Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 34

New House


So what happens during

that transition from seeing

the old house get packed up and settling into a new house? For some it could be an exciting time: new area, new room, and new surroundings. Some people often see it as a clean slate on decorating and friends, and an opportunity to explore. But for those of us with special needs family members, all of that "new" can create confusion and dysregulation. It is hard when you break your normal routines and structure, and see the things that give you comfort packed up.

Moving into a new house is no different. Our kids have gotten to the point where sometimes the four corners of a room or the way the light was set up to accommodate sensory issues is a norm for them. So when they move into a new house, that comfortable space is gone.

With PCS Season comes the chaos of pack out, the hotel living, being in limbo, trying to find a good school district and then a house. For most of us, if we are lucky, we only do this every 3 years. Sadly, it takes its toll on our families, especially those with special needs.