Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 9

Parents around the world both love and dread summer. We love the idyllic image of walking along the beach, splashing in the community pool, or visiting amusement parks as a family. Often times, the reality is quite different. When our children have difficulties with disruption to their routines, sensory issues, or physical limitations, it can sometimes feel like our family will never have a memorable summer. MSNN has some ideas.

Stand by for new takes on old ideas for Summer Fun!

If you have a traditional school schedule, the summer lasts for roughly 90 days. There is no right or wrong answer regarding ESY, maintaining a full therapy schedule during the summer - OR - taking the entire summer off to let your kid (and you) have a break. It's all dependent upon what your child needs right at this moment, and what you can handle mentally, physically, and even financially during this summer.

While it can be challenging to take a child with sensory issues to the beach, we may have a work-around for you.

Interested in going to an amusement park, but are concerned about the impact that trip may have on your physically disabled child or spouse? Boy, do we have something fun to share with you!

If the idea of taking a field trip, even for the day, is emotionally exhausting, check out our temporary and inexpensive "backyard transformation" ideas.

Childhood summers are all too fleeting. No matter what options you pick, no matter your family's circumstance, let's make Summer 2014 one filled with happiness, growth, and togetherness.


Summer fun in the sun

Not just "filling the days," but making memories that fill a lifetime.