Sun Post BrooklynCtr-RCA-2018 - Page 7 Thursday, January 25, 2018 – Readers’ Choice Award Winners List 2018 Quality • Service • Detail • Care • Attention • Leader • Unrivaled • Finest • Outstanding Readers’ Choice Award winners are selected during a six-week voting period by print and online readers Other Shopping/Services Continued Kennel/Boarding Facility Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Lawyer/Attorney Swaray Law Offices - 470637 Limo/Car Service Uber Pet Grooming Bark & Bathe Pet Store Petco Photographer Memory Lane Studio - Kruse Place To Work UPS Shoe Repair Nokomis Shoe Shop Tattoo Parlor Hired Guns Tattoo Studio Thrift Store Arc’s Value Village Toy/Hobby Store Hub Hobby Center Veterinary Clinic Compassionate Care Animal Hospital REAL ESTATE UIBOL ZPV GPS WPUJOH UBK TBMPO  TQB Retirement Community Copperfield Hill Senior Apartments Maranatha-Presbyterian Homes RECREATION Bicycle Shop Maple Grove Cycling Dance Studio Just For Kix - Kayla Hanson Driving Range Edinburgh USA Golf Course Centerbrook Golf Course ä~¼ ¨|| äü¼ ¨|| B OFX TFSWJDF FOUJSF CPVUJRVF QVSDIBTF nõ[˜æe£ƒ ŒAÏ nõÝn£Ó¨£b ˜Aӌ nõÝn£Ó¨£Ó A£e núA££n ÝÏnAݞn£ÝÓ $$SFBEFSTDIPJDF t FYQJSFT  $$SFBEFSTDIPJDF t FYQJSFT  A££¨Ý Qn [¨žQ£ne ôÝŒ A£ö ¨ÝŒnÏ ¨||nÏÓ ¨Ï eÓ[¨æ£ÝÓ I £¨Ý óA˜e ¨£ nõÓݏ£ƒ A··¨£Ýžn£ÝÓ½ ¤× 0[ŒÏnQnÏ 2nÏÏA[nb Ϩ¨—˜ö£ -Aϗb !" ôö دü I ?A£n  t UBKTBMPOTQBDPN Gymnastics Brooklyn Center Community Center Indoor Waterpark Maple Grove Community Center Martial Arts USA Karate Outdoor Waterpark Maple Grove Community Center Place For Children’s Party Brunswick Zone XL Place To Bowl Brunswick Zone XL    Assisted Living Maranatha-Presbyterian Homes Place To Gamble Running Aces Memory Care Ecumen Prairie Lodge Recr