RЦ6VfRw&VBFVb&W7V7C&V6W6R@FW6( B6VVƖR&Vv"FFR&W7@bW2FRG'WF2FBVBvVv6W'fRv.( FWfVVRЦ"^( FFW6W'fRW"&V6F@&W7V7Bf"FR&6RFW( fRBW &VbWfVVBƒvFRЦfVBFRfVFW&vfW&VB'&VgW6pF6W'fRFR֖ƗF'FRB6V"F@R( v2v7BFRv"Bv7BFP6FW'2( ФגF7F'FVfW2( &W7V7N( 0( FfVV"6rFffW&VF&Vv&B@W7FVV( WfW'fWFW&2VFFVBF&PG&VFVBF2v6r6vR6r&W"&W7V7@f"W"fWFW&3'&V6Fr@F涖rFVf"FV"6W'f6S'Ɨ2ЧFVrFFV"7F&W2vVFWvBFFƲB&6rfbvVFWF( CB'vfrFV7W'B76R@FRFRFRFff7VBG&6Fg&Ц֖ƗF'F6fƖƖfR&W7V7B2FRW&fWG26W&67BगN( 26FRRW&FBFW6( B6Pg&FRvfW&VBB2F6Pg&V6RbW2WfW'Fv@FRF7F'B2rrBCBrB砡)(<(*6*6R998*)):l*<(9;`9(9892 9()*8R 9* )9 ;l*:l8 :l*<(8L:f *6\9<+У(8;\+v8(*5R +|8*9<9<(**4)92 )|*<*;B ;l*:`;b *4)*6R 9)v8 * ;l*:b )()v)();l+Р!ҡBR1B2бRҡaAвA"b@!RRAbбѱѐбQBPqBѳвAAҢpARqbRR *)):l*<(9;b)*<(9(92*5):fVb\(9*69<92*<98b8)98**)b89<**4),8(*6890b(8+t8R)90b8)|9<(V*9(**0b*6R:e(*8*:l8 ;F))(*<(2 (92 *:l8 9*+r +|8(*8(9;g"#"񃑂!b 8 񃑂!b 8BP pPpP`P p 0p0bP pPpQRBRrA"1ђRpA@RAARraC#"RA"1ђRpA@RAARra#"RrA1ђRpA@RAARp@qB 99998)r*<98);6\+У 9+*:l(928)v" *G:L(*L:G(9:L9*+t8)|9<(*896*<(*8)+|:l9<+ռ*)