Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 30

PCSing With A

Medically Fragile Child

PSCing with a medically fragile, technology-dependent child comes with some unique challenges. We have made four moves with our 13-year-old son, Nathan. Nathan has a rare chromosome disorder and is medically fragile. He relies on technological support to meet his daily needs. Here are some helpful tips that we have learned through trial and error:

Prior to the move, it is very important to get your regional Tricare Case Manager involved in the transition to the new region. Typically our Case Manager contacts the new region and gives a history on our son and what his needs are. We also use this time to get as much information from the new Case Manager, such as DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and nursing company information prior to our move. This allows us to coordinate care with the new companies, and figure out what to do with Nathan's