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Current Bloomington $ 1 Thursday, May 25, 2017 Vol. 47, No. 22 Carjacking arrests State champion Public notices Two people were arrested following a report of a carjacking incident at a Bloomington restaurant. Page 3 Kennedy High’s badminton team has its fi rst state champion in senior Chousang Nhasang. Page 9 Read the latest public notices and hearing announcements from the city and school district. Page 12 Failor departing as chamber of commerce president BY MIKE HANKS SUN CURRENT NEWSPAPERS Bloomington’s busi- ness community is get- ting a new leader, as the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce president is departing at the end of the month. Maureen Scallen Failor has led the chamber for nine years and is depart- ing next week. She’s not leaving the chamber for a new job, but noted that she plans to pursue a new opportunity. With her departure, the chamber will be without a leader for a few months, but the process of replac- ing her will begin im- mediately, according to Jonathan Weinhagen, the president and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, of which Bloomington is an affi liate. The Bloomington Chamber’s executive Maureen Scallen Failor committee will convene to review the job descrip- tion and fi ne tune it as necessary before a search committee initiates the process of fi nding Failor’s replacement, Weinhagen explained. He anticipates the pro- cess will take three to four months. In the interim, the staffs of the Bloomington and regional chambers will oversee the program- ming and advocacy work on behalf of Blooming- ton. “We’re confi dent we’ll be able to do that without skipping a beat,” Weinha- gen said. The Bloomington Chamber has an extensive board of directors, which includes leaders from sev- eral facets of the com- munity. The Bloomington City Council is represent- ed by Councilmember Tim Busse, who said Failor has been a good friend, great advocate of the business community and an asset to the chamber. “She’s truly going to be missed,” he said. Bonnie Carlson, the president and CEO of the Bloomington Conven- tion and Visitors Bureau, also serves on the cham- ber’s board of directors. She worked with Failor years earlier when Failor worked on behalf of Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association. “I’m disappointed she’s moving on,” Carlson said. “She made a signifi cant contribution.” Carlson credited Failor with helping revive the presence of Bloomington’s chamber through her lead- ership. “I think it will be a big loss for the Bloomington members. She was very engaged,” according to Carlson. There are benefi ts to Bloomington’s chamber being an affi liate of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Failor’s passion for the city’s business commu- nity served Bloomington well, Carlson explained. “We hope that will con- tinue with the next leader,” he said. Bloomington Mayor Gene Winstead likewise knows Failor from her days with Meet Minne- apolis. Under her leader- ship, the Bloomington Chamber’s interaction and communication with city offi cials has increased signifi cantly, he said. He praised her efforts to con- nect the business commu- nity and city government. “It’s very good for the business community, but it’s also good for the citi- zens of Bloomington,” he added. Winstead was surprised when he heard Failor was leaving and hadn’t had a chance to talk with her as of Monday afternoon. He expressed concern about changes her departure could mean for the rela- tionship between city offi - cials and the Bloomington Chamber’s leadership. “I hope her leaving the chamber after her great performance isn’t the re- sult of differences with Minneapolis,” he said. The regional chamber serves as an umbrella or- ganization, which includes Bloomington and the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. The affi liates maintain their own board and initia- tives to serve their commu- nities. Information about the Bloomington Cham- ber is available online at Contact Mike Hanks at A century of education At left, Bloomington Public Schools Supt. Les Fujitake presents class of 1937 graduate Evelyn Melum with fl owers in recognition of her being the oldest living graduate attending the district’s 100th birthday celebration May 19. Melum, who lives at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington, the site of the fi rst school building of Bloomington Consolidated District No. 142. She also worked as a teacher in the school district, working for more than 25 years as a special education teacher at the former Lincoln High School, and she traveled throughout the district to teach homebound students prior to her Lincoln duties. Lower left, the Blooming- ton Historical Society brought a variety of school district artifacts to the banquet, including school yearbooks and a variety of homecoming buttons. Lower right, a cake commemorates the district’s 100 years, beginning in 1917. For additional photos, see page 2. (Sun Current staff photos by Mike Hanks) The Sun Current will soon be arriving in your mailbox Readers urged to sign up now The Bloomington Sun Current will be mov- ing to U.S. Mail delivery this summer. Readers are urged to sign up now to continue to receive the newspaper each week. The Sun Current will be undergoing a major Sun Current 10917 Valley View Rd. 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