Sun Current Worship Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 • Page 5 LETTER TO THE EDITOR Standing for the anthem the least we can do To the editor: The Nov. 2 opinion writ- ten by Mike Hanks was disappointing, but unsur- prising, and the agenda that he and so many en- dorse sets a poor example for our youth. We live in a culture in which nothing is sacred anymore. He re- cites arguments that have been repeated and hashed out on a daily basis by the press. He questions why we arbitrarily sing the an- them at public events: We don’t sing it at a robotics Bonelli CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 18-year-old will mind too much driving an extra fi ve miles to purchase a pack of cigarettes in any city that hasn’t raised the age. If the law isn’t unani- mous across all cities, it’s not going to do much good. Kids will still fi nd a way to smoke if they are already addicted. Passing laws against the consumer seems arbitrary. A con- sumer who enjoys smok- ing will continue to smoke and purchase cigarettes, no matter how far they have to championship or a little league game for example. I’d argue that maybe we should. Why is the em- phasis today on tearing down the public displays of respect for our nation? I don’t think he or oth- ers who endorse his train of thought have spent enough time refl ecting upon what the fl ag rep- resents. Has it occurred to him the sacrifi ces our ancestors made for their country during WWI and II? During Revolutionary War? I would suspect that Mr. Hanks has relatives who fought for the lib- eration of the world from fascism in WWII. Does he ever consider that if it wasn’t for our troops in the ‘40s defeating Hit- ler that we all might be speaking German and liv- ing under oppression? I’m pretty sure that he has no clue how his life would be different today without the bravery and sacrifi ce of those who have fought and served in our United States armed forces. There is a certain degree of arrogance that goes along with one’s refusal to show respect for our coun- try by at least standing and singing our national anthem. Our country is not perfect, and injustices need to be acknowledged and rectifi ed. The singing of the anthem is not the time to demonstrate one’s personal grievances with their country nor to pro- mote one’s political agen- da. There are plenty of other venues to voice and register one’s complaints, this is neither the time nor place for it. Mike Hanks has it backwards; the question should be: Why shouldn’t we all stand for the anthem (and sing)? It’s the least we can do to show our appreciation and respect that seems to be lacking today. go to get them. The last thing I want to see is a teenager get addict- ed to cigarettes. It’s a waste of money, cigarettes make you feel bad and they smell awful (you can’t hide the smell of a cigarette if you tried, because I sure did). I played on my high school soccer team and smoked a pack a day. I think I would have been a much better player had I not been a smoker. I’m glad the government wants to be proactive in addressing the issues of teen smokers. I hope no high-schoolers pick up this habit. However, I think we have missed the source of the problem by passing laws against consumers. We’ve tried outpricing cigarettes, putting labels describing the horrible things it can do to your body, put out public ser- vice announcements with graphic images and done every type of study relat- ing to cigarettes imagin- able. People still smoke, and I can imagine, those who are affected by the new laws still smoke. It’s not a problem with the consumer – it’s a problem with the manufacturer. Last year in Minnesota according to a report by the Star Tribune, tobacco lobbyists spent more than $486,000 to infl uence poli- tics and government in Minneapolis. Tobacco in- dustries know they have a product with the capabil- ity of obtaining lifetime customers. I’d imagine I’ve wasted more than $2,000 on cigarettes during the 10 years I’ve been smoking. Raising the age require- ment on a product with those kind of capabilities seems more like a band aid than a solution. Cigarettes will still be addictive. To- bacco industries will still make money off of con- sumers addicted to their products. And I will still be trying to quit smoking. $40 $ -/</ 42/" 4/  Worship Directory 2¨ £¨ô ŒÏÓÝz 2¨ !A—n ŒÏÓÝ £¨ô£z 0æ£eAö :¨Ïӌ· ¤aßü ! /næn˜ ˜ÝnÏ£Aݏón :¨Ïӌ· ¯¯ ! 0æ£eAö 0[Œ¨¨˜ ¤aßü I ¯¯ ! eæ[Aݏ¨£ -ϨƒÏAžž£ƒb :ne£nÓeAö £ƒŒÝÓ n£–Až£ 0A£e£b 0n£¨Ï -AÓÝ¨Ï ôôô½Œ¨·˜[½¨Ïƒ ×Øä~ Œ[Aƒ¨ ón½ 0½b /[Œ}n˜e دäŽsØ؎s×¯ Share your weekly worship schedule or other activities with the community. 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