Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 5

Preparing Your Child For Extended School Year

ESY is typically 3-4 hours for four days a week during the summer. Besides helping our kiddos work on goal maintenance, it is also a nice way to continue some of those structured routines that we usually follow during the school year.

With all of this said, please turn the page for a customizable social story template to help your kiddo have a better understanding of ESY.

Extended School Year, or ESY, is an extended amount of school days written into some students' IEPs.

Will My Child Benefit?

Certain students benefit and do best with these extra days of instruction to help maintain their skills during the summer break. Unfortunately, it has been shown that some of our kiddos with disabilities show major regression in their skills when they are not in school for the entire summer.

Parents should weigh the benefits of ESY carefully and consider whether transition and adjustment issues, planned family vacations, or other factors might make ESY a negative experience for their child.