Sun Current 2020 Local Business Today - Page 7 Local Business Today • Thursday, March 26, 2020 Page 7 Visit Jes Naturals in Excelsior for CBD Wellness Education If you’re experiencing stress, muscle aches, sleep- lessness, inflammation and more, consider trying can- nabidiol (CBD) products for relief. Over-the-counter or prescription drugs don’t al- ways help people feel better and often have undesirable side effects. A natural prod- uct like CBD, that works with your own body’s endo- cannabinoid system, might make all the difference. It is recommended that you discuss the approach with your physician, if you are currently on any prescrip- tion drugs. CBD naturally occurs in the hemp plant, which is not the marijuana plant. The CBD products that are sold at Jes Naturals are ei- ther full spectrum or broad spectrum.The full spectrum products contain all of the naturally occurring and po- tentially beneficial cannabi- noids, terpenes, and flavo- noids from the hemp plant that provide an “entourage effect” that many believe is a much improved result as compared to a CBD iso- late product. The broad spectrum products include all of those positive ingre- dients without the THC. CBD doesn’t make you feel intoxicated but many CBD users report feeling soothed, relaxed, relieved and even, back to normal. said Gilk. “Since then, we have heard many stories from our guests who have been having great results with our carefully-selected brands.” The Gilk family believes that premium CBD prod- ucts can improve lives and they continue to hear testi- monials from guests at Jes Just ask Patty Gilk, a reg- Naturals. istered nurse, who turned Buy CBD from a to CBD products to get re- trusted source to ensure lief from menopause symp- it works for you! toms, including anxiety. It Gilk is a patient advocate was so effective that she who always looks out for became passionate about the well-being of each per- CBD, did extensive re- son. She has extensively re- search and opened Jes Nat- searched and been trained urals, a CBD boutique on the corner of Water Street by key vendors on the var- and George Street in Excel- ious CBD products. Patty sior. Jes Naturals is a local shares her research with family owned and operated the store’s guests and pro- business and is located in vides them with resourc- the historic building that es to educate themselves, once was a Texaco gas sta- including consulting your physician if on any pre- tion. scription medication. “With the help of my hus- Jes Naturals is filled band, Mark, and kids, John, with CBD products like oils Emily and Sam, Jes Natu- (tinctures), soft-gels, top- rals opened last summer.” icals, gummies and even chocolate. You will also find CBD products for your fam- ily pets. Sure, you can buy them online, but be care- ful that the products come from a reputable source. 370 Water Street Excelsior “It’s so important that you buy high quality CBD prod- ucts from companies that have the proper experience.” said Gilk. “I vetted over 30 CBD brands and selected only the most safe and ef- fective products that our guests can use with confi- dence.” The products are tested by third-party labs to as- sure purity and concentra- tions of cannabinoids. and to hear success stories Another advantage of from her guests. shopping at Jes Naturals “One day, a man walked is that you can get all your in with a baby in his arms questions answered and be and tears in his eyes and empowered to try different thanked me for helping his products, track their effec- wife,” she said. “It was such tiveness and develop a reg- an emotional moment and imen that is uniquely yours. I realized that this shop is You can also purchase prod- exactly where I belong.” ucts at “Using CBD products to Hours: relieve stress or pain is a trial and error process be- Monday through Friday: cause you might need a lit- 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. tle bit and somebody else Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. may need more,” said Gilk. Sunday: 12 to 4 p.m. “We recommend starting low and going slow. More is 370 Water Street, not always better; you have Excelsior to discover what works for 952-913-6973 you.” Order online anytime at Gilk says it is fulfilling to educate local chiroprac- or call us for curbside tors, host private and public CBD 101 events at the store, pickup or delivery!