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Current Jaguars win The Jefferson girls tennis team defeated Kennedy. Page 18 BLOOMINGTON Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 City property tax increase proposed at 4.87 percent By MIKE HANKS If nothing changes in the months to come, Bloomington will need approximately $2.7 mil- lion to conduct its busi- ness in 2018. During its Sept. 11 meet- ing, the Bloomington City Council approved the pre- liminary budget and tax levy for 2018, with the fi nal approval coming in December. The proposed property tax levy calls for an increase of 4.87 per- cent next year. That fi gure may be reduced between now and Dec. 18, but the council cannot increase it. The proposed increase is a reduction from the city’s starting point when the council began its 2018 budget planning late last year. The fi rst budget estimate carried a prop- erty tax increase of 9.12 percent, and the city has whittled that fi gure down through the fi rst nine months of the year. The latest reductions – along with a few line-item additions – during the past several weeks reduced A celebration of Bloomington Above, eighth-grader Katie Murnan, left, and junior Danielle Stoeklen lead the Bloomington Jefferson High School marching band toward the conclusion of the 2017 Heritage Days parade down 102nd Street. The Sept. 16 parade was the opening event of the city’s annual celebration. Right, AJ Haines of Champlin strikes a Super- man pose during a BMX bike freestyle show at Heritage Days. For additional photos see pages 2-3, 13. (SUN CURRENT STAFF PHOTOS BY MIKE HANKS) A˜˜ 4Ó 2¨eAöz ¤~äŽ×ؤŽ×¤sØ ôôô½ž£Ó£¨ôQ˜¨ô£ƒ½[¨ž £|¨Ož£Ó£¨ôQ˜¨ô£ƒ½[¨ž Price $1.00 Volume 47, No. 39 Index Opinion-Page 4 Arts-Page 6 Calendar-Page 9 Public Safety-Page 12 Sports-Page 18 Classifieds-Page 24 ϏónôAö 0£¨ô ˜¨ô£ƒ -˜A£Ó AÓ ˜¨ô AÓ kßüüÙÓnAÓ¨£ Sun Newspapers | 10917 Valley View Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 @suncurrent PUBLIC NOTICES: See page 22 the 2018 budget plan an additional $500,000, ac- cording to Lori Economy- Scholler, the city’s chief fi nancial offi cer. The majority of the proposed 2018 levy of $58.6 million would sup- port the city’s proposed general fund budget of $72.5 million. The city receives revenue from sev- eral sources in addition to its tax levy. It is projected that hotel and motel ad- missions taxes will gener- ate $8.8 million next year, while business licensing will generate $2 million, building permits and fees will generate $3.2 million and transfers from other funds will provide $3.4 million in general fund revenue. The city’s tax levy is div- vied several ways. Of the proposed $58.6 million levy, $49.4 is earmarked for the general fund. Of the remaining $9 pro- posed, $4.2 million is for debt service and $2.5 mil- lion is for the recreation facilities fund. Residential taxpay- ers see their city taxes increase or decrease in relation to the property values of other home- owners in the city. For homeowners, the city’s fi - nancial overview is near- ing the high water mark of 2007. A median-value home in Bloomington is $247,900, an increase of 9.1 percent over last year, Economy-Scholler said. Last year’s median-value See City , PAGE 10