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F ocus Mounds View • New Brighton Boys Baseball Irondale junior pitcher Dylan Ir- ving logged 7.2 innings in the 13-in- ning marathon between the Knights and Totino-Grace Eagles. See page 8 $ 1 Friday, May 26, 2017 • • Vol. 27, No. 22 News Update Ramsey County ceremony honors police offi cers lost in line of duty End of watch BY SAM LENHART SUN FOCUS NEWSPAPERS The Capitol Turkey Think what you may of Minnesota lawmakers. There’s actually only one bona fi de turkey at the Capitol. A real wild turkey. To page 9 Sex traffi cking charges Two Wayzata residents face multiple felony charges for racketeer- ing, sex traffi cking and prostitution for alleg- edly running a nation- wide commercial sex business from a Lake Minnetonka home. To page 7 Rice Street community meeting Ramsey County is hosting a community meeting to discuss the Rice Street transporta- tion safety study, an op- portunity for residents to share their input regard- ing Rice Street. To page 3 Ramsey County’s fall- en offi cers were honored during a law enforcement memorial ceremony on May 18. This years memorial service, hosted by the New Brighton Department of Public Safety, took place in recognition of Nation- al Peace Offi cers Week. According to the Na- tional Police Week web- site, Police Week began in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proc- lamation designating May 15 as Peace Offi cers Me- morial Day and the week surrounding that date as Police Week. The 6th Annual Subur- ban Ramsey County Law Enforcement Memorial Day Ceremony, held at Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton, honored members of law enforce- ment agencies throughout Offi cers from throughout Ramsey County presented wreaths to honor the fallen police offi cers during the Suburban Ramsey County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony on May 18. (Sun Focus photo by Sam Lenhart) suburban Ramsey Coun- ty, who have lost their lives in the line of duty. According to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Offi ce, nine offi cers sacri- fi ced their lives while pa- trolling the community. Members of the re- spected agencies read the names of each of the nine fallen Ramsey County Mounds View schools presents facilities development proposal offi cers as fellow police- men presented memorial wreaths honoring those lost. “Peace Offi cer Memo- rial Day honors those peace offi cers who, to their courageous deeds, have lost their lives or have a become a staple for performance of duty,” said Tony Paetznick, New Brighton’s director of public safety. “Let today’s ceremony commemorate law enforcement offi cers, past and present, who by their faithful and loyal devotion to their respon- sibilities have rendered a dedicated service to their communities and in so doing have established OFFICERS - PAGE 6 Development proposal to allow for a bond referendum this Election Day BY SARAH BURGHARDT SUN FOCUS NEWSPAPERS With rising enrollment and aging facilities, the Mounds View School Dis- trict is proactively tackling these issues to address fu- ture changes and needs. Mounds View adminis- tration presented a facili- ties development proposal to the school board at the May 16 meeting. The presentation follows a six month-long project by a community facilities task force, a group made up of district staff and com- munity members. The task force completed research and presented their fi - nal recommendations in March. The board then instructed administration to further develop these ideas into a development proposal to outline plans, a timeline and associated costs. Supt. Chris Lennox presented the information to the school board. The district’s priorities To limit the costs and tax impact on residents, administration prioritized all of the task force’s fi nd- ings as either “priority one, two or three.” Lennox identifi ed priority one and two as immediate needs. One item of high prior- ity is adding capacity to all schools across the district, specifi cally in additional classrooms and more caf- eteria and kitchen space. Resident enrollment growth has been growing rapidly over the past few years and is expected to grow at every level across the district, with about 1,600 additional students expected in the next seven years. This growth is not solely attributed to Rice Creek Commons and North Oaks, but rather across all homes in the en- FACILITIES - PAGE 3 Mounds View Public Works Building construction is full steam ahead ‘National Public Works Week - May 21-27’ BY SARAH BURGHARDT SUN FOCUS NEWSPAPERS The Great Big Wheel One of the tallest traveling giant Ferris wheels in North Ameri- ca is coming to the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. To page 7 Public Notices Read the latest pub- lic notices from the Mounds View and New Brighton areas. To page 11 Sun Focus 33 Second St. N.E. Osseo, MN 55369 763-425-3323 A long overdue construc- tion project, according to many city staff and repre- sentatives, is the renova- tion of the old public works building at 2466 Bronson Drive. Offi cially breaking ground in early April, the project is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2018. Public Works Director Brian Erickson summarized the department’s building needs in three words: “Not enough space.” A public works facil- ity space needs study de- termined that the building needed more space for ve- hicle storage and mechanic and administrative spaces. “It was very diffi cult to move through the build- ing,” Erickson said. “When all the vehicles were in, we had no room for staff to get around easily. For ex- ample, if there was a sewer backup on a weekend, our guys would have to move at a minimum four vehicles to get our sewer truck out. Equipment was often parked in three or four ve- hicles deep and a drive-in/ drive-out was not possible with the existing layout. “For my guys to get out there as fast as they can, it makes it a ƗGFRFff7V@vVFWfRFfPfW"FW"G'V62( W&6Ч66BआR6BFW"&r&VЧ6FBF2&VfFv2VVFVBv2FR'VBЦ~( 2&ƗGF7F&RpG'V62vFFRw2BЧF6VBFRvFW"pG'V62vVBfRF&PfVBWFF'2FGF6FRg&BVFVBw0&V6W6RFW&Rv2@VVv76RFR'VBЦrF66Ɨ6FRF6( vFW"Wrf6ХFRVG2fWrV&Ɩ2v&2f6ƗGBV&W"b76RƖ֗FF2Bv2gFVFn7V@FWWfW"WVVBBfV6W2WBbFR'VFr26RvVB&R&VBF&VR"fW fV6W2FVW7V&֗GFVBF򐦗GvRv&R&RFVWW&666BFRƖfRWfW"FR7BV'2fPFRw26FRFR'VBV7F7f"FRWr'VBvGFV&vvW"'WBFW&R0rBFRwW26r2#V'2'WBRF2FW"WVVB2vGFVFVWvF&RƖvBFW2FBBv7BvW"6W"B&RVff6V@BW726rBƗGFP( 'BbB2FBrvRW6RFV( W"Ц&R6fVǒ( W&666BFVv6WG'V65ХT$Ĕ2t$2tR