Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 25

Travel Receipts

Now's a good time to talk about

organizing the receipts you'll be turning

in for your travel claim. We bring a large manila envelope with us on every move just for these items, and keep it in the glove box for easy access. After every toll, meal, fill-up, or hotel check-out, the recipts get put in the envelope. No more digging through my purse or diaper bag, or losing important receipts due to "filing" them in pants pockets! Make sure to do this for each car in your moving party. Prior to turning in those precious receipts, make a copy of them. Again, preparing for worst case scenarios will always be less of a pain than not having prepared!

Get the Kids Involved

As much as possible get the kids excited

about the move by involving them in the

planning process. From tracing the drive route, to planning scenic stops, get some input. or take their interests into consideration. Make some memories of the good variety on this trip.

Social stories are wonderful and easy to create, once you know the format.

A word to the wise? Never use stock photos to illustrate your stories. Our children tend to be very literal and will believe that the stock photo school is their new school, or that the stock photo teacher is their new teacher. Instead, use clip art or PECS-type graphics if illustrations are desired.

It’s time to move!

My daddy or mommy is in the military.

This is great!

This means they work hard to protect our country.

Sometimes this means I have to move.

This is called a PCS.

PCS is the short way to say a permanent change of duty station.

A PCS means it is time to move to a new house.

A PCS means it is time to start at a new school.

A PCS means it is time to live in a new place.

It is OK to be sad!

It is OK to be scared!

It is OK to ask mom and dad for help.

Even though I’m scared, I will do my best to help mom and dad.

It is time to live in a new place, and this is OK!

It is time for a PCS, I’m ready to move!

 The date we are going to move on is:


Our new address is going to be:


Our new phone number will be:


My new school will be:


 My new teacher will be:


PCS Social Story & Tips

It’s that time again – orders are in, you are ready for your new PCS. Here is a social story to help your kiddo get ready for your move.

By Olivia Newbold