Sun Current 2020 Local Business Today - Page 11 Local Business Today • Thursday, March 26, 2020 Page 11 Heritage of Edina - Affordable elegance in senior living Heritage of Edina has begun its “60th” year in the business of caring for seniors. Wayne Field, founder of the company, recognized a need and started building facilities. The first was Heritage Nursing Home, also called Heritage Health Care, which was the first nursing home in Edina and is still running as an Assisted Living building. It was made of cement blocks covered with bricks and the interior was completed with state of the art rooms with private baths and fixtures. Wayne started putting European antiques, such as the Chapel Cloisonné Chandelier, paintings, and furniture to create an elegant atmosphere. It was a nursing home for 39 years when we changed it to an all Assisted living Community and calling it the “Tiffany” in 1999. The building had been added to four times with the last addition being a large entrance, five suites with a private dining room, bathing room and other amenities. Again construction was cement block covered with bricks identical to the ones on the original building so it all looks the same as if it was done at the same time. From 1960 to 1973, Wayne built twenty-one nursing homes in eight states across the USA. The only Retirement Homes he built are here in Edina, namely the Manor, Rembrandt, and Roybet. When Wayne started building here in Edina he had to create a road (Heritage Drive) because it was all open land. The closest buildings was the Southdale Mall and the Southdale Medical Building. Highway 62 Crosstown was just being built then also. In 1966 he built the Manor which was the first Senior Apartments in Edina. This building is solid poured cement, built like a fortress. It was an Award Winning design for the Architect, and is as solid today as the day it was built. Wayne had an underground walkway built between the Manor and the nursing home. In 1967 the Rembrandt was built, making it the second Apartment for Seniors, consisting of cement blocks, covered with bricks. It again was very solid and fireproof. Also, the underground walkway was extended from the Manor to Rembrandt. It is a larger building than the first two, with a large lobby/living room filled with antiques. Wayne named it after Rembrandt, the Dutch painter, whose work he admired and purchased. In 1973 the Roybet was built with another totally different design. Wayne purchased the pillars from the Federal Land Bank in St. Paul when it was Heritage of Edina 3434 Heritage Drive • Edina, MN 55435 952-920-9145 torn down and put them on the front of the building. This gave Roybet an elegant look and he found Roybet paintings (a French painter) and antiques, such as doors from Lord Byrons home in England and a large cabinet that had belonged to Sarah Bernhardt in France. This building is also of the best construction, with spancrete walls, floors and ceilings covering the outside with white bricks. We had a bad fire in one of the apartments one year and it never came out of there. The Fire Chief said it probably would have snuffed itself out, if it was put out by the maintenance guys. In 1985 Heritage initiated the first Elder Care Program for Seniors with memory problems and needing extra care. We used one floor in the Manor and one floor in the Rembrandt. This program kept expanding so that in 1999 we delicensed the nursing home and started the first Assisted Living in all of the buildings. This made Heritage the largest Assisted Living Community in Minnesota, and totally private pay. In 2000, Heritage of Edina began working with Hennepin County to help seniors who have depleted their assets. Through this partnership they have been able to provide many individuals with a beautiful place to live and the needed medical care. Now in 2020, Heritage is still the leader in value and quality care and still adhering to “Reverence For Life”, which Wayne wrote in 1965: We believe: That our Residents are the reason for our existence. That tender loving care today means Better health and happiness tomorrow: That our guiding principle is - REVERENCE FOR LIFE That by service to our fellow man we will Justify the confidence placed in us. It is our mission to provide meaningful work, social, and recreational opportunities for young adults with autism who proudly live and work onsite. Erik’s Ranch is near Wayne Field, February 1965 Livingston, Montana where In 2014 the Roybet became a home for autistic young some of the young adults live adults, called Erik’s Ranch and work. Guests can rent the and Retreat. Erik’s Retreat main house, or some smaller provides safe living, working, social, and recreational homes nearby anytime of the environments. We use guiding year. Even in bad weather you principles of lifelong learning, individual community building can ride horses in their indoor through volunteerism. Erik’s arena or swim in the covered is committed to giving these pool. In the summer you can individuals a rewarding life on their own terms, experiencing go on trail rides up into the dignity, compassion and the mountains. In the winter, joy of continuing possibility. At guests are close to the Big Erik’s Retreats people from all over the world, and sometimes Sky Ski area, where you can right next door, stay in our downhill or cross country ski. one-of-a-kind boutique style guest accommodations for It is in Big Sky Country, which business and personal travel. is breathtaking.