Sun Patriot 2016 Holiday Memories

THURSDAY December 22, 2016 1C Holiday MEMORIES Children share thoughts on the season Welcome to the Waconia Patriot’s Holiday Memories section, which is always a favorite section of readers. Each year, we ask third and fourth grade students in Waconia to write a holidaythemed essay or draw a holiday-themed picture. Third-graders draw their favorite holiday scene, while the fourth-graders write about one of the following topics: “Why the holidays are special,” A special holiday memory,” “A special holiday gift you have given,” “A holiday tradition unique to your family,” or “The best holiday you remember.” This year, Patriot staff voting resulted in the work of two students being selected as the first place essay – Shay Compaan of Southview – and first place drawing – Annie Stroschein from Bayview. Thank you to all who participated and a warm holiday greeting from the staff at the Patriot. 1ST WHY CHRISTMAS IS SPECIAL PLACE I didn’t like church when I was younger. I kept dreading it, but I never told my parents. Once, I found that something was actually grabbing my interest. Sitting there, I learned the true meaning of Christmas. Learning that Jesus was born around December 25, and that he was God’s son, I thought 1ST none of that was real. But when I talked to my parPLACE ents, they said it was true. Now, thinking back to how church dissatisfied me, knowing the true meaning of Christmas made church more enjoyable. Name: Annie Stroschein // Teacher: Mr. Janzen // School: Bayview Shay Compaan Southview THE BEST HOLIDAY YOU REMEMBER Every year our family tradition is that we get to open two presents the day before Christmas. The day of Christmas we go to three different places. 1. We stay home and open present till like 10:00. Then we go straight to my grandma and grandpa for our secret 2ND Santa’s and presents from them. Then we go PLACE to my other grandma house on a lake. We stay and open up presents there and stay overnight. OKAY, what’s your story? 2ND PLACE Drew Puchner Bayview Name: Lainey Nelson // Teacher: Ms. Berkbigler // School: Southview outthvie iew "Ažna nÏϏ£ƒÝ¨£ $˜Ó¨£ 0[Œ¨¨˜a A—nݨô£ ˜nžn£ÝAÏö 2nA[ŒnÏa !ÏÓ½ 0—nϏ— "Ažna ˜˜A !nƒnÏ 2nA[ŒnÏa !ÏÓ½ :Aƒn£nÏ 0[Œ¨¨˜a 2Ϗ£Ýö æ݌nÏA£ "Ažna Aõn£ ¨˜ž˜æ£e 2nA[ŒnÏa !ÏÓ½ Aô[nÝÝ 0[Œ¨¨˜a Aöónô !nÏÏö ŒÏÓݞAÓz !</ ¹¤~äº Ø~׎ä~üü /00 "