Summer Survival and PCS Tips Jun. 2014 - Page 23

Like Goes With Like

As much as possible, keep pieces parts

together. Remove and wrap dresser

knobs, then place in top drawer of dresser to make reassembly less frustrating. Bag up drawer contents in large garbage bags or space saver-type bags to keep clothes separated - simply open the bag and place the sorted clothes in their appropriate drawers. Do the same with bathroom and kicchen drawers. If you are moving from a warm climate into a cooler climate, or vice versa, clearly separate warm weather from cool weather clothes and mark the boxes with a "W" or "C" to help prioritize which boxes should be unpacked first.


Research Your Options

While you cannot get on waitlists for

appointments until your family is either

enrolled into your new Tricare region, if applicable, or until the servicemember checks into the new duty station, you can start your research at any time. Go ahead and call new service providers. Get a feel for their waitlists, ask about their treatment philosophies, pick their brains, etc. You can't have too much information or too many choices when it comes to treatment options.


Get Organized

Before the packers come, take some

time to get organized. Purchase binders

- or just use the ones you bought last move & didn't get around to using - and start sorting. We recommend compiling one binder for educational reports and one for medical records. Make sure to include your EFMP paperwork. Also, take the time to make a list of all of your current healthcare providers and therapists, along with their contact information.



Make It Easy For You

Place clean silverware in zip-style baggies

prior to packing. Ask the packers to place bagged silverware as-is into the box. No need to wash when you unpack on the other end. Simply put clean silverware in its new drawer. Do the same with linens - invest in space saver bags!

Travel Receipts

Now's a good time to talk about

organizing the receipts you'll be turning

in for your travel claim. We bring a large manila envelope with us on every move just for these items, and keep it in the glove box for easy access. After every toll, meal, fill-up, or hotel check-out, the recipts get put in the envelope. No more digging through my purse or diaper bag, or losing important receipts due to "filing" them in pants pockets! Make sure to do this for each car in your moving party. Prior to turning in those precious receipts, make a copy of them. Again, preparing for worst case scenarios will always be less of a pain than not having prepared!

Get the Kids Involved

As much as possible get the kids excited

about the move by involving them in the

planning process. From tracing the drive route, to planning scenic stops, get some input. or take their interests into consideration. Make some memories of the good variety on this trip.