Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 27

Food & Drink

Your packers work hard. If you've ever

done a DITY, or moved from apartment to apartment by yourself, you know what the job entails. It sucks. We're asking them to protect our precious items. Being hospitable goes a long way towards soothing ruffled feathers. Whatever you're comfortable offering is up to you: coffee and donuts in the morning, sandwiches & chips at lunch, and plenty of ice cold water throughout the day - they will appreciate the offer. And, leftovers can be wrapped up and offered to the packers on the next day.


spouse, or friend, understands the packout plan. You will likely have one or two areas marked "off limits" to hold your hand carry items and purse. Make sure the area is clearly marked. We recommend a room with a closed, lockable door. Simply tape a "Not for Packing" sign to the door and lock the area. Your spouse/helper will be able to assist you in "making rounds" and keeping an eye on the entire process - especially if you have little ones who will need your attention the entire day. That second set of eyeballs will ensure your wishes and wants are carried out as much as possible.

Clean as You Go

As cupboards, closets and corners are

emptied out and shuffled into a maze of

boxes, clean. Don't wait until the last box is loaded - because likely, your vacuum and cleaning supplies will be packed up, too! Clean what you can as soon as you have access to it. Remember - you've got your spouse/helper to lend a hand there, too. Wipe out the linen closets with a cleaning wipe and clean the floor, and then shut the door. This is a good way to check for items that the packers may have missed.



Parts Box

For the love of God, don't forget to have

the packers leave you a Parts Box for the

movers. They will likely not have their own box, so you need one from the packers. This will be for couch and loveseat legs, pull knobs to furniture, nuts & bolts. And, if you don't have one, you will kick yourself at the other end of this family fun time.

Travel Receipts

Now's a good time to talk about

organizing the receipts you'll be turning

in for your travel claim. We bring a large manila envelope with us on every move just for these items, and keep it in the glove box for easy access. After every toll, meal, fill-up, or hotel check-out, the recipts get put in the envelope. No more digging through my purse or diaper bag, or losing important receipts due to "filing" them in pants pockets! Make sure to do this for each car in your moving party. Prior to turning in those precious receipts, make a copy of them. Again, preparing for worst case scenarios will always be less of a pain than not having prepared!

Get the Kids Involved

As much as possible get the kids excited

about the move by involving them in the

planning process. From tracing the drive route, to planning scenic stops, get some input. or take their interests into consideration. Make some memories of the good variety on this trip.



The packers won't know your displeasure

unless you voice it. If you'd prefer the

boxes have an additional strip of tape, speak up. If the way they're handling your china is making you nervous, say something. And if you say it nicely, and they don't comply; say it more forcefully. If they still don't comply? Call your point of contact at the Personal Property Office, or branch equivalent. Or, have the packers call their supervisor, and speak to that indvidual. Remember, these are your belongings. They're going to have a rough journey, too. Do all that you can, on your end, to ensure their care and safety. It's not being a "b-word," it's taking care of yours. That's YOUR job during this move.