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Current eden prairie Thursday, May 25, 2017 $ 1 Vol. 47, No. 22 Money for SWLRT Senior night Public notices A federal bill will provide $10 million for the SouthWest Light Rail Green Line extension. Page 2 Eden Prairie High School’s baseball team beat Eagan 3-2 on Senior Night, which took place May 22. Page 9 Check out the latest public notices from Eden Prairie area governments and agencies. Page 15 Driver arrested for allegedly pointing gun at other motorist Traffi c altercation in Eden Prairie leads to possible felonious assault charges BY SEAN MINER SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS A 34-year-old Brooklyn Park man is being held under probable cause of what may be a felonious weapons charge for an altercation that occurred this past weekend on Highway 212 in Eden Prairie, according to Eden Prairie police. The incident was detailed in a report from the identity-protected fi ling party, reporting on behalf of three occupants in the same ve- hicle. Shortly after 10 p.m. May 21, the vic- tims were traveling westbound on Highway 62 and attempted to merge onto Highway 212, according to the report. The victim stated that another vehicle, de- scribed as a tan BMW, would not make room for them to merge. Eventually, the victims’ vehicle was allowed to merge, whereupon the BMW sped in front of them, then slowed down, according to the report. At some point in the altercation, the driver of the BMW reportedly displayed an offensive hand gesture, which one of the victims recip- rocated, said the report. The report notes that the driver of the victims’ vehicle then wished to separate themselves from the driver of the BMW, speeding up in the left lane to overtake the BMW in the right lane. Someone in the victim’s vehicle reported that, as the victims’ vehicle drew alongside the BMW, they saw the driver “intentionally and methodically point a hand gun in [their] direction,” notes the report. This caused the victims to fear for their safety, whereupon they sped up to disengage from the BMW, they said. As they did so, they saw the BMW exit Highway 212 onto Prairie Center Drive, according to the report. Eden Prairie police were notifi ed, and given the license plate of the BMW. Offi cers locat- ed the suspect’s vehicle traveling southbound on Flying Cloud Drive, south of Prairie Center Drive. Offi cers performed a high-risk stop, a ma- neuver that typically involves multiple squad cars stopping a vehicle and ordering the driv- er to exit at gunpoint. The driver was placed in handcuffs. According to the Eden Prairie police report, the driver said that he didn’t have a weapon on him. However, offi cers found a Bersa Thunder .380 handgun under the driver’s seat of the car, which contained seven rounds in the chamber. He was arrested under probable cause for second-degree assault, a felony that would car- ry a maximum penalty of seven years in jail or a fi ne of $14,000, should the Hennepin Coun- ty Attorney’s Offi ce elect to press charges. The driver is being held at Hennepin County Jail, awaiting possible charges. Contact Sean Miner at Sun Current 10917 Valley View Rd. Eden Prairie, MN 55344 952-829-0797 $= HH EJ C =H H Helicopter crashes in Eden Prairie, injuring two At 3:23 p.m. May 22, a helicopter crashed at Flying Cloud Airport, according to an Eden Prairie Police Department Facebook post. Both occupants of the helicopter escaped the crash with minor injuries, according to the post. Police offi cers, along with Eden Prairie Fire Department, reportedly responded to the crash. (Photo by Eden Prairie Police Department via Twitter) ARTS ON THE MOVE Main Street School of Performing Arts in fi nal prep for EP move BY SEAN MINER SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS With the school year coming to a close, faculty members at Hopkins’ Main Street School of Performing Arts are eying the fi nal phase of its move to Eden Prairie this summer. The 77,500-square-foot facility, which at one point housed Eagle Ridge Academy, is located at 7255 Flying Cloud Drive. According to Robert Thompson, director of out- reach and development, the need- ed renovations are coming along swimmingly. “The space that we are renovat- ing is, I would say, about 85 percent done,” said Thompson. “They are fi nishing fl oors and baseboards and all kinds of stuff now. We’re wrap- ping up the school year here. We have graduation on [June] 1st, then we pack boxes and leave this build- ing on June 23rd, and there we are in Eden Prairie, happily ever after.” Space was the main concern mo- tivating the move, said Thompson. For the arts-focused public charter school, room to grow and create is especially important, and the new facility will be roughly double the space of the Hopkins building. “For probably as long as we’ve been in the building, we’ve been hoping for a space that really hon- ored the work that students do here every day,” said Thompson. “We’ve turned our lemons into lemonade, Renovation at the former Eagle Ridge Academy, soon to house Main Street School of Performing Arts, is near completion. (Submitted photo) here in this building, but to have a space that really has dance studios, music studios, a recording space, practice rooms and a large perfor- mance space is just going to really open the door for these students to engage in their art and grow as artists.” The additional space will al- low for a larger student body, though Thompson pointed out that the school board had placed a hard limit of 500 students on the school. PIM - TO PAGE 2 Local man among six dead from Carfentanil BY SEAN MINER SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS Six more people have died in Hennepin County from carfen- tanil-related overdoses, accord- ing to Hennepin County medical examiner reports fi led May 19 and 22. 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