Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 26


Lest you



It's all going so quickly, isn't it? The time you never thought would get here is here, and you're scrambling to make sure nothing is forgotten. You've done all you can do at this point. Get ready for your next Grand Adventure!

ou've already organized

your drawers, and kept "like

with like" by utilizng large storage bags; you've separated your important paperwork and medical records; high-value jewelry; and irreplaceable, precious photographs and items. You've got your travel route and sight-seeing stops planned out with military precision. You're feeling as good as you can about how this move is going to go. But, before you breathe that sigh of relief, here's one final checklist:


Get Backup

Ideally your spouse will be

available to help with the

physical packout of your household goods. If the military is moving you (and you are not doing a DITY), you're about to have 4-5 strangers in your house. Most packers are hardworking, honest employees. But a few bad apples have certainly spoiled their reputation. Make sure you have another adult to help you supervise the packers. Prior to the packers arriving, make sure your