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2 Edina Sun Current Worship Directory Share your weekly worship schedule or other activities with the community. Call 952-392-6875 for rates and information. $40 $ -/</ 42/" 4/  2¨ £¨ô ŒÏÓÝz 2¨ !A—n ŒÏÓÝ £¨ô£z 0æ£eAö :¨Ïӌ· ¤aßü ! /næn˜ ˜ÝnÏ£Aݏón :¨Ïӌ· ¯¯ ! 0æ£eAö 0[Œ¨¨˜ ¤aßü I ¯¯ ! eæ[Aݏ¨£ -ϨƒÏAžž£ƒb :ne£nÓeAö £ƒŒÝÓ n£–Až£ 0A£e£b 0n£¨Ï -AÓÝ¨Ï ôôô½Œ¨·˜[½¨Ïƒ ×Øä~ Œ[Aƒ¨ ón½ 0½b /[Œ}n˜e دäŽsØ؎s×¯ • Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 John Hoffacker, new music director for the Edina Chorale, conducts at a charity event last year at the Church of Epiphany in Plymouth. (Submitted photo) Chorale CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Middle School Audito- rium in Edina. This fall/ holiday concert, “Grati- tude and Hope,” will offer both spiritual and secular music, including some fa- miliar holiday songs. Hoffacker has writ- ten music arrangements for a German Christmas carol and a new arrange- ment for “Deck the Halls,” which is one of the few songs that celebrates New Year’s, he said. He said his goal is to enable singers of the Edina Chorale to cre- ate beauty of the human condition with a variety of original styles. The mid-winter con- cert is the Pops! Concert on Feb. 2-3, 2018, at the Church of St. Patrick at the Mahon Center in Edi- na. “The Pops! Concert is our most attended con- cert,” said Shea Johnson, Edina Chorale’s market- ing director. “We play a lot of familiar pop songs in a cabaret style with wine, appetizers, desserts and coffee.” The third concert is Col- laboration with Twin Cit- ies Gospel Choir with mu- sic inspired by spirituals and gospel music on May 11-12, 2018, at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church at Lake Calhoun Event Center in Minneapolis. “We have sung at com- munity events such as the Fourth of July Parade, Lunds, the Southdale Mall and the opening of Whole Foods in Edina,” said Etling. “It’s very special to be a part of this choir. The group sometimes goes on tour. We sang in Italy at the Basicilla at St. Peters last summer, in Austria in 2009 and in Mexico City in 1992.” The Edina Chorale meets 7-9:30 p.m. Tuesday nights September to June, at Edina High School’s new choir room. Hoffack- er said his job is to make Tuesday the best night of the week every week. The choir has a few openings for tenors and basses, and Johnson said tryouts are in the spring and fall and is open to anyone with musical tal- ent. For more information about the chorale and the concert schedule, visit edi- -/0 " 2 -/ 0æ£eAöb 0n·ÝnžQnÏ ä AÝ ¯üaüüAž A[— Qö ·¨·æ˜AÏ enžA£e b ¨˜ö žžA£æn˜ æ݌nÏA£ ŒæÏ[Œ ô˜˜ Œ¨˜e ¨æÏ ô¨Ïӌ· ÓnÏó[n AÝ A—¨ÝA -¨£e !Óӏ¨£ -Aϗ ü¯ AÓÝ ¯üÝŒ 0ÝÏnnÝ ˜¨¨ž£ƒÝ¨£b !" -Aϗ£ƒ Ó AóA˜AQ˜n £ ¨æÏ [ŒæÏ[Œ ·Aϗ£ƒ ˜¨Ýb ˜¨[AÝne £nõÝ e¨¨Ï½ 2Œn ÓnÏó[n ô˜˜ Qn Œn˜e ÏA£ ¨Ï ӌ£n æ£enÏ A ˜Aσn Ýn£Ý½ Ïnn ˜æ£[Œ ô˜˜ |¨˜˜¨ô žžneAÝn˜ö A|ÝnÏ ÝŒn ÓnÏó -˜nAÓn –¨£ æÓ |¨Ï ݌Ó Ïn˜Aõneb –¨ö|æ˜ ¨æÝe¨¨ÏÓ ÓnÏó[nz ôôô½Œ¨˜önžžA£æn˜½¨Ïƒ            5 $ ( ) 12 -RLQ XV IRU WKLV WLPHO\ PHVVDJH VHULHV .,&.2)) (9(17 6XQGD\ 2FWREHU   DP            Edina Sun Current moving to mail delivery Readers urged to sign up now The Edina Sun Cur- rent will be moving to U.S. Mail delivery Oct. 5. Readers are urged to sign up now to continue to re- ceive the newspaper each week. The Sun Current will be undergoing a major trans- formation, to become a requested periodical through the United States Postal Service. This means readers will get guaran- teed, on-time delivery di- rect in their mailbox each and every week at no cost to them. In order to qualify for this highly prestigious mailing class, the Sun Current needs most of its readership to respond by returning a signed request- er form, which is printed elsewhere in this edition. The information on the forms will be kept strictly confi dential and used only for the purpose of updat- ing our database, and will never be shared with third parties. Signing up is simple. There are several easy op- tions: • Look to the ad in this week’s Edina Sun Current for full information and for an address form. Sim- ply fi ll out the information on the form, cut it out, and mail it back to the ad- dress listed. • Readers can also just take a picture of the com- pleted form and email it to us at servicecenter@ecm- • You can also sign up online at http://current. current-edina-edition/ That’s it! Don’t forget to sign and date the form or email as these are require- ments of the U.S. Postal Service. After you submit a single request you won’t have to do so again for three years when the re- quest expires. It will only take a min- ute to sign-up and it’s easy. All readers are urged to sign up now to help expe- dite the transition process. The Sun Current dis- tribution offi ce can be reached at 763-712-3544. 0Aó¨ÏöÌÓ AÏen£Ób £[½ 0 $020 v $æÏ 0·n[A˜Ýöz / $02 U QRIHD :2 k~ü -4/ 0