Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 33

grocery store is to restock up on safe food and snacks. Know the location of the nearest emergency room from your hotel. My favorite app is EMNet findER. This app is free and will enable you to use your GPS to pull up all ERs nearby. It gives you directions and distances from your current location. There is also 911 access while you are on the app.

Pack List. Pack allergy-safe food to carry with you. Never assume that there will be safe food along the way. Make sure that you have contacted your allergist or PCM to make sure your emergency action plan is updated, and you have enough medications for the duration of your travels.

Air Travel. Before you travel on an airplane, call the airline to find out what their food allergy polices are. At this time, here are no set standards for food allergy management on airlines. Each airline is different. Find out if they will ban the allergen from the flight or create a buffer zone between your seat and those allowed to eat the allergen.

Keep your meds separate while going through security, and let them know you have epi pens. I have never had an issue with this. When you get to the gate ask to be let on early so that you can talk to the air line attendant that will be traveling with you. This will give you time to wipe down the seat and arm rest. Seat covers are sold online that will fit air line seats if you do not want to deal with wiping them down.

I sincerely hope that this will help ease travels families with food allergies. Remember to keep your cell phone charged, epi pens with you, and take lots of pictures!

-Samantha Seagreaves,

MSNN Staff Writer

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