Sun Current 2020 Local Business Today - Page 4 Page 4 Local Business Today • Thursday, March 26, 2020 Rockvam Boat Yards Boat Club offers hassle-free boat ownership If you’ve dreamed of living the life of a boat owner but don’t want to buy one, then you’ll be interested in Rock- vam Boat Yards Boat Club. It works like a resort timeshare and gives you the lifestyle without the hassles of owner- ship. Rockvam Boat Yards is a full-service marina on the south shore of Lake Min- netonka. It’s a family-owned company in Spring Park and was voted 2017 National Ma- rina of the Year by the nation- al magazine, Marina Dock Age. “Our Boat Club gives mem- bers flexibility in their journey to the Lake Minnesota boat- ing lifestyle,” said Roxanne Rockvam. “We have members that are new to boating and others who’ve downsized but still want to get out on the wa- ter.” The biggest selling point for belonging to the Boat Club is that owners can be confident that the boats they get are me- ticulously maintained at the on-site repair shop. “This helps with the clean- ing and cosmetics of the boat and that’s critical if damage occurs to the boat,” said Rock- vam. “We are able to get ‘out of commission’ boats quickly back into service. Rockvam Boat Yard under- stands that Boat Club owners may have “oops” moments so there are contingency plans to take a boat out of service and have another one ready and waiting for use. Rockvam Boat Yards has been a family affair since 1961 You’d be hard-pressed to find marina owners as com- mitted to boating enjoyment and the stewardship of Lake Minnetonka than Jerry and Joyce Rockvam. They’ve been serving the boating commu- nity around that lake for 58 seasons. If you stop by today, you’ll likely meet their daughter, Roxanne, too. Jerry Rockvam grew up working for his family’s resort that was on Lake Minneton- ka, and when he was 18, he started his own dock business. That same year, he married Joyce and the rest, they say, is history. The marina was started as a small repair shop, but the entrepreneurial Rockvams adapted and changed their business to meet the needs of boat owners over the years such that now it is a full-ser- vice marina offering the fol- lowing services: • Dockage • Dry stack • Winter storage • Pontoon rentals • Ship’s store 952-471-9515 Box 335, 4068 Sunset Drive Spring Park, MN 55384 • Gas dock • Repairs and service • Boat club The Boat Club is the latest addition to the Rockvam Boat Yards experience. “It’s nice to be a 59-year-old business and find the way to add an entirely new service for our customers,” said Rock- vam. “We’re always looking for ways to enhance people’s use and enjoyment of boating on the lake.” Jerry has a deep commit- ment to Spring Park, which is located on Lake Minnetonka. For 37 years, and currently, he is mayor of the town of nearly 1,800 residents. When he stepped down from those duties, he initiated the Min- nesota Clean Marina program in 2008. With the aid of nearly 20 marinas and local govern- ment agencies, 365 best management practices and a certification program for ma- rinas were developed. In 2012, Rockvam Boat Yards was one of the first marinas to be certi- fied. The distinct Rockvam Boat Club advantages One big Rockvam Boat Club advantage is that it operates by a strict member- ship ratio so Rockvam will not split memberships. “Our boat club membership ratio is very important to our success,” said Rockvam. “We allow the member and their spouse as a courtesy on our membership contracts and the result is that they have better access to boats when they want them.” The Rockvam Boat Club membership rate is low so you don’t have to find some- one to split the costs with. Splitting memberships di- lute them. “It seems harmless but two members become four, and they each can add two adult children and their spouses, “ said Rockvam, “And what was originally two member- ships quickly becomes eight to 12 members on a contract.” Another Rockvam Boat Club advantage is that members enjoy two reserva- tions on the books up to two weeks ahead, and boats are available two weeks ahead on a rolling basis. Also, you can choose how to use your reservations, so your favorite boats may be available on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, spontane- ous “day of” opportunities don’t affect your reserva- tions on the books. For more information about the Rockvam Boat Yards Boat Club, call 952- 471-9515 or check out http:// w w w. r o c k v a m b o a t y a r d s. com/rockvam-boat-club-faqs Rockvam Boat Yards is hiring! Visit for more information.