Sun Post Easter Worship

6 Brooklyn Center Sun Post • Thursday, April 13, 2017 Area Girl Scouts donate gift baskets to Children’s Hospital patients BY GINA PURCELL SUN POST NEWSPAPERS Thirteen third-grade girls are making a difference April 14, for 20 children at Children’s Hospital in Min- neapolis, as part of a Girls Scouts community service project. The 7- to 7-year-old Brownies from Troop 17231, based in New Hope, packed baskets April 10 with color- ing books, bubbles, stuffed animals, crayons and toys. The baskets and contents were purchased using mon- ey from this year’s cookie sales. According to Chantel Jul- lie, the troop’s co-leader, the girls are very excited about the project. “We hear a lot about youth being self-involved,” she said. “If you give them the vehicle to be able to do things like this, they’re go- ing to take it and run. It does start at a young age. You can make a differ- ence when you’re 9. (If you plant) that inside of them it will continue to grow.” Jullie said this is the troop’s fi rst big project. “We’re hoping to expand this idea of the baskets,” she said. The troop project was inspired by 14-year-old Al- anna Worrall, of Brooklyn Park, who started Feel Bet- ter Baskets when she was just 6 years old. When Worrall visited Troop 17231, she did more than inspire the girls to give back to the community. She gave them permission to pursue her project. “It was nice of her to do that,” Jullie said. Worrall spent time in the hospital at a young age re- covering from a surgery. “She thought it would be diffi cult to be in the hospital on a holiday alone,” Jullie recalls Worrall saying. The fi rst four baskets Worrall donated to Gil- lette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul were paid for with her own money. Then, she began accepting donations and four baskets quickly turned into 100 baskets. “Kids helping other kids is great,” Jullie said. To learn more about Worrall’s Feel Better Bas- kets, visit feelbetterbaskets. Contact Gina Purcell at Alanna Worrall, of Brooklyn Park, visits Girl Scouts Troop 17231, based in New Hope, to talk about her Feel Better Baskets initiative. (Submitted photo) Easter Worship +RO\ 7KXUVGD\ $SULO  0DVV  30 Ϩ¨—eA˜n ¨ón£A£Ý ŒæÏ[Œ *RRG )ULGD\ $SULO  6WDWLRQV RI WKH &URVV  30 *RRG )ULGD\ /LWXUJ\  30 +RO\ 6DWXUGD\ $SULO  9LJLO 0DVV  30 ƒŒôAö ¯üü I Ϩ¨—˜ö£ ˜óe½ Z ¹×Øߺ ~ß~ŽØßü~ (DVWHU 6XQGD\ $SULO  0DVVHV    $0 ·Ï˜ ¯ v ¨¨e ϏeAö 0nÏó[n ×aüü·ž 6W 9LQFHQW GH 3DXO &DWKROLF &KXUFK   UG $YH 1 ‡ %URRNO\Q 3DUN 01 VDLQWYGSRUJ ‡  ôôô½QϨ¨—eA˜n[¨ón£A£Ý½¨Ïƒ Z Q[[O·[˜£—½[¨ž ·Ï˜ ¯Ø v AÓÝnÏ ÏnA—|AÓÝ Qnƒ£££ƒ AÝ ¤aüüAž /nÓæÏÏn[ݏ¨£ n˜nQÏAݏ¨£ ¯üaßüAž he! 3!el l3OD6 3qe3 Îŋ¾Ħ }!hl eO} {!Kq! eO6KhD!­ HK ËËÎijij ¹ º !Aæ£eö 2ŒæÏÓeAöb ·Ï˜ ¯ß :¨Ïӌ· ¯äaüü I ×aüü ·½ž½ ¨¨e ϏeAöb ·Ï˜ ¯ :¨Ïӌ· ×aüü ·½ž½ AÓÝnÏ 0æ£eAöb ·Ï˜ ¯Ø :¨Ïӌ· saßü I ¯üaßü A½ž½ n˜˜¨ôӌ· AÝ ¤aßü A½ž½ ߤüü :££nݗA ón£æn "½b "nô ¨·n ×Øߎ~~Ž¯Ø× ôôô½Œ¨˜ö£AݏóÝö½£nÝ -AÓݨÏÓ AÓ¨£ :AŒ˜ÓÝϨž I ӌ˜nö 4·enƒÏA||Ž A˜¨ô / !/ 9"  42/" 4/  I -/0 $$ Ž!00$4/ 0<"$ ĦħĮÛËĮĦÛÎËħü }}}Ċh3eHKĊOe0 ¨˜ö 2ŒæÏÓeAöb ·Ï˜ ¯ß Z saüü Až Z ×aüü ·ž          #  #                #     !"     #  !¨Ï££ƒ -ÏAönÏ !AÓÓ ¨| ݌n ¨ÏeÌÓ 0æ··nÏ e¨ÏAݏ¨£ AÝ ÝŒn ˜ÝAÏ ¨| /n·¨Ón ¨˜˜¨ô£ƒ !AÓÓ æ£Ý˜ !e£ƒŒÝ ¨¨e ϏeAöb ·Ï˜ ¯ Z Z Z Z saüü Až ¯äaüü ·ž ßaüü ·ž ×aüü ·ž !¨Ï££ƒ -ÏAönÏ 0ÝAݏ¨£Ó ¨| ݌n ϨÓÓ 0¨˜nž£ Ýæσö 0nÏó[n ¨| Aϗ£nÓÓ \Áőƅõ¤Á ĜØ ~őăĔÁŗŗ ĸ`ÁĔÁ˜ő~ÁĹ ĵőõą Īá ťð ô ŝ°ƖƖ ĵč ~ŗťÁő \ųĔ´~Ƌ± ĵőõą Īş ťð ô Ė°ƖƖ ~č pĜőŗðõĵ \ÁőčĜĔ° ŋ pā®¨f £Aąp£p¨æÑ eÓ AÓÝnÏ ƒƒ æ£Ý ¯üaßü Až áŰƖĪ ZÁäÁĔť ƅÁĔųÁ Aļ À…î ¨f I ÿā µććÁ ŝşũôÞũũôŰÞşá ¨˜ö 0AÝæÏeAöb ·Ï˜ ¯~      #        #  Z saüü Až Z saßü Až Z saüü ·ž           AÓÝnÏ 0æ£eAöb ·Ï˜ ¯Ø         !          !¨Ï££ƒ -ÏAönÏ ˜nÓӏ£ƒ ¨| AÓÝnÏ ¨¨e 0¨˜nž£ 9ƒ˜ ¨| AÓÝnÏ Z saüü Až !AÓÓ Z ¯üaüü Až 0¨˜nž£ £ƒ˜ÓŒ !AÓÓ Z ¯¯a~ Až !AÓÓ £ Aݏ£b ¯¤Øä !ÓÓA˜ &(/(%5$7( ´($67(5µ :,7+ )5,(1'6  !&5!1 8'4 1' '% & $-1 *.1-+ 6!1 4. & "'!& 4.  6# . 6 '(& '4- ''-. 1' '4- -!&. '4- %!$8 & '4- '%%4&!18)      !. & 7!1!& & -!&$8 ($)  6-% 6$'% &  $'5!& .%!$ 6!$$ -1 8'4 1  %'%&1 8'4 6$# 1 -'4 1  ''-.) & &'6 6 - !& *16'+ $'1!'&.                   ,$ ) ,# ! . ,#" *&+0 *# - #) $   ++ , / -  %   o^gbg` FZll h_ ma^ Ehk]l Lnii^k Zm 0if  :]hkZmbhg _heehpbg` FZll ngmbe **if :IKBE *- @HH= ?KB=:R